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Lemon essential oil berasal dari kulit lemon yang di-press, bukan berasal dari buahnya.

kulit adalah bagian paling kaya gizi pada lemon dalam hal fitonutrien larut dalam lemak.

minyak lemon adalah salah satu minyak esensial yang paling banyak digunakan mulai dari sebagai pemutih gigi, penyegar laundry, krim selulit, pencuci muka dan pembersih rumah tangga.

beberapa manfaat essential oil lemon :
• anti oksidan
• meningkatkan imun
• anti depresi
• pengusir serangga
• pembersih udara
• penyegar mulut
• mencuci buah dan sayur
• membunuh kuman
• membantu permasalahan jerawat
• menutrisi kulit yang rusak dan melembabkan kulit
• meredakan mual muntah
• meningkatkan suasana hati. .
wa 0812-8775-7753 .
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Flying starts from the ground. the more grounded you are the higher you fly. .
ik blijf het bijzonder vinden hoe deze essentiële olie kunnen werken. gister zat ik niet helemaal lekker in mijn vel. ik miste mijn moeder. ik ben op een leeftijd gekomen dat ik even veel jaren met als zonder mijn mama heb geleefd, maar ik kan nog steeds heel erg behoefte hebben aan haar. ik zal haar altijd blijven missen, gelukkig is het verdriet en de pijn wel zachter geworden. ik voelde mij niet gegrond gister en niet zo fijn. dus ik keek naar mijn olie collectie en voelde intuïtief dat ik myrrh/mirre nodig had. het is een grondende olie, de olie van moeder aarde. in het boek ‘emotions & essential oils’ staat: “myrrh helps the soul to feel the love and nurtiring presence of “mother”. dit was precies wat ik nodig had. de olie bracht mijn terug in mijn bekken, ik voelde mij weer gegrond alsof mijn mama mij even een knuffel had gegeven. zo mooi! .
als je ook een keer deze mooie olieën wilt ervaren, ik geef zondag 14 oktober weer een yoga & aromatherapie workshop. check de link in mijn bio voor meer info 💛🌙✨🌟☀️
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Yoga on the beach. at our doterra silver business beach retreat, we have had so much fun! i love this company, i love the products, i love the people i get to work with! i’d love to have you on my team. message me in my bio and let’s see about some options. #homebasedbusiness #workathomemom #loveyourjob
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Tasneem dah ada produk body wash? 😱😱😱 💆🏼‍♀ anak hari hari tidur lambat?
🤦🏼‍♀ dah tidur tapi asyik-asyik terjaga?
🤷🏼‍♀ tidur tak nyenyak. tidur tak lena?
jom mommy, kita ikhtiar dengan produk yang baru sahaja tasneem launch ni.

natural product! bebas dari paraben, tak ada sls dan tak ada sle. mesra anak anak sangat mandian ni. 😉

dengan saiz 150ml, harga yg ditawarkan setanding kualiti dengan essential oil yang bergred tinggi. 😎

cara pakai :
1) mandi macam biasa
2) picit mandian
3) sapu pada badan
4) biarkan sabun lama sikit pada tubuh badan untuk essential oil meresap.
5) biarkan dalam 2-5 minit.
6) kemudian bilas seperti biasa.

jom grab cepat!
ada tawaran potongan sehinga rm10.

harga asal - rm59
harga potongan hanya rm49. 📲019.4742575

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Lørdagshygge først med yoga, og nu med humørbalancerende og afstressende bergamot i diffuseren og en god bog klar til læsning ⭐️ #yogalife #essentialoils #doterra #afstressendelørdag #cleanliving #myreadinglist #thecolorpurple #alicewalker #blackvoices #literaturenerd #inhaleexhale #breathe #teacherlife #oilhive #yogahiveoilhive
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My nemesis, ragweed, is blooming. 😫
i’m thankful with these gems that help me cope.
want to try an llp (lemon-lavender-peppermint) roller bottle? let me know!
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I became intentional about improving my health and wellness back in april and i haven’t looked back. i started practicing yoga daily and i started eating more whole foods. the changes i have experienced in my body and mind have impacted my entire family; not only am i healthier, i’m happier. when you take care of yourself, those around you reap the benefits.
simply sofia - yoga lovers, this is for you 🙏🏻 the crown chakra aromatherapy wrap. stimulate the crown chakra and connect to the spiritual aspects of life. enhance this handmade wrist wrap with your favorite natural oils and enjoy the essence of a powerful energetic force. ⚫️ lava stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to mother earth. it gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. 🔹sodalite helps eliminate confusion & stimulates the intellect. helps one verbalize their true feelings, & encourages self-esteem & trust. assists clear, logical thinking. helps you identify your emotions, verbalize them, & see the truth in them. encourages self-esteem. ⚪️amethyst is purple quartz, a meditative and calming stone. it works emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace.
🔷fluoride increases intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops connection to spirit. it is a strong protective stone. 🎉limited edition!!! .
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These are a few of my favorite oils to use in my #food .
#orange #rosemary #nutmeg #cinnamon i use the nutmeg and cinnamon a ton when baking.
you definitely want to be careful and add only 1 drop at a time because it is so extremely concentrated that it can overpower your food very quickly!
my measurements vary depending on what i am making, but in general i just add one drop at a time till it tastes just right.
orange most the time goes into my smoothies and shakes but honestly it is so versatile and can be use to flavor so many things. lemon is also a favorite and used in the same ways.
rosemary is my go to oil for my soups! it works with a huge variety of soups but definitely compliments chicken soup 👌 so well!
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What are yo needing abundance in? love? friendships? money? time?
this oils smells gorgeous, the strongest scent is patchouli. when you place it on your wrists with intention; i promise you things will change! we choose our future, and this little oil seriously helps! 🌱
*little tidbit! if you don’t like the smell of an oil, use it on your feet! still does the job! 💧
#lawofattraction #abundance #essentialoils #youngliving #potions #intention #choose #life #momlife #kids #manifest #healthylifestyle #healthylifestyle #oils
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Self love starts with you 💙. we provide healthier, safer options for our clients @icanstepinc . do you want your hair to grow? our customers asked & we provided them with only the best 😀. our kc essentials hair growth oil will stimulate those follicles to grow & moisturize the hair. we only use the best ingredients 😘. when you go natural it’s the best way 😎. ✨hair growth oil available for men & women✨. dm for orders & pick up at the yellow & green farmers market booth 182. tag and share this with someone you 💙. we service clients all over the world 🌎 #icanstepinc #selflovestartswithyou
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New blend alert! •

migraine relief • p350 • 10ml •
a more specific blend for migraine aches,combination kf panaway, peppermint and lavender. • •
want an upgrade to frosted white glass roller bottles? just add p40. •

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🌿 skin care 🌿
so important. but it’s more than just treating acne when it appears, it’s healing and maintaining healthy skin. •

my skin favorites
-copaiba is an anti inflammatory oil so it reduces redness as well as scaring from past breakouts. i use two drops straight on my face whenever redness or irritation appears. - frankincense makes my skin feel amazing. it’s been used for centuries for its anti-aging properties. i will also place this oil straight on my face in the morning and night. -orange blossom moisturizer is young livings own moisturizer. it moisturizes skin without leaving your face greasy. -
all of these products maintain healthy skin, improves complexion, and heal skin without any of the toxins of normal skin products. -
join the natural wellness journey🌿
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What are your favorite products for breastfeeding?! it’s been a few years since i last breastfed and i totally forgot about the initial pain of sore nipples and b****t pain 😵

i can say i’m so grateful to have these products on hand and that i was able to start using right away! here is why i love them 😍
🌸lavender: not only is this oil calming but it’s amazing for supporting skin irritations and pain relief. i roll this baby on around my b*****s after each feeding.
🌸frankincense: this oil pretty much can do it all. it’s calming, supports pain, and helps reduce the appearance of skin imperfections (which is great for when your b***s grow a billion sizes). i apply this before i roll on the lavender.
🌸roman chamomile: this oil has been amazing for supporting cracked, sore nipples. it took a few days for baby and i to figure out a proper latch so these babies were so sore! i simply apply the oil directly in the n****e after breastfeeding (followed by correct-x) and let them air out for a few minutes!
🌸correct-x: this ointment is amazing! it is a multi-purpose, natural ointment that helps soothe skin and enhance the natural process of skin returning to a healthy state after being distressed. this bad boy has frankincense, helichrysum, cedarwood, melaleuca, and lavender oils in it. i simply apply the ointment on my nipples after breastfeeding.
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Some of our #herbalsalve made with frankincense, peppermint and eucalyptus, this time with avocado oil added in to make the balm softer
#avacadooil #beeswax #peppermint #eucalyptus #frankincense #herbalism #herbalremedies #naturalremedies #essentialoils
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I can’t wait to share details on some of these awesome new products coming soon! new nutrition (new flavor of protein powder, new protein bar flavor), two new essential oil blends, matte/shiny lip gloss dips, a 13-in-1 cc cream, and the entire holiday collection — coming soon!
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Conscious goods current product line. mighty calm balm, mighty calm baby balm, beeswax candles with essential oils in recycled blue glass, don't bug me spray, everything oil and moisturizing bath bombs. the packaging ranges from compostable to reusable and all those lovely labels are compostable, so you won't find our labels washing up on a shore near you. good for you and good for the planet.
thank you lauren dickens @eldick for these thoughtfully designed compostable labels and rachel hostetler and cove creative @rachelhosdesigns for capturing the beauty and purity of our products! photography by the talented kelly leaves @kellyleevesphotography.
#healthyliving #womanowned #lavender #essentialoils #beeswax #recycled #bamboo #fairtrade #organic #savethebees #savetheplanet #consciousgoods #meditate #consciousliving #healthyfamily #nofilter #austin #smallbatch #handmade #local #buylocal #smallbusiness #bossbabe #ladyboss #summer #naturalliving #preservativefree #vegan #veganbeauty #naturalskincare
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