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Feeling hopeful and motivated after attending the @marchforourlives #roadtochange town hall the other night. thank you to the amazing panelists who shared their stories and thoughts. #endgunviolence #endpolicebrutality #votethemout
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Caroline with friends x*x 💝💝
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1 hombre, 60 trajes. por capital fm ¡qué estilo, @harrystyles !
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Yup 🙃
also our giveaway is live go check it out if u haven’t already :)) @theactivismshop
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Beautiful caroline being silly x*x 💝💝
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Hey @momsdemand members & volunteers! you are the best! we love our moms here in nc and beyond. thanks for all of the hard work that you all do! #keepgoing #gunsense #endgunviolence
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Today i got the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet some of the survivors of the parkland shooting. hearing them speak about their views and stances on the issue of gun violence was surreal and eye opening. gun violence is an issue that has affected our nation for too long. whether it be through school shootings, gang violence, or suicide, people die every day due to the lack of regulation and misuse of firearms. sadly, the american government feels it necessary to politicize the lives of children, as congressmen and women continue to take money from the nra and promote the sale of firearms without proper waiting periods or background checks. i think as a younger generation, we ultimately don’t understand the kind of power we have. if you’re 16 and older, you can preregister to vote. with more and more younger people showing up at the polls, we can vote out corrupt politicians such as dana rohrabacher @rep_rohrabacher and mimi walters @rep_mimiwalters, who to this day continue to take large amounts of money from the nra. let’s make our schools safer, our streets more secure, and our lives more protected by promoting proper regulation of firearms and weapons. text “change” to 97779 for more information on how you can get involved!
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Team mcminn joined our mothers fighting for justice at the 4th annual memorial walk for justice in south dade. we must demand real solutions to ending gun violence in our community. we stand in solidarity with ms. romania dukes and all mothers and fathers who have lost innocent children due to senseless gun violence. #endgunviolence #putthegunsdown #saveourchildren #seesomething #saysomething
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Join me and a wonderful roster of east end yoga teachers with gian carlo on sitar for 108 sun salutes to raise awareness and funds for everytown for gun safety working towards an end to gun violence and safer communities. #endgunviolence #protectourkids #electionsmatter #standupforyourrights
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Starting august 1, 2018, you can make your own firearm with a computer, an internet connection, and a 3-d printer. as long as you don’t sell the gun, it’s legal. in may 2013, cody wilson shared a successful design of a plastic 3-d printed gun he named “the liberator.” in just two days, 100,000 copies of the handgun blueprint were downloaded from his website. the us state department told wilson and his group, defense distributed, to take down the plans. it said the plans violated international traffic in arms regulations, which regulate the export of defense materials, services and data. wilson then hired lawyer, matthew goldstein, and partnered with the second amendment foundation. his do-it-yourself high-tech gunsmitting has been in trail until the department of justice quietly settled the case on june 29, 2018. the department of justice surrendered to the first amendment arguments made in the case. the crux of wilson’s lawsuit was the intersection of the first and second amendments — using freedom of speech to increase access to firearms. wilson claimed he was not manufacturing weapons. he was creating and offering for free, computer plans to make your own gun. “code is the essence of expression. it meets all the requirements of speech — you can manipulate it and it needs human involvement to become other things. you can’t characterize lines of code as ‘a gun.’ it doesn’t want to become anything; you still have to make it one.” by blurring the line between a digital file and a gun, wilson blurred the lines between the first and second amendment. matthew goldstein said he was immediately convinced of the merits of wilson’s position. “this is the case you’d bring out in a law school course. it ticks all the boxes of what violates the first amendment.” goldstein also didn’t rule out that a new administration may have helped tip the balance in his favor. “there’s different management at the helm of this agency. you can draw your own conclusions.” both the department of justice and the state department declined to comment on the outcome of the case. do-it-yourself firearms are called “ghost guns” because they don’t have serial numbers and are untraceable.
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The #roadtochange tour came to #orangecounty...thanks to the students, both local and from throughout the country, for participating in a meaningful #townhall! 👏 #endgunviolence #vote #marchforourlives
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Credit to @moriahnaomi

repost of @grimmeez

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Regrann from @thehumanebeing - dang the streets are hot for real, even the animals are out here. #endgunviolence #fightwithfistnotguns #vegan but why did those people stroll by like this is a regular occurrence???
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