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🍃 hello mes loulous. moi qui adore le thé, je vous présente aujourd’hui un mélange de queue de cerise, de café vert, de chicorée. n’ayez pas peur, je vous jure que c’est plutôt pas mal en bouche... et surtout niveau drainage ça marche vraiment bien.
🍒 queue de cerise permettent à l’organisme de se débarrasser des toxines accumulées. elles aident également à combattre les problèmes de rétention d’eau, les infections urinaires et les calculs biliaires. elles contiennent des flavonoïdes et des sels de potassium leur donnant une propriété diurétique car ces éléments stimulent l’élimination. en plus de ça, les queues de cerises permettent de lutter contre l’insuffisance cardiaque et l’hypertension artérielle. alors hop on en met 3 sachets dans son sac qu’on boit durant la journée ! 😊
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Linseeds or flaxseeds are high in omega-3 a good way to get your essential fatty acids ( good fats) in you.. try these soaked seeds overnight.. then make tea with them.. they also act as a bulk and will eliminate toxins from your colon.. drink this before bed or in morning.. ♥️✨#naturalhealing #elimination #omega-3 #loveyourcolon #hydrate #detox #feedyoursoul
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Went to a dietician today to talk about some recent health issues i’ve been having and they suggested i try a low fodmap diet - trying to learn what i can and can’t eat, made much easier by this great app. any tips are welcome! bye for now garlic and onion 😢
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Commoner vs celebrity sanjana argues in bigboss2
when sanjana anne was recently fired from bigg boss-2, she became the first contestant to be shown the door in the reality show's second season. many have seen it as fitting. they feel the small-time model displayed an "annoying attitude" during her stay in the house.

but sanjana herself sees her elimination in a different way. speaking to a tv channel, the now-popular model has said that she was bid adieu at the earliest only because she is a commoner.
sanjana is also unhappy that she had to spend her own money to participate in the show without any reimbursement coming from the producers. above all, she alleges that she was a stopgap arrangement before nandini rai could be had on the show.
the 'commoner' argument is akin to playing a victim card. to be sure, it has to be seen how the other commoners on the show will fare (or will be allowed to fare). the jury is still out.
the 'commoner vs celebrity' dichotomy is fraught with contradictions, as many common people out there might say that they are the real commoners who didn't get into bigg boss-2 because they had never given a youtube interview that went viral! sanjana had her tryst with internet popularity much before bigg boss-2 happened. the same can't be said about "real commoners". source:indiaglitz.com
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Elimination game❌🚫 who will be the first to go out comment dow below⬇️
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-please comment who is first to go out❌
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Nani counters as same pinch for sanjana comments
how did you felt nani's hosting? that's the one question the first ever eliminated contestant of big boss 2, sanjana anne, is faced in many interviews. ever since she's shown exit doors from the reality show, the vijayawada based model is busy giving interviews and making the most of the whatever image she got through this participation.

talking about nani, this lady is quite vocal that the natural star is a misfit and has no stuff like ntr. "i won't say that nani is that bad, but after using iphone for a time, will you go back to the cheap phone? same way i got addicted to ntr's hosting and can't imagine nani in that place. i don't see nani having such stuff" commented sanjana, making a mockery of nani, in her multiple interviews.
replying to the same via twitter, nani posted, "same pinch .. i like i phone too". one wonders what has to make out of this statement. maybe nani has said that even he look liked ntr's performance, or the fact that he also love to see only iphone kind of stuff inside big boss house, and hence kicked out sanjana. netizens are hailing nani's reply as an epic counter to the struggling model.
whatever these comments, nani is impressing household audiences with his natural jokes, comedy liners and satires on the contestants. audiences feel that both ntr and nani are good in their own way and comparison is unethical. that said, sanjana is trying to make more fame out of her short stint with these provoking comments in the name of honesty.
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I love bouncers 💦

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It was close, but sadly guiron gets eliminated and the last showa kaiju is out. now the fight is between legion and irys.

vote for your least favorite monster from this line up. you know the rest of that junk
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You know you're a grown up when you're excited to start using products that aid your digestive system + elimination...so here i go with a cleansing trio of products. increasing my water intake flushing toxins with the help of lemon+ flavouring. do this a few times a year to keep things running smoothly...gut health is key to overall health!
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Elimination game round 4! jason is out!
honestly some characters (in my personal opinion) don't belong on this list of hated characters xd
vote one character out or one character in, only vote once! if you vote multiple then i will choose the one with most benefit to my favorite character
results will be posted tomorrow!
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E is eliminated and it’s getting harder to choose because they’re all adorable...😭💗🐶 vote down below!!! :) it’s raining and thundering where i am and it’s so relaxing :))🌧
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