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Trading has evolved enormously in the last fifteen years and today anyone can trade.
and forex trading has become widely accessible within the last few decades and nowadays more and more people are starting to understand the benefits of forex trading. some of them are:
1. you can start trading forex with a relatively small amount of capital;
2. forex is the most liquid market in the world - all because there is a constant supply and demand for money;
3. software advancement is definitely one of the most important benefits of forex trading;
4. leverage is an important weapon in the armoury of forex benefits. when employing that leverage, a trader can buy or sell up to 500 times more funds than he actually has.
cheching these examples, there is no way you cannot profit trading forex. therefore, open your live account right now at marketbullish.trade and start your journey towards your success!
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Although you have way more flexibility working with forex, it doesn't mean that you can it it easily. as any other job, in order to achieve better results you have to be dedicated, constant, willing to learn and keep a routine which will make you disciplined.
remember: forex is a door that can change your life to something you always wanted to have - however, crossing this door is a decision you have to take by your own.
but don't worry - we are here to help you succeed. marketbullish.trade is the best forex broker you can find and we have the best proffessionals ready to guide and help you in your trades! contact us righr now!
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It is important to be updated about the current market to be able to create the best strategy and then increase your earnings.

global economies
china will respond if the united states takes any new steps on trade, the foreign ministry said on monday, after president donald trump warned he was ready to slap tariffs on virtually all chinese imports into the united states. on friday, trump said he was ready to levy additional taxes on practically all chinese imports, threatening duties on $267 billion of goods over and above planned tariffs on $200 billion of chinese products. "if the u.s. side obstinately clings to its course and takes any new tariff measures against china, then the chinese side will inevitably take countermeasures to resolutely protect our legitimate rights," foreign ministry spokesman geng shuang told a regular briefing, when asked about trump's warning. he did not elaborate.
the united states and china have activated additional tariffs on $50 billion of each other's goods since july, as trade friction between the world's two biggest economies worsened, despite several rounds of negotiations. trump has criticised china's record trade surplus with the united states, and has demanded that beijing cut it immediately. tension has also persisted over limits on u.s. firms' access to chinese markets, intellectual property protection, technology transfers and investment. in august, china unveiled a proposed list of retaliatory tariffs on $60 billion of u.s. goods ranging from liquefied natural gas to some types of aircraft, should washington activate the tariffs on its $200 billion list. the tariffs, ranging from 5 percent to 25 percent, would apply to 5,207 products, and u.s. actions will determine whether china adopts the additional duties, beijing said at the time.
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The creation of the gold standard monetary system in 1875 is one of the most important events in the history of the forex market. before the gold standard was created, countries would commonly use gold and silver as method of international payment.
the basic idea behind the gold standard was that governments guaranteed the conversion of currency into a specific amount of gold, and vice versa. in other words, a currency was backed by gold. during the late nineteenth century, all of the major economic countries had pegged an amount of currency to an ounce of gold. over time, the difference in price of an ounce of gold between two currencies became the exchange rate for those two currencies. this represented the first official means of currency exchange in history.
before the end of world war ii, the allied nations felt the need to set up a monetary system in order to fill the void that was left when the gold standard system was abandoned. in july 1944, more than 700 representatives from the allies met in bretton woods, new hampshire, to deliberate over what would be called the bretton woods system of international monetary management, which is the one we still use nowadays, consisting in: * a method of fixed exchange rates; * the u.s. dollar replacing the gold standard to become * a primary reserve currency; and * the creation of three international agencies to oversee economic activity: the international monetary fund (imf), international bank for reconstruction and development, and the general agreement on tariffs and trade (gatt).
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Who said one cannot succeed in life? success may come with birth, but the fact is that real successful people they build their empire themselves, with hardwork, intelligence and strategy.
the road towars success is not easy - everybody knows. but what differs kitties from tigers is the determination and effort one puts in what they really want.
marketbullish.trade is here to help tigers achieve their goals, as well as instruct kitties in how to become a tiger!
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Here is an examples to show the steps for calculating foreign exchange gains and losses.
let's assume we think the value of the eur will rise against usd. thus, we buy 100,000 units of eur/usd at the price of 1.1. to complete this trade, we are effectively buying 100,000 eur at the price of 110,000 usd. let's say the pair rises 100 pips to 1.1100.
the 100,000 eur we purchased are now worth 111,000 usd. once we subtract the 110,000 usd we invested, we're left with a profit of $1,000. each pip is thus worth $10 each.
let's suppose we think the value of the eur will decline against the usd - eur/usd falls 200 pips to 1.08. we buy 100,000 units of eur/usd pair, effectively exchanging 110,000 usd to buy 100,000 eur. therefore we can exit this position at a profit.
the 110,000 usd we own are converted back into eur at the new exchange rate of 1.0800 usd/eur = 101,851.85 eur. subtract the 100,000 eur it cost to open the trade to get a profit 1,851.85 eur.
the 1,851.85 eur profit must be converted back to usd at the current exchange rate of 1.0800. multiply your profit in eur (1,851.85) by the exchange rate (1.0800) to get $2,000 of profit. given the pair moved by 200 pips, we know that each pip is thus worth $10.
although the math may appear intimidating at first, calculating gains and losses in foreign exchange is as simple as converting one currency into another currency over and over again. after all, that's all foreign exchange trading is -- selling one currency for another currency at the current rate, hoping that in the future you'll be able to convert the currency back at a more favorable rate, creating a profit.
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