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also, merch coming this month! stickers and shirts!
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The point where nature and man made meets. #designedbyhumans #adventures
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Yay!!! new stickers for my art case - ‘stay weird’ is my favourite and my moto. stickers rock!!! #stickers #stayweird #designedbyhumans #stickerfun #newstickers #sendmestickers #boo
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Klr adventure time. riding out to the woods = good day off. @thick44 #ridemore @neebsgaming #helmetbeard #kawasaki #thick44 #jeremyrhydes #designbyhumans
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Designed by humans #designedbyhumans #ninthroyalty
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Fixed a few lines, now it's a dbh store item!
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Buy it! its a cat*. on a t-shirt. whats not to like? *doesn't come with an actual cat. you have to own one already. *although they really own you. as you well know by now.
see my bio for website link

or search google for: designbyhumans shop beyondmyths

or type in this: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/beyondmyths/
=(^x^)= . #cats #britishcat #neko #designedbyhumans #tshirt
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I bought these fun stickers for her after seeing then online and hunting them down at #designedbyhumans .
they arrived the day she got her concussion by being kicked in the head at soccer.
i laughed at the timing.
she was not amused.
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What a nice gift! #ramenbowl attack tshirt! arigato. #designedbyhumans - ramen ga tabetakunaru!
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I was able to finish this just in time (hopefully) to submit to the #designbyhumans art nouveau collection. the idea comes from a sort of tangent of a tangent. sometime in my random researching, i came across the name of a science, philosophy and current events discussion group that several people including darwin were part of. it was called the lunar society because they would meet on full moon nights when everyone would have good light to walk home by.
i think all the circle motifs in art nouveau make me think of the moon, so i remembered that little random fact about the lunar society, and then started thinking about night creatures (moths, fruit bats 🦇) and the harvest moon, and what the moon might look like as a person.
one of the things i think is so interesting about the moon is all the different marking on it from its history. they seem to tell a story, and some have really beautiful names like mare imbrium (“sea of rains”). so i thought a moon spirit would have some kind of markings on it, like tattoos or maybe even the skin pigment itself. when i was little, the skin on my right hand and left leg started loosing some pigment because of condition called vitiligo, so it almost looked like i had a camo print of white and tan. the spots on my hand have faded since then, and leg spot hasn’t changed for years, so it hasn’t really had much of an impact on the way i look, though in other people it’s much more noticeable. i thought it would be cool to incorporate into this pan-ish moon spirit by looking at the shapes of terrain on the moon as guidelines for areas of light and dark. .
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This doesn’t look like it’s set up properly. i should definitely knock it over for optimal play times.
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