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Chocolate amargo🍫 galardonado como uno de los alimentos con mayor contenido de antioxidantes🏆 del 🌏
el chocolate amargo (>50% cacao) es uno de los alimentos con ⬆️ contenido de antixodiantes y propiedades nutricionales. a continuación vamos a ver sus principales propiedades🗒:
1. antioxidantes (flavonoides-polifenoles-catequinas): el 🍫 cacao con ⬇️ procesamiento tiene ⬆️ actividad antioxidante, ¡la cual compite incluso con los frutos rojos! 🍒🍓🍇. podríamos mezclarla para tener super poderes👊🏼✨ (hacer postre de la semana pasada 🥠+🥜+🍫+🍓). 2. protección de tejidos y sistemas: ⬆️ el flujo y la irrigación de sangre en tejidos (para que trabajen mejor!💪🏼), resucen la presión, protegiendo la salud❤️, ⬇️ el colesterol👹 y potencian ⬆️ el 😇 (recordemos que el colesterol bueno solo se sube con ejercicio!🏊🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️) y promueven la sensibilización de las células frente a la insulina ✨, protegen nuestra piel frente a la luz uv del 🌞👱🏼‍♀️👱🏽‍♀️👱🏾‍♀️y mejora el flujo sanguíneo al 🧠, función que también es potenciada por los estimulantes naturales que tiene: cafeína☕️ y teobromina🙌🏽. 3. fibra: tiene hasta un 11% de fibra (soluble e insoluble) 👉🏼un alimento es fuente de fibra a partir del 6%👈🏼. la fibra también juega un papel fundamental en el control glicémico, ya que enlentece🐢 la absorción de glucosa, evitando picos de insulina e hiper-glicemias; y nos llena tanto que impide que comamos🍽 en exceso, ¡por lo que nos ayuda a controlar el peso⚖️.
4. vitaminas y minerales: ¡una porción de 25g🍫 contribuye con más del 10% de los minerales mencionados!💎
en fin, el cacao es un alimento excepcional😍🍫🙌🏽. no obstante, recordemos que, aunque tiene un oerfil de grasa monoinsaturada, saludable y con ⬆️⬆️ beneficios, sigue siendo un alimento muy calórico que debemos consumir con moderación⚖️🍫. una porción adecuada puede estar entre 20-25g, ¡la cual podemos disfrutar cuando queramos algo dulcito y delicioso😋!
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Soup always feels good. but it feels best when shared. tag who you'd like to share a bowl with 🍜#feelgoodfood #imperfectproduce
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Nyoh may bakmi nyaa.. hari sabtu buka jam 11 siang yaa.. gimana nih gengs? 😍 cara pesan langsung pesan di gofood ya, cari may bakmi .
tinggal pilih mau yg mana. udah ada harganya langsung, jadi jangan bingung lagi ya. kami buka dari jam 11.00-16.00 (tapi kalo udah habis kami tutup lebih cepat yaa) ayo cepetannn pesennn 😘
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Day 23. dinner. thm: s. knocking out sugar cravings (ice cream and candy) with some guilt-free "sweets"... 2tbsp no sugar added all natural peanut butter, "sweetened" with walden farms no calorie pancake syrup, smeared on celery sticks. thm's cottage berry whip from the trim healthy mama cookbook. it might be an odd combo, but it did the trick!

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A few cheeky specials on this weekend...why wouldn’t you?!
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I had one tortilla left in the package so i made it into dinner. i added turkey and chipotle gouda then dry pan heated it until it was lightly brown and slightly crispy (the boar’s head chipotle gouda is delicious)
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What are the chances that i finish up all my chores and work before i head to bed? 🤔 might be a big challenge, but i really want to go into the weekend without any worry for extra work. so with that being said, i made it a point to try and dedicate as much time as i could to my work. that meant, i did some quick work with dinner today so i could spend my night plugging away. 🤓
deets 👉🏽 chickpea cabbage stirfry, steamed cauliflower and broccoli, greens, steamed bok choy, brown rice and avocado. topped all with soy sauce and everything but the bagel seasoning from trader joe’s. 🌱
cabbage and chickpea stir fry
1/2 package of shredded cabbage
1/2 cup chickpeas
1 green pepper, sliced into thin strips
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp minced ginger
2 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp maple syrup
1 tsp gochujang 🌶
add all ingredients to a pan and heat up to low-medium heat. stir together and allow to cook until liquid is fully absorbed, about 5 minutes. makes one serving. 💫
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If your training for success and want to see real results then eat like you mean it. go all in!! odds are you will see good results. vary your protein sources so meals don’t get boring and repetitious #lovetoeat #delish #delishious #yummyfood #yummy #eatwell #eating #foodshopping #eatforsuccess #eatfamous #eatrealfood #eatsmart #justeat #justeatrealfood #goodstuff
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Creamy spinach, leek and artichoke soup paired with pesto pasta. cashews and dry wine help to make this soup rich and creamy. the pesto is a blend of 3 greens. basil, arugula and spinach. the lemon juice in the pesto makes the green “pop” 😍
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Beer braised lengua burrito bowl with homemade saffron rice, pickled jalapeños, smoky sour cream, and queso fresco. swipe⬅️ and enjoy the meal
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It’s not only the skin that needs to shed its winter layer. our internal bodies also need to alleviate the residual heaviness from winter. you will notice throughout spring that there are a few more coughs, colds and stomach bugs. therefore keeping our immune system strong at this time of year is particularly important. try and eat a diet with as many colours 🍆🌽🥦🍎🍌as possible, keep up regular exercise and consider a probiotic containing a broad range of species. double the dose if you feel a cold 🤧coming on.
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Come try our newest addition to the menu! fresh, crisp poke bowls in a variety of flavors including: hawaiian, spicy tuna, baby poke, special, arigato poke, hibachi poke & more!🍱🍚
lunch has never been so good! come in and see what the hype is all about, available for online delivery, and at our downtown, brickell, and coral way locations!
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We are weekend ready!!! come celebrate the weekend!!! eat, dance, and have a blast with all of your family and friends!!! 661-869-5168

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Starting the weekend right with our super bowl! 🥗🌱 did we mention you can add grilled halloumi? 😉🙌🏻#sirdukecafe
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Swirly omelet, with bbq sauce! looks delicious! what do you think? tag someone who would love this!
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credit: @honeyfine2007
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