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claire_zemko Today was filled with unpacking the last box, cleaning & organizing the upstairs portion of our new home. . time flew by & i hadn't eaten lunch but it was 3:30pm so what was a girl to do?! i did not give into my cravings for a sub sandwich from the italian deli nearby & i concocted myself a little spaghetti squash linner {lunch/dinner} . it's taken some time to get to my goal weight but these are the non-scale victories i can celebrate! making a healthy {on plan} meal vs give in to my hangry self & finding the quickest thing to eat. hey it's progress right?! i'll celebrate that! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŽ‰ . pictured below: + spaghetti squash + olive oil + chicken + spinach + goat cheese + kalamata olives
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Midori Taylor
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midori_ito_ When you win a freebie for making progress 😁😁😁😁 thank you #5linx and psvp ian and stella chebe ! πŸ’™πŸ’ŽπŸ’ͺ #5linx #weare5linx #5linxfamily #entrepreneur #entrepreneurial #entrepreneurship #lifestyle #freedom #integrity #motivate #growth #grow
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IML Canada
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#repost of @nailsdotglow.main our brand ambassador and also a franchisee of #nailsdotglow invites you to visit our booth here at smx convention center for #internationalfranchiseexpo #lowestfranchisefee #nadinelustre #jadine #entrepreneur
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Alejandro Altamirano
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alejoaltamiranopro "la primera empresa que debes construir es tu mente" #ladica πŸ‘πŸ» #entrepreneur 🎩 #sevenpro πŸ“š #educacion ☝🏻
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Julia Bramble
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juliabramble Children can be our biggest teachers - if only we open our minds and listen to them - don't you agree? from naturally working in teams, to always trying new things, from being bravely creative and unashamedly inquisitive, from loving life and seeing the best in people - we can learn so much just from watching how children approach life! (and that's before they tell us about their experiences and their beliefs and ask the deepest questions!) being a mum of 6 has been and continues to be, my biggest (and best) education!
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Coach Prime
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coachprime This may sound ironic coming from me, a professional mindset coach who makes her living from coaching people so bear with me. i have coached professional athletes, ceos, every day folks, stay at home moms, teens, men and women of all sorts. all of them wanted to accomplish something and improve their results. some folks want to lose weight, some want to gain muscle, some want to have finances work, some want a better job, some folks want a relationship full of love and romance, some folks want to hit world records. there's nothing wrong with any of that. time and again i've gotten clients who have done a lot of personal development work whether it be seminars, weekend and week long courses, and have had other private coaching. one of the most common pitfalls i have seen is that they are still stuck in the idea that there is just one more thing that they need to learn or fix and then they can have everything they want. this context is still one of "i'm not enough of (xyz) despite the fact that they "know" better. guess what? i can call it out because i've been in this exact same place. i actually had one of my favorite mentors tell me "cinnamon! stop trying to fix yourself and just go be in life!!!" that hit me hard. so you know what? i did it. i took a break from seminars, podcasts, and reading books and whatever else and got into 100% action!! -my results were amazing. i had one close mentor that i would check in with from a context of accomplishment/results and nothing else. i believe we all deserve a mentor and coach. but be clear that you are not defective. you don't need to delay having it all in life. thinking that you need one more course or one more book or one more bit of knowledge to have your life work out is actually just another delay tactic of the subconscious. so make sure whoever is supporting you is action-based (and qualified) and empowers you. god did not make a mistake when he made you. god is not withholding any blessings from you! you just need to get out there and be in action and check in with somebody who loves you, can't be honest with you in a productive way, and can keep you in action! when? now!! bluntly, coach prime
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