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Tattoo by @benfiedler! 🐊 email ben directly for availability and booking at bentats@gmail.com #royaltigertattoo
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The great escape! worlds luckiest wildebeest right here! every year hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra (and some topi) migrate in a loop around from tanzania to kenya and back again, but the mara river stands in their way. gathering on the banks at multiple places eventually one takes the plunge and starts to swim across and all the rest follow in a one of nature’s greatest spectacles. the river is full of giant nile crocodiles like this monster that take many every day, but some, like this wildebeest, manage to escape the jaws of death by mere millimeters! i filmed this in slow motion on my @lumix gh5, pretty amazing to watch all the detail hey! the croc then swam off and grabbed another one instead.
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Croconanas are babies i love them sm!!
went to fanx yesterday and managed to get my hands on one of the giant croconana’s by sorbet jungle! just had to draw him with capri. 11/10 his name is saturday and he’s a babe
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Quality control 101: the other poosacs often insist on doing spot checks of outgoing packages to ensure that high standards are consistently maintained! 😂
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New neighbour in town? 🐊 ask a friend!
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