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प्रत्नानि नूत्नानि च शास्त्राणि – अर्थसार्थवाहाः संवादाः
(sastra and discipline – towards a meaningful dialogue)
‪17th to 19th december, 2018‬ chinmaya vishwavidyapeeth's flagship conference, nfsi-2018, aims to explore the idea of a sastra as a unit and a mode of disciplinary thought, and the intellectual apparatus and commitments that a sastra entails. .

we also aim to understand the formation and practice of disciplinary traditions in all possible realms, as well as their expression today, which includes domains such as the translation and teaching of sastras.

nfsi-2018 thus invites participation from sastric scholars, academicians and researchers interested in contributing to this discourse.
some of the themes the conference will touch upon are -
. · building disciplinary identities and forging traditions of thought
· sastra in other languages – lost in translation, gained in translation
· sastradhyayana – teaching and learning a śāstra in the digital age
· past and present – the continued relevance of classical lore

for more info: 🌐: www.cvv.ac.in/nfsi2018
📩: nfsi@cvv.ac.in

and stay tuned to @chinmaya_vv !
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The last minute call for the #victorianwalk on ocassion of #worldwalkingday had us this amazing response. so much fun. next two walks are pretty interesting ones. keep watching this space today. 😁 please tag yourselves people
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Meet the 1/10th team present in the picture out of 42 people pan india working with us at @raahgeercitywalks . this is how we conduct our amazing #citywalkingtours , this picture clicked in the local train of #mumbai and our tourists sitting right next to us. it’s just not what you see, it’s what you believe. thank you for believing in us. 🙏🏻 🙂 🇮🇳 ________________________
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Today is my beloved mystics birthday rumi ~ one of the most loved saint's born in million centuries. rumi wholeheartedly believed in using music, poetry and dance as the most direct way to experience god, and his most favorite instrument was the ney, or reed flute, although he was also a notable robāb musician.  rumi was buried in konya, where his shrine has now is a place of pilgrimage.  after rumi died, his son, sultan walad, and his followers founded the  mevlevi order, or the order of the whirling dervishes, famous for their sama ceremony and sufi dancing.
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Loom is presenting another guffgaff episode on 'child marriage and sexuality'. this time we will be talking about child marriage from various perspectives including sexuality and dig out the structural causes of child marriage. we will also discuss about the laws and interventions on child marriage in nepal.
come be a part of this exciting and informative discussion.

please fill a short registration form to secure your seat:
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I'll be home for christmas.
“that the good in life does not depend upon life’s length, but upon the use we make of it.” -seneca-
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“in real love there is no relationship, because there are not two persons to be related to.  in real love there is only love, a flowering, a fragrance, a melting, a merging.  only in egoistic love are there two persons, the lover and the loved.  and whenever there is the lover and the loved, love disappears.  whenever there is love, the lover and the beloved both disappear into love.” ~ osho
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