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Wild west 🌵☀️ #westcoast#usa#deathvalley#california#fashion#brunette#ddob#polskadziewczyna#summervibes#holidays
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First of all, happy birthday to @usairforce on #warthogwednesday with this sweet a-10 showing its teeth. second, it’s #windshield_wednesday according to @nasurphotography, so here’s a sweet a-10 showing its teeth (hard to look at a windshield with those teeth). (3/2019)
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The kestrel crossed the road. (4/2019)
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You haven't seen nothing yet! if @deathvalleynps could talk that's what it would be saying earlier this week as up to 50 mile per hour winds rocked #mesquitedunes and myself included!
a sight i've been eagerly waiting to see in person came true this week as a low pressure of the coastline sent high wind and fire warnings throughout the valley and into most parts of nevada. high wind warnings mixed up with one of the most beautiful sandboxes in the world = a sight for sore eyes. 😳❤️
the experience was easily one of the most beautiful acts of nature i've seen in my career as a photographer. chasing nature is what i do and boy oh boy it dose not get any better than this! what even made it more special is that i got to share this moment with @cre8iveimage a close friend of mine that has been coming with me to this park for many moons now. simply put. both of us were at lost for words. hope you all enjoy the view! 🙏🏻 bealpha #deathvalleynationalpark .
captured with the @sony alpha a7riii / @tokina usa firin 100mm / @cokinusa nuance grad nd / @slikusa tripods.
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Body currently in 2019, soul stuck in the 90’s. living in the wrong generation but making the best out of it 🤙🏻🚌☮️⏳

📍death valley, california 🇺🇸
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Stuckinmyways / #portra160
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Handstand 85,5 m below sealevel 🧂☀️
bei dem häufigen sehr sehr frühen aufstehen (zwischen 3:30 - 5:30 uhr), wenig schlaf und langen autofahrten bleibt leider wenig zeit für meine persönliche asana-praxis. #cestlavie .
neben ein paar improvisierten hüftöffnern und nackenübungen auf dem beifahrersitz passiert da also gerade nicht viel 🤷🏽‍♀️🙈
ich mache mir da aber überhaupt keinen stress und freue mich einfach, wenn ich zwischendurch mal in den handstand hüpfen kann ;) schüttet direkt glückshormone aus und gibt nen ordentlichen energiekick ⚡️🤘🏻
habt einen super start in den tag ihr lieben. bei uns ist jetzt nachtruhe angesagt ;-)
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