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- at home oil cleanse facial -

i have always had oily skin, and prone to breakouts. so at first when i heard about using oils for skincare, i actually didn't understand how this wouldn't cause more breakouts and oilyness! well it actually does the opposite!! oils prime your skin for makeup, protect it, reduce wrinkles, and tone. every time i do this cleanse my skin looks radiant and healthy!

try it out and, depending on how your skin responds, do it once a week or once a day. whatever works best for you. or whatever will fit into your busy schedule!
choose your cleansing base oils to match your skin type; .
🌱all skin types: +olive +sunflower .
🌱for oily skin: +jojoba +sweet almond +grapeseed .
🌱for dry or maturing skin: +avocado
+apricot kernel
then choose your oils! .
🌱all skin types: lavender, geranium, frankincense, clary sage, sacred sandalwood .
🌱for oily skin: bergamot oil, helichrysum oil
🌱for dry or maturing skin: myrrh oil, rose oil .
-open pores by rinsing your face with warm water
-put a squirt of your base oil in your palm and then add 1-2 drops of your chosen essential oil(s)
-with upward rotations, massage oil mixture all over face for 1–2 minutes
-leave mixture on face for 1 minute
-saturate a clean washcloth with warm water
-place washcloth on face and leave for 15–30 seconds
-slowly and gently wipe off oil

repeat last 3 steps until you feel it’s clean and you’ve gotten any excess oil off.
the best part about this oil cleanse is you can get it done in under 5 minutes! 🙌🏻 enjoy 🌱
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That summer b***y doo 👅🍑
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we brush our teeth 👄
we brush our hair 💁🏼‍♀️
we brush past strangers on the street🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️
but we sure as hell don’t brush our skin, right? wrong!
5 reasons you should be dry body brushing - now live on www.ohmmyyoga.com 🌸 link in bio
who gets a shoutout? 🧐
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This brand new lantern diffuser is so stinkin' cute, i bought two... one for me and one for you!
if you haven't started with oils yet (silly you!), grab your kit now! it's easy and i'll walk you through! .
now through sunday, the 26th, the first 5 people to grab your premium starter kit and get started with oils with my link will be entered to win an upgrade to the lantern diffuser! woot woot!! who is excited??!!
only the first 5 will be entered! but everyone will be a winner - there's a prize for all! (yep, i am a sibling ...and fairness is my jam. 😄😄)
don't like the lantern (it's ok, i won't hold it against you ;-) ) - you can turn your upgrade into $25 cash! .
need further info on the kit? message me! let's chat! ❤
ready to grab yours first, i'll drop my link in the comments! it's defaulted so that you get my cost on the kit, so just say no to retail! .
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@caudalie ✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
do you ever hear so much about a product that it makes you hesitant to use it? i’m always like this 🤦🏼‍♀️ so i had actually never tried caudalie until they were kind enough to send me a gift box full of goodies! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
i have been using these three products almost non stop since receiving them. my favorite being the serum- it’s light weight, fast absorbing, and i noticed my skin felt more full. also, a little goes a long way!
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Did you drink 8 glasses of water today ? drop a 🙌🏼 if you did 😋 #liveinspired#wellnessblogger#wellpreneur#mindbodysoul#mindbodygram#mindbodyspirit#raiseyourvibrations#holisticliving#greenlifestyle#healthyhappylife#wellnessjourney#hippielifestyle#nourishyourself#nontoxichome#nontoxicliving#nontoxicskincare#organiclifestyle#spapreneur#organicbeauty#diyskincare#fitforme#justbreathe#lookwithin#mantramonday#moveyourbody#hippievibes#inspirationdaily#cleanliving#cleaneating#dailydetox
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#ontheblog: we created a list of lemon-based beauty recipes that’ll keep your skin flawless this summer. #linkinbio
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Hi from new york.
today i will show the exercise on the nose. with the age many of us noticed, that nose increased or lowered down, with this exercise you will strengthen the muscles of the nose and return your nose to its previous state. put a finger to the tip of the nose and try to press with the tip of the nose on the finger. repeat this exercise 10-15 times.
write comments how you liked the video and if you found it useful for your beauty routine.
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Привет из Нью-Йорка.
Сегодня я покажу упражнение на нос. Многие замечали, что с возрастом нос увеличился или опустился вниз, с этим упражнением вы укрепите мышцы носа и вернёте свой нос в прежнее состояние. Поставьте палец к кончику носа и пытайтесь давить кончиком носа на палец. Повторяйте это упражнение 10-15 раз.
Пишите комментарии как вам понравилось видео и если вы нашли его полезным для своей Бьюти рутины.
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Preparing for the swedish midsummer celebrating tomorrow, with a cleansing facialmask. i mixed white clay with oatmilk or oatcream and put a very few drops ( 2-3) of essentiell oils ( lavender and petit grain ). white clay fits sensitive skin and are deep cleansing and contraction. the clay is also rich in minerals that balance the sebum production and detoxifies the skin. my skin feels like new and are soft like a babyskin after the mask. #organicskincare #facialtreatment #facialmask #whiteclay #essentialoils #lavender #petitgrain #diyskincare #healthyfood #yoga #provence #healty #homespa #takecareofyourskin #takecateofyourself
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Glass jars, glass bottles, metal tins... if you need containers for all your diy skincare needs then we've got you covered!
head on over to the store and pick up these great containers!
not local? no problem! you can buy them online as well (just click the link in our profile)
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Selfmade body butter - as most of the cosmetic products on the market contain a lot of unnecessary and partly toxic ingredients, i wanted to give it a try and create my own products. i started with a very simple but soft and nourishing body butter 😍
for the butter you need the following: 🌱50g of coconut oil 🌱25g of cacao butter 🌱25g of almond oil 🌱a few drops of ylang ylang essential oil
the coconut oil contains a lot of minerals and vitamines and prevent wrinkles. cacao butter is perfect for dry skin. the oleic acids of the almond oil can go deep in our skin layers and function as an important protective barrier. last but not least, the essential ylang ylang oil helps in the release of the hormon endorphin. therefore, it helps against depressions and just makes us a little happier 😊
melt the coconut oil, cacao butter and almond oil and put the mixture in the fridge for about 2 hours. take the mixer and blend until the cream gets a fluffy and smooth texture. put a few drops of the ylang ylang oil in the mixture and blend again. enjoy💆🏻‍♀️
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I have been using @suganda.co skincare for a little over 2 months now. their products are all organic, natural and non-toxic and made with very simple and effective ingredients. they are great for acne prone & aging skin. i talked about all these products in my recent video. check it out and also included a 10% off link in the description box (video link in description box)
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5 beauty foods to consider in your diet (link in bio).🥜🌿🍅 “your diet plays a key part in your journey to healthy skin, hair & nails.” read more. (7 minutes)
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#lavender is one of my all-time favorite #herbs to use in #skincare. it’s universally well tolerated by most people and benefits nearly every #skintype and condition with its naturally occurring #antiinflammatory, analgesic, #antioxidant, soothing, and calming properties. it’s excellent in nighttime #herbalskincare products and #herbaltea blends since it’s known to promote #sleep. it’s also super easy to grow and makes the #garden smell amazing. i love lavender!
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