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My name is erica, and i am passionate about motherhood. the purpose of my new social media pages and my blog is to help uplift and inspire women in their motherhood. a mother’s role is unique, divine, and eternal. the lord needs us in this great work.
through the spirit’s guidance, i hope to share messages of hope, strength, faith, and love. i hope to remind all mommas (including me) that we are not alone in this most important work. because of jesus christ, we can do this, and we can do it wonderfully well! yes, we won’t always enjoy some of the “hard things” motherhood brings, but we know it is worth it now, and forever. we selflessly toil and sacrifice because we are on god’s errand. we have the opportunity to love, teach, and nurture precious children of god. and in return, we receive love, we are taught, and we are nurtured because of these sweet spirits. as we choose to embrace and cherish our motherhood, we will discover the greatest blessings, joys, and fulfillment possible. “wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. and out of small things proceedeth that which is great.” ❤ (doctrine and covenants 64:33)

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11 121 February 2019
Never thought i’d consider a trip to my hometown a vacation. but here we are sleepy eyed and enjoying every second. 😍⁣

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15 161 March 2019
Slow cozy mornings with these two💗
13 125 November 2018
Please snuggle with me till you’re 40
15 128 December 2018
You’re never too old or to young to jump in the puddles and splash in the rain... and we do it together ( gogo and i ) ...
guys how do you want to enjoy the rains.. sitting at home and enjoying your tea or coffee while watching the rain fall orrrr ran into the street barefoot and danced with your mouth open ..😂☺️
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Embracing motherhood 🌼 year 8

some days might be low & some may be high. but together we can touch the sky.
prisha was now in grade 2. although she had adjusted well in india & with her school but still she used to miss thailand in every single way. she was not used to the north indian winter season. but bcoz she liked wearing jackets so she didn't used to complain much. she had made 2-3 friends too in the neighborhood. she was doing excellent in her studies & used to participate in every single activity held at school.
her love for books was just growing day by day. we used to (still do) not only get her books from scholastic book fairs held at school but also order online. now with growing age prisha had become fussy eater (like her dad). it was so difficult to make her eat vegies. she got specs too with minus number and i just wanted to get it off. i started giving her homemade vegies soups & carrot smoothie n juices. her number didn't go but at least didn't increase.
at this time we had also started looking for some extra activity classes for prisha. prisha was found of dancing so we got her enrolled in a nearby dance class (freestyle). prisha never wanted to go for drawing(dislike) & swimming classes (phobia). i did spoke to her & tried a lot to convince but as i saw she was just not ok with these so i never forced her. she was going for dance class & used to play badminton with us. .
as a mother i was trying my best for my child & used to spend as much time as i could with her - talking, playing & being friendly. prisha used to share everything with me. .
at this time i was undergoing through so much. i desperately wanted a second child & really had to convince him to by for tbis. but inspite of treatments, medicines & prayers was just not conceiving. people had started being judgemental. holding on my tears & giving explanation to everyone had become common. people thought i was too modern & never wanted a second child but that wasn't true.
every grey cloud has a silver lining.
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