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Dove is the most beautiful person in the world! 🔥✨🖤
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Dove's beauty is surreal! 🔥❤
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holy shit. i cant even believe i'm posting this. i cant even believe i'm about to type this, but thank you guys so much for fifty freaking thousand followers!! how is this even real. how do i even have 50,000 people following me that's insane!! i cant even explain to you guys how happy i am right now i'm legit tearing up writing this. i don't care if that sounds dumb it's the truth because i love editing and i love this account so much and every time i post, your feedback just confirms to me that i wanna make movie trailers!! your feedback on my edits means the absolute world to me, the fact that you guys take the time to comment such nice and encouraging things means everything to me!!! i truly never ever thought i'd hit 50,000 followers. sorry that this caption is so long i just really want you guys to know how much this means to me and how much i love you all. thank you guys so much, i can't wait to see what other kind of milestones this account can hit!!! ✰
➯ dt legit to all of you but especially to julie, sam, brooke, pansy, roo, and everyone else on here who i've met ur all amazing
♫ i lived by one republic
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