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Don't be afraid to make mistakes... mistakes show that you are trying. #nomistakesonlylessons #makemistakes #dontbeafraidtomakemistakes #trying #dontbeafraidtotry #fullerlife
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I had some free time yesterday so i decided to go for outdoor sketching. took my new set of pentel brush sign pen set and a sketchbook and off i went!
i picked a quiet spot to sit down and sketched. it all started when my lecturer brought us out on an excursion and taught us how fun it was to sketch outdoors. i could admire the details of both nature and architecture as i sketched. it’s fun to relive those moments again!
i headed for dinner after that and found an interesting spot in a cafe, and decided to record it too, it was unplanned but i enjoyed the process thoroughly.
all thanks to the pentel brush sign pen, i could draw different line weights using the same pen. i love the pentel mechanical pencil i’ve bought 3 years ago, it’s my favourite pencil because there’s a stick eraser on top of it, it’s very convenient to bring along and i bring it along for work everyday! i’m a self-professed stationery geek, very picky when it comes to stationeries and i’m glad to say this mechanical pencil is my favourite!
it was a little difficult because i haven’t been drawing for a while, and only just picked up calligraphy with the brush lettering guide given to me with the purchase of brush sign pens (thanks pentel!), i told myself to “not be afraid of making mistakes”. my drawing isn’t perfect, but it’s all part of a learning process.
i try to make time for doing art and craft in midst of my busy schedule, and it’s always my way to relax and unwind. i’ve documented some of my art and craft process in my blog @icraftyourgift to share with people my love for art. i hope i can make a good ambassador for pentel too!
#pentelsgbrandambassador @pentelsingapore #pentelbrushsignpen
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1st time making some vietnamese caramelized salty pork ( thit kho)

tonight for dinner with a few fof @standrewspepper reaper flakes , nice kick and so good ! #bophetbosap #openingmyhorizons #thinkfood #dontbeafraidtomakemistakes
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If it weren’t for all the mistakes i’ve made in life i wouldn’t be where i am today!! embrace your mistakes, they are the pathway to something better. we all make mistakes but we will never learn unless we try and who knows your biggest mistake could result in your greatest blessing! #dontbeafraidtomakemistakes #mistakescanleadtoabeautifuloutcome #pathwaytogreatness
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Grapefruit honeysuckle β™‘ im really happy with how it turned out! ive been trying to figure out my style and i think im slowly getting there β™‘ #creatingapieceofyoutoshare #doingyou #findingmystyle #dontbeafraidtomakemistakes #firstattempt #embeddingsoap #cpsoap #barsoap #handmade
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Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
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I guess ego would stay and fight, but ego doesn’t deserve a respect #ego #respect #acceptance #dontfight #followyourheart #anditllbealright #dontbeafraidtomakemistakes
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In which i try chinese brush painting
and have a lot of fun. this art needs plenty of practice and patience. also, that last picture rsb = really sh*tty bamboo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜„
i do love the ritual of this art a lot. very meditative!
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I fall, i rise, i make mistakes, i live, i learn, i've been hurt but i'm alive. i'm human, i'm not perfect but i'm thankful. i'm perfectly imperfect. πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ’– #imperfect #perfectlyimperfect #me #justme #iam #selfies #acceptyourflaws #dontbeafraidtomakemistakes #live #learn #bealive
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😩🀣πŸ€ͺ!! i get frustrated a lotπŸ’¦
i just wanted that s****h so bad and missed. my mind was playing tricks on me. (which is always half the battle). growth is on pointπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
#dontbeafraidtomakemistakes#yourbodyisalwaysaworkinprogress @dawnreesefitness
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When i came into recovery at 36 years old i knew a lot of things had to change, but especially one thing in particular. i spent so many years trying to be and do what everyone told me to be and do because the approval of others is what i valued most. that’s what had to change. i was ready to take a risk and step into what felt right for me and ya know what . . . i lost some people along the way. (which by the way was the worst thing i thought could happen) and sometimes it made me question myself and wonder whether or not it was the right thing to do. it was. let me say that again, it was! i stayed true to myself and the people that were meant to be in my life came back and the ones that weren’t, didn’t! win win! my confidence grew and that attracted more of the right people. these days, i’m surrounded by a continuously evolving community of friends who are my tribe and it all started with one decision to follow my heart πŸ’œ #wecandohardthings #fuckthefeardoitanyway #mypeoplearethebestpeople #lawofattraction #faith #dontbeafraidtomakemistakes #recovery #recoverycoach #ivegotyourback
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