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Do you ship hevie?
i love this crackship! it’s one of my favorites now. imagine the power of two of the hottest people on the isle, dating. bonus, doug is left all alone
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What did you get?
i usually don’t like making post like these but i don’t have any good ideas for slide edits.
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Battle time😮
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Hey guys :) this is a different type of post. ok, here it goes. as you know i’m a descendants account and i post pics and clips from the movies. it’s so much fun and i love interacting with all you guys! but the thing is, i’m not sure what to post anymore. i post a lot of the same things and i don’t like it. i’ve basically been lost in creativity and inspiration. i have no inspiration to post anything. i’m not sure what to post. i have decided to take a go away for a little bit. don’t worry. i’m not leaving forever. i’m definitely coming back, eventually. i just need to figure out what i like and what i want to post. descendants will always be a part of who i am today. but like i said, i need a break. if anyone needs anything, i will still be checking my dm’s. i just need to take some time to figure out what i want to post. and also school has started, and my education and grades are very important to me. i’ll be back. i’ll see you guys soon. -baldescendants 💙💜
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