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What if i told you, you could make a difference? #beautyonamission what if i told you that what you don’t know can, and does hurt you? #ingredientsmatter #saferbeauty #knowbetterdobetter what do you do with information you learn? #sharingiscaring what if i told you, you didn’t have to sacrifice safety for performance or performance for safety #beautycounter #betterbeauty what if i told you i could show you how to earn back your investment in 30 days? #bossbabes #momboss #sidehustle #hustlehard what if i told you that you could effect positive change in a toxic industry just by choosing safer better products and sharing them with friends and family? #effectchange #allthewaytowashington #votewithyourdollar what if i told you that your voice and your choices matter? #youcanmakeadifference what if i told you, you could all this and earn an #amazing #paycheck ? this has been my experience with beautycounter! i would #love to show you how it can be yours too! send me a message to #takethejob and get yourself started today! with holiday coming- seriously- now is the #besttime
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Some essentials ♥️ #girlwashyourface❤️ #cleanbeauty #saferbeauty #effectchange #marchforth #beautycounter #bc
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“be the change you want to see in the world.” what a great way to start the weekend. happy friday everyone! #therealgraphicmama #fridayvibes #butterflyeffect #paseonuevo
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Time to try something new! 🎀

i’m planning an online skin care quiz event.

what do you say?! sound like fun?
you’ll get👇🏼 📚educated
💸online quiz discount ❓q&a time
🛒shopping experience from the comfort of your own home

plus you know i always have something up my sleeve.🎁😉 hit me with a 🙋🏻‍♀️emoji if you want an invite!😉 stay tuned for further details. *edit to add👉🏼if you’re not in my kelly ruch •||• beautycounter group, now is the time! also, to invite your friends you’ll have to add them to my group. and if you’re doing that you should really send me your email. there might be a little something something going on.😉 #skincarequiz #effectchange #choosesafer #skincareregimen
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You have the ability to influence those around you so do the right thing. #influencer #watching #observing #effectchange #faith #believe #bethechange
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Have you heard of a b corporation? .
in the united states, a benefit corporation is a type of for-profit corporate entity, authorized by 33 u.s. states and the district of columbia that includes positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment in addition to profit as its legally defined goals.
in other words, at beautycounter, we focus strictly on the impact our company has on people, profit, and planet. .
this is just the tip of the iceberg, we are disrupting the long neglected personal care industry as we fight for more regulation. we are more than a skincare company; we are a movement, growing stronger with each voice added! we are demanding more restrictive laws all the way to washington. all while doing what is best for the people and for the planet we live on.
#becounter #disruptivebrand #bcorp #bcorporation #effectchange #beautycounter #certifiedbcorporation
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my all time favorite body moisturizer, for free?!?? mmmmmhmmm ✌🏻#girlwashyourface❤️ #cleanbeauty #saferbeauty #cleaneating #cleanerbeauty #cleanliving #effectchange
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After finishing up a live video in my •safer beauty:||:effect change• group i was getting ready to close my palette when i saw this. ...
i thought to myself, i like what i see.
i did.
we are constantly bombarded in this world today with ways to look better, feel better, and do better and there must be those moments when you can look yourself in the mirror and like what you see. ..
not just the reflection.
but, all of it. all the way inside. .
i’ve been on a journey the last decade to “like what i see” and i am so thankful to have the knowledge (for me, found in his word), the passion to #dogoodworks, a rockstar husband by my side (who somehow puts up with my crazy), and friends who have my best interest at heart.
my life is not rainbows and unicorns and i never hope to portray it is. in fact if you sat next to me on my couch today you would know the struggles i currently battle.
and they are plenty.
but, one things for sure.
i like what i see.
#maybeishouldtakeupphotography #andinteriordesign #inspireanation #effectchange #dogoodworks
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Finally a beauty brand that puts your health first, beautycounter is proudly counter to the beauty industry. sharing friend to friend, we are out to change the way you look at the products you put on your body.
every voice matters. my team is growing rapidly with women just like you. wanting it all and willing to work for it!
beautycounter is more than a beauty brand. it's a movement. join us to help effect change in the beauty industry!

send me a message. let’s chat! i’d love to have you on our team! i can promise it’s a great job. with an amazing company and we’re just getting started!!! #effectchange #betterbeauty #entrepreneur #becounter #thistimeitspersonal #joinus #future #cultivatewhatmatters
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Huge win for this “little” project @beautycounter has been working on. all salon products sold/used in salons in california will now have to list all ingredients (can you believe they currently don’t?). this is particularly beneficial for salon workers themselves, and we think will pave the way for all states to follow suit 🙌🏻. icymi: a couple months ago, we also helped outlaw oxybenzone (a very common sunscreen ingredient) in hawaii, because it kills coral reef. a single drop in the amount of water to fill an olympic pool, is deadly to coral reef (think about that before you slather it on yourself or your kids). we are movers and shakers!! your support of our brand helps to benefit all, and we appreciate you so much! shout out to @beautycounter .hill.nerd for her relentless work at beautycounter hq, in dc, and across the country (and beyond)!
#knowbetterdobetter #showmetheingredients #choosesafer #safersalons #californians #nooxybenzone #savethecoral #hawaii🌴 #bethechangeyouwanttosee #switchtosafer #effectchange #thistimeitspersonal
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@colorbyamber october do good box is here! get yours and help our artisans in #nepal. swipe left to see how and check out our sizing chart. #cbadogoodbox #dogoodbox #subscriptionbox #doesyourjewelrydothat #empowerswomen .
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I am here to help. there is an enormous need and so much room for growth within this company. #saferbeauty #cleanbeauty #makeup #cleaneating #effectchange #takethejob #determination #makeupjunkiesunite
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I’ve just walked through the best 2 years of my professional career with a company that is blowing my mind! leaving me speechless yet incredibly inspired!
on the heels of the most amazing work trip to nantucket my heart is bursting with excitement to quickly celebrate my 2 year anniversary and then get back to work!
to me success is personally growing and achieving the goals i’ve set out for myself- yes, but also encouraging as many other people as possible to do the same! so the agenda for the rest of september is celebrate 🎉 and encourage, celebrate 🎉 and grow, celebrate 🎉 and inspire, celebrate and lock arms with more people!
my hope is that i inspire you to celebrate, take chances, use your voice, work your tail off for something that inspires you!! you’ve got one life! get busy!! #cultivatewhatmatters #celebrate #thistimeitspersonal #workanniversary #twoyearcelebration #effectchange #wealldeservebetter #entrepreneur #joy #bestlife #changeagent #ladyboss
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And since we are his children, we are his heirs. in fact, together with christ we are heirs of god's glory!!!(romans 8:17)
ps: you will die in frustration if you don't know the promise, authority and power of the word of god...
as an heir of the kingdom of god my friend, your words carry the power, the authority and the dominion of the kingdom...
there are angels right now assigned to you that are just waiting for you to unleash them to action through prayer!!!
the day you stop praying is the day you forfeit your power...
don't be just a christian, be a dangerous one!!! be a dangerous tool in the hand of the master to effect change, take territories and establish the kingdom of god on earth... my name is elvis godfavoriteson and i approve this message...
#godfavoriteson #inspirationalspeaker #transformationalspeaker🗣🌎 #worshipleader #musicminister #bestsellingauthorsinthemaking #bestsellingauthorssomeday #kingsdominion #kingsauthority #kingdompowerandglory #prayer #unleashheaven #effectchange #staydangerous #stayonfire #ambassadorofheaven
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This is the day the lord has made...
its a beautiful day and another opportunity to #effectchange.
#rejoice #celebratelife #worldchanger #cmunleashed
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If you wanna make a change then you gotta put your hands on it. i voted! #vote #effectchange #power #myvoice #ithinkican
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