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My whole world in one photo... words can’t express my love for them. ❤️
one of our goals this year is to connect as a family more in the midst of our busy lives. life goes by way too fast and we are trying to be more intentional with what we do with it. 🙌🏻
what are some ways that you connect as a family, as a couple, or even with friends? i’d love to hear your ideas 💡 .
“so now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” 1 corinthians 13:13
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I mean... can i just stare at her always 😍
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Plans for a wild thursday night 😋🍫 📷: @joythebaker
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I love that bogotans read a lot! in three days we have been to 5 libraries, all with fantastic architecture; and we could visit at least a dozen more if we had more time.
biblioteca pública virgilio barco, by rogelio salmona
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I think this kid is going to be water obsessed like his mama 😂 #sharingiscaring
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New sensations - feeling the grass with his tiny, chubby hands 🐛
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📚 Бывает у вас такое, что при чтении книги, вдруг узнаешь в главном герое себя, рассматриваешь, как на ладони, свои привычки, улавливаешь в каждом слове свои мысли?💭

... а иногда среди героев можно встретить даже своих питомцев 🐱🐶 ⠀
В одной из книг Рината Валиуллина, автора, литературный стиль которого приводит меня в восторг 🤗... узнала своего котейку.. Вы только прочитайте эту цитату и все поймёте сами 😌

– Я рыжий…
– Ты само солнце☀️которое можно гладить, которое пушистыми лучами своими скрасило не одно одиночество...

.. Я наблюдал, как надувается, словно меха баяна, его мохнатая шкура. Кот пошёл гулять сам по себе внутри себя. Мне тоже стало тепло рядом с ним. Под тёплый храп рыжего тела мой разум осенило...

☺️как же это тепло и чувственно, правда?

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10 days until these cuties get married!!!!
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Loving these moments with my girls! she said yes to the dress @jordyhar ✨ || #holdthemoments
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Есть люди, которые никогда не сходят с ума. Какая ужасная это, должно быть, жизнь!...🤪🤯😂💋#mylife #goodday #beauty #enjoy #enjoyyourlife #enjoythemoment #russia #time #thankyougod #imhappy #love #life #lookoftheday #loveofmylife #asya #darlingmoments #freedom #vsco #needforlife #me #всеммираидобра #сходитесума
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We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be celebrating mother’s day all month long, by writing letters to mom! 💌

we asked 11 amazing women to share a letter to their own mom or a mother-figure in their life, celebrating what makes their family unique and what lessons they hope to pass on to future generations. we’ll be sharing those letters here & on the blog all month long [link in bio]! 💕

today, we’re so happy to share a heartwarming letter from our friend, @foxrun: “the bonnet she wore when her head was too tiny for a hat, the booties she wore when tiny socks wouldn’t stay on her little feet. a picture of me pregnant with her in our first spring together, the first peonies dried from the first spring we spent with her earth side. will she still be able to pull fragrance from them when she opens this box as a woman? to see how much her mother loved her, and loves her still? if you, mom, taught me anything, it’s yes, she will know instantly. she will also know what you taught me: that a day spent among flowers is a day never wasted, that telling her she looks perfect even when she’s been sobbing is always the right choice, that telling her she is smart before anything will always empower her, and that knowing when to apologize for not being perfect will always let her see how adored she always is, always will be. that i will be her safe space, forever.”
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So proud of this little monkey, absolutely smashed her paedeatrics follow up appointment today (apart from the mini meltdown 🙄😂) the consultant is really happy with her growth and development and would have discharged her if she could (procedure is apparently minimum of 2 years old for a 31 weeker). never underestimate the power of a preemie! ❤️ #preemiepower #proudmama
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Just my favorite corner, in my favorite room, in my favorite house. 💙👶🏼🏡i love this room so much, i don’t think i’ll ever be able to change it!! 😍 #babygray #mybabyboy #love
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I hope you want to peekaboo forever little one ❤️❤️❤️#jettbabe
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Well today was a scorcher wasn’t it! ☀️☀️☀️
i’ve had the busiest day today which ended up getting in the way of wrens routine resulting in one extremely grumpy and extremely over tired little babe.
we’ve had to do his bedtime routine almost an hour earlier than usual tonight so god help us tomorrow morning!! anyway, at least the sun was shining! 🤪

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Sweet sisterly moments @pearlboulevard 🖤 thank you for sharing your mama moment.
for a chance to be featured tag @mamanation_ or #mamanation 🖤
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First day in colombo... we explored, found a cute cafe ☕️ and amazing local lunch spot where we ate only with our right hand 🤚🏽stood forever in line for train tickets only to be told they were sold out until sunday 🚂😅 devised a plan to make it work! then mustered up the energy to go to the national history museum to learn more about sri lankan history but showed up too late as they were closing up so we made the best of it and just walked around the museum and marveled at our surroundings 🇱🇰🌿
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When you smile with all you got 🤣
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