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به داشته ها،موقعیت ها
و آدم هایِ خوبِ زندگی ام فکر می کنم
به هرچیز یا هرکسی که دنیایِ مرا زیبا
و حالِ مرا خوب می کند .
و می خندم ؛
به رویِ تمامِ روزهایِ خوبی که در راهَند ،
اتفاقاتِ خوبی که خواهند افتاد ،
و آرزوهایی که برآورده خواهند شد .
خوشبختی یعنی همین ؛
که زندگی را سخت نگیرم ،
که حالِ من خوب باشد .
#نرگس_صرافیان_طوفان .
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I had a really good therapist about 3 years ago. she asked the right questions to help me come to my own conclusions. she was the best therapist i ever had tbh. i told her about my trust issues and she made them reasonable considering my trauma. she put words to things that i didn’t know i was doing. she even told me about family dynamics that i never looked at. things that i was on the verge of discovering, she helped me gain them. she made me feel heard and understood and modeled appropriate behavior. this is powerful, when a professional can lead by example. she assumed i’d be okay when i had my doubts. this made me feel self-sufficient. it gave me a confidence i never had simply because she believed in me. she’s the reason i pursued an mft license and career. therapists are more powerful than people think.
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