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Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.💪✌
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Nhận ra thích 1 ai đó...
giống như bạn nhận ra đã vào hè r thì đã là giữa hè
cảm thấy không khí mùa thu thì đã là cuối thu
và khi bạn nhận ra loại cảm giác đó thì đã thật sự lún sâu vào nó r
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Believe in yourself and all that you are. know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle #deepcaption #thankfulquotes
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All the things i could live without...
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🍕 + 🍷 + 🌊 + 🦇= 🔝#deepcaption
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Only thing that i can't afford is to lose myself
trying to be somebody.
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Looks exactly the way it did inside my head
when i dreamed about it.
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Never posted a picture of me like this lol 🙉 ! wanted to post this caption for so long now but never had the matching picture for it, but finally today i got the perfect picture : you can see me smile. i’m happy right now where i am and i enjoy my life to the fullest like never in my 21 years. so thankful for everything. when i look back only a few years ago i was on a different level. i was underweight, i had a hard eating dissorder, i struggled from depression and i was suicidal. looking at the world today in comparison how i looked at it a few years ago was so different! the fact that it‘s the same beautiful world really shooks me sometimes 🌿🌍. when i was depressed everything made no sense, waking up in the morning, eating, enjoying life.. i only saw the bad things in everything, especially in myself. today i recoverd from my depression and eating dissorder. i gained weight, i learned to love myself again and now i only see the beautiful things! i know i’m not alone - there are so many people struggling with this dissease named depression. it’s not a dissease you can see but it can k**l you slowly from the inner if you can’t get help.. i think too many people aren’t enough educated about this dissease but it’s a problem, a huge problem and if you know somebody that struggles from that please always help. if you read this and you struggle from this all as i did let me tell you that life is a gift! every single day is a gift! this world is so beautiful as you are too. and if i‘ve learned something out of all this it‘s that you have to choose happiness. you will be exactly as happy as you decide to be! only you can beat this all. it‘s all in your head. start to see the beautiful things. start with a smile on your face 💛🌻 #deepcaption #ootd #smile #choose #happiness #happy #lovelife #goodvibes
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Bye everyone i’m out
jk. i’m gonna do my assignments now
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Làm trẻ con cũng vui, mà làm người lớn cũng không tệ.
nên ncl đến giai đoạn nào của cuộc đời thì ta cứ enjoy giai đoạn ấy thôi. :)
cre pic 2: gg
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helloo, i'm back!!! 2 tuần vừa qua mải làm mải chơi quá =)) giờ quay lại spam đâyy ạaa
ôi lỗi kỹ thuật ảnh này mờ quá @ @ cơ mà up rồi nên thôi kệ 🙃
have a nice weekend btw everyoneee!!
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Tisíc důvodu skočit a je to možný že i ty se začneš kácet 💫
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Ireland is really sexy country ☘️ #deepcaption
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I have stopped expecting people not to do things that could hurt me and decided to focus instead on who deserves my forgiveness #deepcaption #zen
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