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I cant breathe
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Why can’t i be, at this very moment, reclined on a velvet chaise lounge in the middle of a sunny wildflower meadow, wearing a flowing floral summer gown and a large floppy hat and very large cat eye sunglasses, sipping chocolate milk from a tall glass with an eco-friendly paper straw and blasting "spring 1" max richter through a vintage 80s boombox, is that too much to ask

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The only word ik the meaning of is bonjour but im still screaming
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Captivating erotism of drawing ♂♀
only feeling the texture, different density, colors, layers, sensation of perception by the eye and the touch makes you really understand how important the diversity is.....how important it is that we are of different density, speak different languages, own different color, the sounds are of different density and color, feel, sensation too, our alphabets have different shape making different feel, and our gods look and sound different...and it is sooo important to be different not to lose the palette of all those "things" or, in my words, sense of the world. i will talk about that later in my writings but going deep into the lines, material, its composition or in my words- content of the mollecules of each tissue- and our skin tissue with it, you understand the power of each cell making the world "look" and "talk" to us, giving the explanation of endless row of the tissues multiplied to density into the space that is a whoooole thing with no beginning and no end... #daydream #hallucinatingworld
#drawing #érotisme #artwork #artist #differentpainters point of view by one artist experimental insight
btw falling in love with one particular person os no less than going under each others skin by touch kiss breath smell sound and beyond ehats called invisible but which is the most consustent to me-our inner energy that gives names to all other cells...called "სულიერი" in georgian characterizing the real material we are made of.... "vessel with the soul" ...but to me, we are invisible to other cells as we see them but they only exist in that perception filling the space with material sense..............#philosophy #existentialism #érotisme #higherformsofsexuality
my thoughts supported by amazing coffee from the west village. i swear i never tasted coffee better than #stumptowncoffee unbelievable taste, smell and effect....🙏the almond cream croissant by roberto's was incredible but together with your coffee.....will come to drink it there you opened the wall of vision to me today 🙏🙄✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
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O chinelo flippy é uma novidade super descolada 😉
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