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Not every day is productive, but what matters most is that we slice little moments out of our day to show them they’re worth our time. today has not been very productive. i’ve been feeling a little under the weather. but this! this slice of time carved out for them they will remember. #dowhatmattersmost even when it’s easier to do it on your own let them help anyway. #jenkinsschoolofliving #lifeskillsforkids #startthemyoung
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The best moments have no photos, for there was no time to take them. 💕

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Working in a center part of my job was to create programming materials.  kids would fly through their programs and we always had a backlog of stuff that needed made for them.
i’m glad i spent time making programming materials because it gave me the skills to do what i’m doing now.  providing a way for those in the field to outsource the creation of materials has become a passion!
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Let the light in! the only way to be happy is to a put positive things in your life! the only way they come is if you put them there. do what you enjoy! life is too short to do things with little importance. so pay attention to what you are doing with your time. :) #postivelife #positive=happy #timematters #useyourtimewisely #dowhatmattersmost #liveinthemoment
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Harvest humility #leadership #lovebeinghuman #becoming #humanityisateamsport #dowhatmattersmost
in a recent study by ou waldman & peterson published in the journal of management in 2015 entitled “do humble ceos matter?” studied 105 it companies and found greater humility in their ceos was associated with greater leadership team integration; greater collaboration and cooperation and greater flexibility in strategic orientation.
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Do what you love, and love what you do. there's no greater joy than living your passion, especially when it means changing lives.
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Preach, it's true. negative thoughts will k**l your dreams and passions. positive thoughts and consistency will power you in the direction you want to be
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As a brand consultant, i always focus on building brands that people can grow into. that inspires them to be more, do more. when you’re building a brand, you’re also building your future and that invariably means that you’ll need to grow into it.
if you have a big vision for the creation of something inspiring - you may have to reconsider a few aspects of your life from a new perspective in order to fulfill your desires.
as your business grows, you might not have the experience to take you where you want to go and may need to learn some new skills or gain some more knowledge.
• what is holding you back right now in your business?
• is there something you’d like to do but you’re a bit stuck or not sure of the next steps?
• is there something you'd like to change? learn? do differently? #bigvisionbabysteps #beseenbeheardforbeingyou
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Let’s just be honest, we have all had that gut feeling in our work and in our home life and we didn’t listen to it, and later regretted it. so just learn to trust it. #trustyourgut #monatbusiness #dowhatmattersmost
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“when you cannot do what you have always done, then you only do what matters most.”
— robert d. hales #elderhales #dowhatmattersmost #meridianmagazine #ldsmag
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[meal timing]

i often get asked what and how much someone should eat before a workout. in an ebook i’m currently reading, this sums up the answer to that question better than anything i’ve ever said 😂

but, seriously. meal timing doesn’t matter as much as you might think. it really comes down to your lifestyle, your daily schedule, when you workout and what works best for you. in the end what matters most for most individuals is simply hitting their calories and macros by the end of the day....as many days as they can 😃

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It’s been a super crazy 4 weeks and i’ve been a bit under the radar. the most important thing was celebrating my one and only’s big 6-0 with family and friends over the weekend. so better late than never rick. i’m posting a little something in your honor even though you aren’t on social media.😆 happy birthday rick. thank you for being strong, loyal and mine...i love you!!!💪❤️👑 #happybirthday #familyantics #friends #besthubby #celebrate #youreasyoungasyoufeel #enjoylife #dowhatmattersmost
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Got my simplified planner @simplified @emilyley and i couldn't be more satisfied with it! the quality is excellent! this will for sure be apart of my morning routine! can't wait to start filling this blue tile beauty with plans that will turn into memories 💝 #dowhatmattersmost #simplifiedplanners #livingsimply #planning #firsttimemoms #beginners
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Sunday and a chance to reflect, sort out admin but mostly plan. i’ve a list of things which are not work related to organise so that i see friends, exercise, eat well and get a much better work life balance. but first a morning brew 😊 happy sunday 💫 #lifestyleblogger #sundayvibes #preparetheway #downtime #metime #recharge #admin #dowhatmattersmost #diaryplanner #productivity
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Anybody else ever feel like they are trying to do 800 things and get none of them accomplished by the end of it all 🙋🏼‍♀️

this is me most of the time, but i’ve really been trying to simplify things and add more focus to the things that matter most. sometimes in life we feel the pressure to do so many different things and get all of this stuff done without realizing and we lose focus of what’s important.

if we just focused on the few important things that mattered most to us, we will would feel much more accomplished by the end of the day. i know i do!

so if your to do list is a mile long like mine, take some time to focus on what is really important and prioritize that list. do less things with more of your focus. not only will it make you feel better, but you will be putting all your energy towards the things that matter most to you.

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My version of a #smoothiebowl tasted great on a hot day like today. i got my #workout in too. i also took a much needed #nap. pretty nice #sunday #taketimetorelax #taketimetobreathe #priorities #dowhatmattersmost #healthyeating
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I thought this book was a dud but i am challenged... #dowhatmattersmost
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