Natural + Vegan Skincare
1 minute ago
atoneskincare Our products are uniquely formulated to be completely free from water and water based products. wherever there is water or a water based product in a formulation, preservatives are required to prevent the growth of living cells 🌱 shop via link in our bio 🖤
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Face Alchemy
17 minutes ago
face_alchemy If you've got hair with an exquisite natural curl, try this as an upstyle. . the trick is to place the top part how you'd like it, spread it out, move it around then pin it down when you've found your shape. . i gave my client a demo and then @sarahbaiada styled this herself 👌🏼 you can have it as clean or has messy as you wish really. so much versatility with how you can style it.. my fav is a fresh glowing-bronzed face, highlight and a red lip. 💋 . . #ecobeautycoach #upstyle #naturalcurls #naturalstyles #ecobeauty #holisticbeauty #ecomakeupartist #naturalwoman #earthgoddess #empoweredwoman #crownchakra #hairstylists #thebeautyedit #beautycoaching #holisticapproach
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Eco-Luxe Organic Apothecary
13 minutes ago
muktiorganics We now give back $1 from every sale to a life changing protect - protect a woman, prevent trafficking and feed aussies in crisis / @iequalchange
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16 minutes ago
jessiagadoni I always try to keep a handful of quality haircare products on hand... like 3-4 in the shower and a few more in the back up closet. yes, that maaaaay be a bit over the top, but i like to mix and match 😆👌🏻 today in my stories i'm sharing a few shampoos and conditioners that are more on the economical side of the spectrum. both of these brands are perfect for anyone hoping to make an easy and affordable transfer from typical drugstore to clean non-toxic haircare. take a peek to see what i always keep in stock and the newbie i'm trying out tonight! hint: @acureorganics maaaaay be featured...😁💗 if you like to learn about new clean beauty options and the occasional healthy food or supplement tips, then click on the link in my bio and subscribe to my mini newsletter. it's brief and full of little helpful links for you to peruse over your weekend😘 . . . #merfleur #naturalhaircare #healthyhair #longhair #naturalhair #haircare #nontoxicproducts #ecobeauty #nontoxicbeauty #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #nontoxic #organicbeauty #cleanliving #saferbeauty #wholeliving #holistichealth #naturalhairdaily #nontoxiclife #organiclife #healthyliving #anthropologie #currentlywearing #bronde #womenwithstyle #ootd #livefolk #darlingweekend #thatsdarling #todayimwearing
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Melissa C.
21 minutes ago
plantedinnature This will continue to be a subject that i will not shy away from. humans come in a wide array of beautiful and amazing shades, but the laws of human rights are "black and white." so why do certain entities continue to disregard its blatant violation? i am a mixed race citizen, but the color of my skin has allowed me to be witness to the deep-seated racism that plagues the human psyche. i live in compton, california, i grew up around foreigners of all races, and my godmother is black (which i just found out this year! i honestly thought she just had a rocking permanent brazilian tan 🙈), but my skin is light enough for people to be "comfortable" enough to say things that have seriously questioned my faith in humanity. my son is a mixed raced, bilingual child who does not speak english yet. every day i worry my husband might be targeted by police because of the way he looks (his skin is light, but he still looks hispanic, and he's been put in handcuffs and in the back of a patrol car for no reason on more than one occasion). i worry for my family, and for the family of every non-casper looking citizen. my neighbors are all beautiful people, and the fact that the lightness of my skin might trick them into thinking i harbor any ill will makes me beyond sad and frustrated for them. as much as the ignorance of people in this worlds creates fear, if you want people of color to know you're their ally please don't be afraid to vocalize it. show the world you're a beacon of hope, or a voice of reason in these troubling times. don't leave to the imagination what might cause confusion or harbor resentment. if you don't, what are we to think? i may not be targeted personally, but my family has been and i've witnessed racism, and i understand the depth of fear and trepidation which people of color endure constantly. please know that i am not against you, and i will not be. "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -- martin luther king jr.
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21 minutes ago
mighty.spirit It's funny how much parenting actually exposes our own areas for personal growth 🦋 my daughter was really upset the other night. we had just said good night and shut the door. she seemed a bit off but didn't say anything. 10 minutes later she came running out crying and landed into her daddy's arms 💓 so we asked her what happened. she sobbed so uncontrollably we couldn't understand a word she said! so daddy kept cuddling her, but i wanted to understand. so i asked her questions like: "why are you upset?" and "what is making you cry so much?" 🤔 ... she said she had a horrible day, but i replied with "you we're smiling all day! we played on the trampoline and watched a movie and you were so happy." she gave us a last cuddle and went to bed 😴 but i felt weird about it, and still didn't understand what happened. after a bit of google searching (what would we do without you google?! 🏄🏾‍♀️) i realised that i needed to help her process her emotions. i'd asked the wrong questions and i also had watered down her feelings. my daughter does need to grow in her own emotional self awareness, but i as a parent also need to create a space and non-judgmental space for her 🌈 so the following night she brought it up causally. i then asked her what was she feeling, and she said "frustrated". and i asked her what made her feeling frustrated, and she said it was because she had a bruise on her foot and daddy told her to keep putting ice on it, but she was tired of it. i then said: "yes that is frustrating to keep putting ice on it." i validated her feelings 💐 i then asked her, once she realises what she is feeling, what she could do next. she then came up with a solution 🤸🏽‍♀️ it had a beautiful ending! and i've learnt a big lesson as a parent. we so naturally want to comfort our children when they're feeling sad. but it's also important that we help them recognise their own feelings, understand what is causing them to feel that way, and come up with solutions to help themselves to solve the dilemma 💜 emotional intelligence is one of the best skills to have as adults and it's something i'll continue to work on myself everyday. enjoy your #friyay! love to you
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Organic + Natural Skincare
24 minutes ago
roamorganics There is something about this picture that transports you to the seaside. where would you like to be right now? @mamaisonblanche
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37 minutes ago
rootpretty Catch our story today? create your own holographic lip gloss using our peach pearl eyeshadow (on sale now!) & clear pretty gloss. these two products melt together to create an all natural, iridescent mega glossy gloss! ⠀ ⠀ #rootpeachpearl #clearprettygloss #rootcustomcolor
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Reagan Hart-Maor
44 minutes ago
indiebeau A new video is live! (links in bio 👆.) in this video i will be comparing the @fitglowbeauty good lash mascara, to @esteelauder sumptuous mascara. they are both volumizing mascaras, with similar composition. check out the video to see how they compare side by side!
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MOTD Cosmetics® Makeup Brushes
52 minutes ago
motd_cosmetics Have you seen @themakeupeffect's favorite bronzer, blush & highlighting techniques on our blog?! 😍 ❤️ we even included a helpful step-by-step infographic for you to save! visit our website & show "simple how to blush + contour" some love! you can use code: themakeupeffect at checkout for 10% off with us at #motd_cosmetics! 👍🏽
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The Beauty Edit
1 hour ago
thebeautyeditstore New to @thebeautyeditstore - @jakorganics baby wipes, these are unique in that they are both a cleanse wipe and barrier wipe, so they are a handy 2-1 which not only cleans babies but helps protect sensitive skin. 🐱contains organic v****n coconut, jojoba seed and calendula oils. 🐱hypoallergenic 🐱made from soft bamboo fibre 🐱reduces risk of n***y rash 🐱promotes skin healing shop now link in bio⬆️
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Oil Fun Club
1 hour ago
oilfunclub My kids have been complaining about their teeth yellowing a bit, and i'm sure our summer brushing routines were not the best. we grabbed some charcoal today and added a little orange oil. i couldn't believe how much whiter their teeth turned out! you should give it a try. i had to beg my daughter to allow me to post this photo 😝. #oilfunclubkids #oilfunclubbeauty #oilfunclubkim
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Organic Bath
1 hour ago
organicbath Pure. bliss. ✨🌸 we love to unwind from a long work day with a warm bath, some beautiful silence, and a lot of self love. how do you like to unwind from your day?! #selflove #selfcare #cleanbeauty #obcskincare _________ @pinterest
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