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Modela tu rostro en un abrir y cerrar de ojos!! 👀
la nueva barra modeladora younique duet para el contorno es una maravilla...por si sola ya difuminada, se ve increible...👌🏼😍🙌🏼
viene en cuatro tonos:
✔claro: funciona mejor con scarlet, organza, velour y taffeta
✔medio: funciona mejor con taffeta, chiffon, satin y cashmere
✔oscuro: funciona mejor con cashmere, velvet, charmeuse y chenille
✔profundo: funciona mejor con chenille, cypress, suede y georgett
#youniqueduet #duet #sculptingstick #contour
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So proud of this one, its so pretty! it would mean so much if u could tag @loren and @lunablaise please! also remember to comment ur opinion about this💖💗
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Today: @maggiepagebradley and @dancingacumama working on an intentional #duet - soundtrack: salem’s reading skills, my weird whispers + serious modern dance music cutting in and out with the wifi. #experimental #dance #durm #durham come see #company’s #show at @durhamfruit july 11-15. for more media and show updates, follow us! @companydances
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Ngga mau ketinggalan narsis #duet with #thomasdjorgie #twintulipwareindonesia
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Thanks for the special delivery mr. postman
#happymail #sculptingstick #contour #highlight #eyeshadow #duet #younique
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Sai / in between is this friday and saturday!
#repost @pureartistar with @get_repost
sai / in between tech rehearsal last night #43152 #duet #daeun #willy #ucladance
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Todays rehearsal: @maggiepagebradley and @justintornow working alone, together. aka an unintended #duet featuring @dancingacumama 🙌 we hope you’ll come see #show at @durhamfruit july 11-15– to find out how, stay tuned!
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They are so cute
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Sunny hunny
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This duet sculpting stick is a game changer! makes life so much easier! i use the darker side to contour and the light side to highlight and use under my eyes as a concealer. it is so smooth and creamy and doesn't set into those fine lines! #duet #contour #sculptingstick #younique
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#livandmaddie #duet @thebrandonrobert ily brandon hope you have an amazing 20th birthday tomorrow
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Sunshine is the answer 🌞✨
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