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Self-love ❤️ Alondra Farias
Trust your own instinct. your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s- billy wilder 👇🏻👇🏻
this quote is so powerful to me because often times were so afraid to make mistakes and that holds us back in many aspects of our lives yet we do what others tell us we should do. when we’re young we do and don’t do what our parents say and it’s understandable they’re our parents and want what’s best for us but sometimes we need to make our own mistakes in order to learn from them. then friends and family try to do the same and again they are trying to help us but there are mistakes we have to make in order to help us grow. our life will never be perfect on the contrary it will be imperfectly perfect. we will make many mistakes and when we do they might as well be our own 😉
do not be afraid to fail and make mistakes i know sometimes it is harder said than done but you got this. own your mistakes because at the end they end up being lessons. .
tag three friends who you think need to hear this ❤️ love you all .
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Truth 💣
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My latest read... part inspiration for my last big uni project, part inspiration for me personally... it's made me start writing my bucket list... and on it there are at least three more languages! 😋✏️📖
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Daniel Rodrigues
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Daniel Rodrigues
Surrender, as i surrendered. dive into what you do not know as i dived. do not worry about understanding, living beyond understanding✌❤
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Indira Ayu
A good thing about being at rock bottom is that there is only one way to go, and that way is up. #dontbeafraidtomakemistakes
to those women who didn’t and never will give up, happy international women’s day
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Shelby Walker-Adams
Thoughtful thursday: don’t be afraid to make mistakes!! do you have a failure that you’re grateful for? a “mistake” you made that taught you so much more than you thought you knew?

maybe you’re like me. when i was in school, i was an honor roll student. i studied for every test. spent hours doing my homework. and subliminally drank the “schoolhouse kool-aid”. if i wanted to succeed, i’d have to have a 90% or better track record. oh sure. i made an idiot of myself in spanish class and i had teachers that didn’t like me. but i was used to having a good overall track record. then i graduated... (yeah, are you laughing yet?) enter: real. stinkin’. life.

it was terrifying at first. i hated it!! people didn’t like me. no matter how good i was at my job. bills kept coming, no matter how quickly i paid the previous ones off. hardships kept coming. and the only way to “pass the test” was failing and learning as i went!layoffs. injuries. chronic illness. all of these failures, whether physical, mental, or financial were hard. i’m sure you’ve felt the same!

but now?

i am sooooo grateful for every single one of my failures!! looking at things from a helicopter standpoint, i realized that failures were my best teachers!!! think about it.
why does a baby learn to walk?
because she’s not afraid of failing. babies fall. again and again and again. and then one day.... they take off!! so please. fail today. fail a lot. fail hard! fail without fear. but!! fail forward. don’t get knocked down and stay down!! get knocked down. think about what you learned. (next time, i’ll duck *left*!) and then get up and try again!! what “mistakes” have you had that taught you something?
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Pirate Motivation
Take risks. ask big questions. don't be afraid to make mistakes; if you don't make mistakes, you're not reaching far enough. –david packard
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“ci sono...cose che un uomo ha paura di dire anche a se stesso, ed ogni uomo decente ha un certo numero di queste cose nascoste nella sua mente.”
there are...things that a man is afraid to say to himself, and every decent man has a number of things hidden in the mind.
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Ismail اسما عيل Calligrafist™
Things grow over time from hard work, mistakes, focus, and building valuable relationships... “my business is growing, expanding, and thriving”. #calligrafistthoughts #calligrafistquotes | #business #expand #grow #thriving #makemistakes #dontbeafraidtomakemistakes #focus #relationships #fridays #affirmations #dailyaffirmations | www.calligrafist.com
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ʏᴎᴎɒᗡ ᴎiduЯ
Nothing less than perfection,2 pics from another 10 fails pictures..😅
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