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Take my number down, i just might hit you.
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Ohh baby baby it’s a wild world..
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Have you ever noticed that i rarely smile in photos?! 🙈 there’s a reason, i am super self conscious about my smile. about 4 years ago my teeth started to shift and all the sudden i woke up one day with a front tooth that stuck out kinda snagle and one towards the back that in photos looked like i was missing a tooth! wtf!? 😩 this year i decided to do something about it. i am partnering with @sarahwinterdental to give me a smile makeover and could not be more excited! i’ve been sharing my journey on stories and it’s all saved to my hl’s under invisalign. i cannot wait to share the final result, full smile and everything! i promise i’ll also share the super unflattering dental close ups so you can be witness to my snagle situation! 🙈 #yourdentistcouldnever #sp http://liketk.it/2efsb
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