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just ur local bodycare acc
Beside this products, i would definitely recommend organic oils such as: rosehip, vitamin e, almond and argan oil! leave in the comments any other products you know 😊 x follow @bhmtips for moreπŸ” #skincare #skincarethread #skincareroutine #health #beauty #makeup #healthcare #bodycare #selfcare #masks #skin #acnetreatment #hair #clearskin #diyskincare #hairtips #glowingskin #glowingskincare #clearskin #acne #toner #diy #garnier #thebodyshop #dryskin #moisturizer
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Wellness Bodies
Who has a sleepy time routine?? 😴😴😴 mine is turmeric tea β˜•οΈ
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Formula Botanica 🌿
Welcome to our botanical table of elements, highlighting the very best herbs for skincare (and taking artistic licence from the periodic table... apologies to our chemists!). . in our table element 28 isn’t nickel... instead our botanical element is nigella! nigella sativa is also known as black cumin or black caraway. the composition of nigella seed includes a fixed oil, proteins, alkaloid, saponin and essential oil. in cosmetics it yields an oil, a co2 extract and an essential oil. . nigella’s main active constituent is thymoquinone, which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. . what is your experience of working with nigella seed derived ingredients? do you like the fragrance of the oil? 🌿 #formulabotanica #nigellasativa #nigellaseeds #blackcumin #botanicaltableofelements
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The Mermaid Sisters
Recently i started to go to the markets, and i have come across some amazing brands! one of the brands that i have found is @eco_sisters , an all-natural company created by two aussie sisters, their products have no chemicals in it, which is something that i love! what i love about this company is that one of their products is a diy face mask, i love diying stuff so this is a product which really appeals to me. i haven't purchased the full diy face mask yet, however what i have so far is the australian pastel pink clay and the rose water, which works extremely well, my face feels so soft after using it as well as hydrated, the rose water smells amazing so after i have used the clay it leaves my face with this amazing smell. i have also purchased the jade roller (smooth) and the face balm. these have been really trending this year and have amazing results such as helping reduce the size of pores, tighten the skin and increase lymphatic drainage. i love putting my roller in the fridge and using it in the morning as it feels amazing on my skin and i feel like it wakes me up more. overall i am loving these products! looks like another natural skincare company, that i have fallen in love with! πŸ’•πŸ’•. #beauty #skincare #skincareroutine #skincarereview #skincareblogger #ecosisters #natural #jaderoller #diyskincare #claymask #beautybloggers
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Makeup Tutorial Beauty
The easiest diy coffee scrub πŸ―β˜•οΈ -kamu bisa gunakan scrub ini untuk tubuh dan juga wajah untuk menghilangkan kulit mati, mencerahkan kulit dan melembabkan kulit yang kering • • #bunnyneedsmakeup #diymask #diyskincare #diycoffeescrub #diy #diyfacemask #facemask #coffescrub #jojobaoil #skincareroutine #skincare #skincarenatural #tipskecantikan #tipsmakeup #muaindo #muaindonesia
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~ Amy πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Ok don’t panic, i know this looks a little bit crazy. but if you try it you will understand - this is like an instant face lift! cautionary note, don’t use the yolk. cook it up or something obviously don’t waste it but, i find, best not for a face mask 😎. use just the white and you don’t use much! just a thin layer, almost like there is nothing in your fingers when you apply. you can add a squeeze of lemon juice as well, but i find in the winter i prefer just the egg albumen. it’s a quick process too. done in 15min. it starts to dry a bit and will get tight and uncomfortable - gawd i love when you can feel things work! apply to clean dry skin. wipe off with warm clean cloth followed by a few water rinses. i have been following up all my routines with a frankincense serum - i know i’ve said this before but amazing for reducing wrinkles. i wasn’t really doing anything but moisturizing and keeping my skin clean, so i’ve really noticed a difference especially around my eyes. i didn’t have a pretty after picture for this set #momlife but i did include my forehead shot right before i rinsed - you can see how tight the mask gets! egg albumen is amazing at shrinking pores and brightening the skin, it looks gross but i promise this one is worth trying. it is incredible for reducing under eye puffiness and dark circles as well 😎 #diymask #diyskincare #eggmask #saywhat #instantfacelift #crazyideas #itreallyworks #yleo #frankincense #essentialoils #wrinkleeraser #dewiturself
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Arianna Reel-Cook
Hey friends! tomorrow at my store @craft.sm we are doing diy skincare classes at 10am and 4pm. stop by and take home a cleanser, toner, mud mask and eye serum will all organic bases and therapeutic essential oils. . . . . . . #craftsm #beinspired #skincare #health #wellness #diyskincare #zenlife
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Lisa Sleptova
So this is a comparison of what my skin looks like now without makeup vs. what it was like a little over a year ago. i don’t have many pictures from then when i wasn’t wearing makeup because i never felt confident enough to be seen without it. i’ve learned some really helpful tips about skin care over the past year and i hope to share them all with you so that you all can feel just as confident as i do now with your skin! on this page i’ll be posting my skin care routines, my favorite masks, diys and any other helpful tips to get your skin glowing and refreshed! * * * #skincare #beautyblogger #facemask #loveyourskin #naturalbeauty #beautypage #diyskincare #selflove #skincareproduct #facetreatment #beautycare #favorites #canada #allnatural
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Lisa Sleptova
My first post is going to be about my morning routine for the winter time: tip: in the winter time the cold winds and lack of moisture in the air make our skin dull, dry and red so it’s important to moisturize during this time of year. a thicker cream moisturizer can help p*******e your pores an keep your skin hydrated all day! the routine: 1. cleanse i start every morning off by washing my face whether in the shower, or just at the sink. i’ve been using and loving the “phisoderm®οΈph balancer” face wash because i have oily skin and it really keeps it in check. 2. treat i’m a huge believer in essential oils and i use my frankincense oil everyday both night and day as a spot treatment. it’s really effective at treating blemishes, especially scars, and i owe most of my skins health to it! 3. moisturize in the winter your skin can get super dry and yicky, so hydrate it with a nice rich cream moisturizer. i’m using the “neautrogena®οΈ deep moisture day cream,” and it really helps to keep my skin moisturized without leaving it greasy! (4. scrub every other day) instead of cleansing remove dead skin and impurities by scrubbing your face every other morning! the scrub i have now is from russia, but the st.ives apricot scrub is basically the same thing, it’ll leave your skin smooth and refreshed. if you have any questions feel free to comment! 🌸😁 * * * #skincare #beautyblogger #facemask #loveyourskin #naturalbeauty #beautypage #diyskincare #selflove #skincareproduct #facetreatment #beautycare #favorites #canada #routine #skincareroutine
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Lisa Sleptova
Obviously my next post is about my night routine πŸ˜‹ there’s little difference between what i do in the morning vs. at night but the major and key difference is that i use a serum! the “cocokind organic facial repair serum” has worked wonders on my skin since i’ve started using it, i truly notice a change in the appearance of my skin even just overnight! using a serum at night really gives your skin a chance to absorb all the nourishment without any makeup or dirt that your face is exposed to during the day. in the winter i follow up with the garnier®οΈ moisture rescue®οΈ fragrance free lotion to really seal in the hydration. tip: always try and aim for frangrance free products when it comes to your face because a lot of the added fragrances are chemicals that are unnecessary and can actually disrupt your skin causing it to break out!😱 * * * #skincare #beautyblogger #facemask #loveyourskin #naturalbeauty #beautypage #diyskincare #selflove #skincareproduct #facetreatment #beautycare #favorites #canada #routine #skincareroutine
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Lisa Sleptova
So i just went through my “time of the month” ;) and it really impacted my skin in that i broke out around my mouth and nose. πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ here are 3 pics of me, at the end of the day wearing some concealer and mascara, right after i washed my face, and right after i used the “dirty works detox mud mask” it’s totally normal for the imbalance of hormones during that time of your cycle to cause pimples of any kind, and i wanted to show how it affects anyone and i’m not embarrassed about it! i have some scars/redness left from the pimples so i decided to use this gentle, yet powerful mask to help speed up the healing process. after 10-15 mins i wash it off with warm water and finish with my regular night time routine! tip: notice that none of my products are labeled specifically for acne, that’s because some of the drugs that are used in those products like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can be really harsh on the skin. they can over dry your face causing more oil production, leading to excess sebum and boom more pimples! so sometimes gentle is actually more effectiveπŸ’ͺ🏼😊 * * * #skincare #beautyblogger #facemask #loveyourskin #naturalbeauty #beautypage #diyskincare #selflove #skincareproduct #facetreatment #beautycare #favorites #canada #detoxmask #theultimate
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Lisa Sleptova
Merry christmas!!❄️ i got some awesome lush products from my mom and this jelly mask was one of them! it has papaya enzymes in it which are really rich and will give you a glowing complexion. all you do is take a pinch of the jelly and rub it between your hands, which turns it into a gritty paste and you apply it onto your face! wash it off after 10 mins (or longer πŸ˜‰) and follow with serum and moisturizer. i love how this mask doesn’t make my face feel tight or dry when i take it off! even after only one use my face feels rejuvenated and fresh, and i highly recommend this mask to everyone no matter what your skin type is. (p.s. i don’t really know what those black things are, but my guess is that it’s bits of charcoal or something like that since they come in the product) happy maskingπŸ˜‡β€οΈ * * * #skincare #beautyblogger #facemask #loveyourskin #naturalbeauty #beautypage #diyskincare #selflove #skincareproduct #facetreatment #beautycare #favorites #canada #lushcosmetics #naturalskincare
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Lisa Sleptova
Sorry for not posting for so long guys!! been super busy and haven’t really been able to sit down and pamper myself, but with exams coming up i am stressing big time so i had to let myself unwind. i got this awesome blue sea kale grapefruit mask by vitaminsea.beauty at winners for about 9.99$, and i love it! it’s super refreshing and kind of smells like fresh laundryπŸ˜‚ i notice that my skin is immediately softer after using it and it’s not overly harsh on my skin! i posted pics of my face right after cleansing, then after i put the mask on and right after i washed it off with cool water! i highly recommend this mask for anyone and everyone as it’s quite calming and gentleπŸ˜‹πŸŒΈ * * * #skincare #beautyblogger #facemask #loveyourskin #naturalbeauty #beautypage #diyskincare #selflove #skincareproduct #facetreatment #beautycare #favorites #canada #cheapskincare #lifechangingskincare
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Lisa Sleptova
Sorry for not posting for so long, i’ve had my head focused on school and work for the last few weeks! my skin has been feeling super dry and kinda patchy 😷 * * * * * * to really moisturize my face i use this homemade coconut oil and charcoal mask that i got as a gift! it has organic coconut oil, activated charcoal, vitamin e and essential oils that are all super hydrating. * * * * * * the coconut oil is intensely hydrating and gets rid of any dryness, and the charcoal instantly takes away redness and detoxes your pores naturally! just mix a few tablespoons of coconut oil, with a couple teaspoons of activated charcoal, about 1/2 a teaspoon of vitamin e oil, and about 3 drops of essential oil of your choice! * * * * * * i run it under warm water to melt the mask so that it’s easier to apply. then rub on a thin layer all over the face, and leave on for 30 mins. wash it with a warm soaked wash cloth and then rinse with cool water, and apply moisturizers and serums! * * * * * * *important* if you have very acne prone skin coconut oil may not be a good option as it is very thick and can clog pores if they are prone to excess sebum production. you can substitute for jojoba oil, which is a liquid and much more acne friendly! * * * * πŸ’πŸŒŸπŸ’¦ * * * #skincare #beautyblogger #facemask #loveyourskin #naturalbeauty #beautypage #diyskincare #selflove #skincareproduct #facetreatment #beautycare #favorites #canada #charcoalmask
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Lisa Sleptova
I also just ran out of my awesome “cocokind” moisturizing serum, so i finally got to try out this new “acure” serum! * * * * this is their “seriously glowing facial serum,” and the fact that it’s usda organic is what drew me into buying it! * * * * i’ve only used it for a couple of days, but i can already notice a healthy glow in my skin! it has organic argan oil to hydrate the skin, and cranberry that is a great antioxidant. * * * * i apply a few pumps onto the skin at night after cleansing and moisturizing, then rub it in until it’s mostly absorbed! * * * πŸŒΌπŸƒπŸ’§ * * * #skincare #beautyblogger #facemask #loveyourskin #naturalbeauty #beautypage #diyskincare #selflove #skincareproduct #facetreatment #beautycare #favorites #canada #serum #organicskincare
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Lisa Sleptova
My final post for tonight πŸ˜‚ i also just ran out of my night time moisturizer, so i decided to try out the “garnier moisture rescue” lotion! * * * * i know this is a daytime moisturizer, but i prefer a lighter cream at night when i double up with a serum! and during the day i like a thicker lotion since my skin is exposed to the outside weather and circulated air in school! * * * * the only downside to this lotion compared to the sensitive skin version is that it is fragranced, which i try to avoid, but overall i’ve been enjoying it! * * * * 🌹🌿🌊 * * * #skincare #beautyblogger #facemask #loveyourskin #naturalbeauty #beautypage #diyskincare #selflove #skincareproduct #facetreatment #beautycare #favorites #canada
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