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This video is so relevant to what’s happening in the haitian community.
paske gen yon pakèt timoun ki sibi vyòl, molestasyon, abi vèbal, fizik, emotyonèl (#1 viktim an ayiti- ti moun yo rele restavèg yo) anpil fwa lè yo di yon granmoun ( de vyòl oubyen molestasyon an) sa seswa yo pa kwe yo oubyen yo di ke se fòt yo ki fè sa rive. konsa tou gen anpil fi kap sibi violans domestik, yo reseswa menm blam nan. sa vinn fè yon vinn plis pa pale de sa. tout bagay sa yo se trauma (sa yo rele chòk an kreyol la), epi li se yonn nan pi gwo rezon ki fè moun develope maladi mantal.
an nou pa blam viktim yo. an nou trete yo pou sa yo ye viktim. an nou change fason nou pale de sante mental.
repost from @blackmentalhealthvisibility .
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The sadistic narcissist is in constant need of energy/supply. the narcissist is a parasite s*****g all of your good energy. he/she will deliberately poke, prod and trigger you to elicit an emotional reaction. it’s like a drug to the narcissist. your emotional outburst and reactions quench his thirst for supply. he doesn’t care that he’s causing you anxiety as long he’s getting his daily fix. #toxicfriends #toxicpeople #clusterb #fakefriends #narcissists #empaths #domesticviolence #abuse #narcissisticabuse #demonicstronghold #soultie #traumabond #projection
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Did you know that there are towns in this country that penalize people—even #victims of crimes—if they call 911 too many times?
#domesticviolencesurvivor #rosettawatson found this out the hard way in 2012 when the city of #maplewood, mo., evicted her from her residence and barred her from living anywhere else in the city for six months. they did all of this because watson had called #police four times asking for protection from her abusive #exboyfriend. watson was the victim of a local ordinance which declares calling 911 to report domestic violence more than two times in a 180-day period a “#nuisance.” the ordinance does not differentiate between perpetrators and victims—everyone in the situation is a nuisance as far as the ordinance is concerned. victims are not protected.
what makes the ordinance worse is the fact that living in maplewood requires an occupancy permit, and if you are determined to be a “nuisance” under the ordinance, your occupancy permit can be revoked and any future ones denied for six months. in essence, you can be forced into a homeless situation all because you tried to get help from the police.
exactly who does that protect, and who does that serve?
maplewood officials knew that watson was the victim of #domesticviolence. city records showed that the man had #physicallyassaulted her, but even with that evidence, officials decided she should have her occupancy permit revoked.

watson was forced to move to #stlouis where her ex tracked her down again. he broke in her home and stabbed her.
in addition to being attacked again by her violent ex, watson also lost her section 8 voucher, which was crucial to her being able to maintain stable housing.
in april 2017, the american civil liberties union (#aclu) and the aclu of #missouri filed a federal lawsuit against maplewood on watson’s behalf. the suit alleged that maplewood’s ordinance “violates fundamental constitutional rights, including the first amendment right to petition the government for assistance and the rights to travel, equal protection, and due process.” they also made the argument that federal violence against women act preempts the ordinance.
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If you’ve been known to lie, no one is going to trust you, even when you’re being honest. don’t expect trust from someone when it’s your own d**n fault that they can’t trust you. •

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You were made to be loved, not abused.. so it’s okay to break away from the things that are breaking you. #narcissism #narcissisticabuse #domesticviolence #abuse #motivationalquotes #videooftheday
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if you haven't gotten your signed copy of #leftfordead yet what are you waiting on?
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Woman abuse is any use of psychological, physical or s****l force, actual or threatened, in an intimate relationship. intimate relationships include a current or former spouse, and an intimate, or dating partner. violence is used to intimidate, humiliate or frighten victims, or to make them feel powerless. do you think you could be one of them? seek for help and please do speak up!
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listen to this video and read my words very carefully..... evil is real and it walks this earth. evil lives in our homes, evil works at our jobs and evil goes to our church! stop profiling evil, because it comes in all shapes, ethnicities, racial brackets and carries many titles. stop ignoring evil as if it only exist on movie screens or on news headlines that are far from your box of naive comforts. people are being abused right in your faces, yet it is being ignored because evil doesnt fit the profile that you have ignorantly created. stop saying that its none of your business! god says differently.
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She lives!!! this is the first ever addition on 'the graveyard girl'. emotional moment right here folks! see you all on october 10th 🖤

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We will be at the bayou vista #nationalnightout with our #nationaldomesticviolenceawarenessmonth #candlelightvigil to honor the survivors and remember those who lost their lives to #domesticviolence
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Happy 🎃 spice season! it’s a new season, a new week & the last week of the 3rd quarter of 2018. let’s keep up the grind!

thank you to @ourlifeshow_ for allowing me the opportunity to be a guest on your show. i really enjoyed the experience glad i was able to provide some legal information.
thank you to my lovely friends @stannicia_ @sdebonaire & @junebug6132 for the support & being apart of the studio audience.
the show will air sometime in october so will provide deets.
stay tuned!
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Wow ... d**n near teared up ... so first time she did i could not understand why since it was the dumbest s**t to me ... she cried because people kept making fun of her accent and broken english ... which nuts because this woman survived warfare in afrika, #domesticviolence , muggings, etc and was a g, but co-workers always laughin at her english finally did her in and now lookin back i get it ... you know how hard it is to be in a foreign land trying to provide for four kids by yourself... while doing night classes for med school and having to bring yo lil boy with you at times for protection on the way back home and occasionally to help with ... and to have mufuckas who prolly dunno the difference between #their and #there diss you? nah b ... hurt to hear her confide that unto me and glad she became a #medicalcoder with her broken english after she went onto bust her classmates a*s and graduate with distinction #momma you still og to me
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I still struggle with this one. being transparent is scary, especially when i hid so much of what was going on for so long out of fear. -
what fear ?-
fear of ppl knowing what was really going on, saying i was s****d for staying, fear of looking like the “jealous, lying, baby mama “ that i’ve been falsely portrayed as. i’m not trying to make anyone look bad, trust me sharing my story makes me embarrassed sometimes. with that said the truth is if i’d never read other women’s stories, i would’ve never woke up and realized that what i was living was not normal. i’m getting better at sharing and i don’t do it for attention, i do it to help other women out there, i do it because i want her to know there is life after. if i can do it , so can you.god brought me through so much for a reason, i doubt it’s so i can keep it to myself. i’d love to hear your story too -
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When you turn a blind eye you part of the issue and the problem. magically will be dealt with accordingly 🕯💞👍🏾 every person and establishment that is like her and assisted in the abuse i experienced during this situation ship your business is dead. the world won’t tolerate r**e of any form emotional stability, monetary, peace, joy, happiness are all huge sacrifices and when you maliciously and intentionally enable and shed water to this type of behavior be ready for the consequences. guilty by association spellbound!! #ochossi
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I can’t do this by myself. abuse is a cycle and i require a village healing and becoming free from this. hex the patriarchy!!! “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. it's not.” let this be encouragement for the other women in her group of friends that are also being abused, or have been abused by her personally and have been silent for years be heard speak the f**k up!!! you better than this s**t fr. she can’t and won’t do s**t none of them will i promise that! bullies never prosper ! that talk big, that body big, yet that energy on eww and that power on delete. even amongst the abuse you still safe. you witnessing it yet they can’t hurt you you will always be protected the angels got me, and the angels got you my abuse thrivers. i speak for those whom wish they would. #ochossi
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