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9 degrees... townsville how is this ok!
totally ok, but we have children who want breakfast at 6am, and no one wants to get out of bed at that time when it’s so cold
taking in all the cold toes and snotty nose cuddles though, they are always welcome
enjoy your fresh chilly tuesday everyone!
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Our little ninja 😍
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Post ceremony embraces with your loved ones are the good stuff and are always one of my favourite parts of the day. also, i’m moving today and am both incredibly stoked (cause i’m moving in with my partner) and apprehensive (cause i’m gonna be pushing the limits of my little mazda’s roof racks). if you see an enormous wooden desk perched precariously on top of a mazda 3, apologies in advance for driving like a grandpa.
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One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is read. 📘i’m currently reading the latest from @hannahbrencher “come matter here”. i’m not quite finished but it’s already been so good. 📖 she has an amazing story and it’s so powerful especially if you suffer from anxiety or depression or have trouble finding contentment where you are. 🌻 it’s been so encouraging to hear a story from someone who has walked through the same things, and know i’m not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel. 😌 definitely recommend if you’re looking for a new read! what are you reading right now? 👇🏼
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True love stories never have endings. richard bach ❤

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A beautiful promise and a wonderful example of the gospel. #marriage
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This weekend we had a wedding shoot in freaking paris! yesterday we had a day off and decided to make the most out of it by visiting some of the amazing spots this city has to offer. ✨
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This colour combo though... i think it’s my new favourite 😍 @capitalfloristott .
destination wedding planner: @diamonds_wedding_planners
makeup/hair: @glambyariana
suit: @l_hexagone
gown: @lamaisonbridalboutique
decor: @ottawa_wedding_decor
rings: @storbymagot
invitations: @casey_snyder_design
tan: @tanontherunottawa
models: @human_fadel_ @ketigjomarkaj
florist: @capitalfloristott
videography: @weddingdirctoryottawa
photography: @idreamstudios
arbour: j.j. arbour and backdrops
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🔽llegó el #verano 🌅🏖️ #fotodeldía . .

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"cuando se ama, la visión del ser amado tiene un caracter absoluto que ninguna palabra ni ningún abrazo puede igualar: un carácter de absoluto que solo el acto de hacer el amor puede alcanzar temporalmente." j.berger
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I’m a sucker for a good love story 😍 so tell me friends, how did you meet your boyfriend, fiancé or husband? share away, i can’t wait to read ❤️ i know some of you have got some good ones! #lovestory #ambride photographer: @andimans
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Thanks to my friend @ohmyhype for this funny picture of me! #villaephrussi#cactusaddict #photosession
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Marcia + easton mcallister
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Summer bus sessions, comin in hot! pm for info and to book a date!
•july 1st, 2018
•15 minutes •10 images via digital download
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