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Jay: awe! cmon 34... it'll be fun! julian; yea, i mean they're literally giving us time off! 34: idk guys... sias: cmon! u love vacation! and we could go wherever u want, even italy! 34: italy? andrea: italy! yay! alex: more pizza for all!!!! jurre: good food? 34: ok uno uhhh and dos don't u all have work to do? and besides who'd all go? andea: uh me, my brother, jay, julian, chainsmokers, ur friends, dubvision, matisse/ sadko, firebeatz, and u of course. 34: that's a lot! alex: exactly! sadko: cmon it'll be fun! matisse: for once i agree. megan: we could go to the beach. it's summer after all. everyone: yea! tim: c'mon 34... ppllllssss?!?!? 34:( sighs) fine, i'll go. tim: jas! that's the spirit my fraternal twin! andrea: fraternal twin?? whhaaaattt??? stephen: long, long story. victor: you'd have to be around more bro.. drew: so when r we going? megan: tomorrow? jay: yea! i like it! julian: then it's settled! sadko: vacation here we come! jay: and besides... what's the worst that could happen?-- coming sooonnnnn! #edmlife #edmfamily #edmmusic #edmlifestyle #edmdjs #edmdjedmvibes #edm #edmstories
3 83 February 2017