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If you obey all the rules, you'll miss all the fun

the ultimate purpose of life is to live it, experience it and seek newer and richer experiences. don't wait for your life to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.

cooler temps has us reminiscing of vacations past.
our challenge to you is embrace the season, what bring you joy and let that manifest itself your day to day life.

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Ten days away from instagram. okay kinda. i still had to post 5 of the 10 days but i did my best to just get in, post and get out. didn't open a single instastory (very proud of myself) and only let myself peek at whatever was at the top of my feed. but honestly it was so nice! i had a busy week so i had plenty of things to do keep me distracted and i got a lot done! i realized before i go to bed is when i'm probably on social media the most, which is something i want to be better at.

also wasn't even tempted once to get on fb, haha so that made me feel good about myself and confirmed instagram is my true weakness

did anyone else do it? if love to hear your feed back and how how it went!😊
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I love souvenirs, which i can use daily. such is my new tea bowl from japan, hand painted, and with thousands of gold leaves laid on the pattern one by one. made for my daily tea rituals, for moments of calm & quiet, for reading a book, or for connecting with you here on instagram. β™‘
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She just came up to me and told me she loves me, but doesn’t like me...well i’ve got news for you little one after what has been 3+ weeks of no naps the feeling is mutual πŸ™„
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The rarest of bondsπŸ’ž #girlgang #petitefashion
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One of my all time favorites photos. i was nineteen with a 4 week old baby. casey took this photo of us and whenever i see it it reminds me of how scared i was that i wasn't going to be a good mom. i still get that feeling twelve years later from time to time. tonight we were at parent teacher together and i am so proud of who this tiny hairy baby is turning out to be. parenting is scary but like everything else, it's easier with help from your pals.
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I'm so pleased we were able to take elaine's maternity photos before it got too cold for the dahlias, her favorite flower. which, google tells me, is a symbol of a commitment and bond that lasts forever: pretty fitting, i'd say! πŸ’

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Little muffin bear spicy sauce dumpling lexi boo.
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A picture of us where neither of us is matching, or wearing black? no way. throwing it back to this day with this b**e because she is my favorite date, and our weekly phone calls keep me functioning like a normal human. she has talked me through every heartache of my 20s and helps me find joy when i’m too scared to believe a good thing. she is my forever person and lifer for life πŸ‘―‍♀️ #nowearentdatingshesjustmysoulmate
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I wasn’t the cool mom this year when i asked ryden if he wanted a spider πŸ•· man lunch box and his answer was.....
“no mom i told you nike don’t you know!?”πŸ˜‚ sweatshirt @oldnavy
jeans @oldnavy
undershirt @oldnavy
socks @nike
shoes @nike
lunchbox @nike
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Little kylie (ii).
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Thankful for these two! today and every day !!
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We found our perfect pumpkins and got chases by a dinosaur in a maze ... πŸŽƒπŸ‚
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powered by love. ❀️
fuelled by coffee. β˜•οΈ sustained by wine. 🍷
happy friday!!
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