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They saw the crown over her head, wish they had looked close enough to see the bounds too..... .
i decided this thing to give titles to the silhouettes i make; decided to name this gagged.....
and follow the tagged artists!!! they are some of the few followers whose artwork deserves more recognition!!!!!
p.s : posting after such a long time (phew). eid greetings to all btw!!!! .
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yin yang
anxiety depression
besties; these two
intimately related
within your soul
shared mechanisms gone awry
overreactive stress response system
in bed with the shutdown system
dancing, touching, loving one another
then drawing your stimuli system
into a twisted ménage a trois
anxiety leads the way
swaying her hips seductively
arresting your breath
elevating your heartrate into overdrive
overestimating the risk in the moment
underestimating the resources for coping
grey matter stops the madness
urging you to pick up the pen + paper
coaxing you to open the fifth chakra
feeding you with alphabetized patterns
forming words dripping in love + truth
phrases that affirming your worth
intuition stops the madness
urging you to unroll your mat
coaxing you to empty your lungs
begging you to refill your lungs
the universe stops the madness
with the chirping of beauties in the sky
with the glistening of the rays
with the currents of the air
with self
with love
with truth
with mind body + spirit
one day at a time
one breath at a time ~dichotomy, unitary
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