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itoviscanner Self-love [self ˈləv/] noun⠀ regard for one's own well-being and happiness⠀ .⠀ click on the link in our bio for our blog post all about self-love and examples of how to practice it!
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Natalie Bell
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nataliebellfit 💥day 4 bogo💥buy one passion touch , get one console touch free! dōterra brings us 2 oils today from our emotional aromatherapy line today!! 👏🏼👏🏼and these 2 are wonderful!! 💕💕 2 convenient roller bottles. ready to roll on for emotional support 😕😱☺️😊😥😠😭 these make great perfumes too!
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babysantana1221 Yessss.. when they goof up ur order and send u two 😉 #neroli #essentialoils
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essential_oil_ng Equipments for cream mixing mixer measuring spoons and cups double boiler containers whisker bowls funnel etc all pro mixing material are available call/whatsapp : 08026939213 #mixing #cream #production #essentialoils #mixingmalterial #mixingmechine #whisker #skincare #smooth #oilveoil #oils #measurement #equipment
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Breukelen Native Apothecary
3 minutes ago
breukelen_native La diosa rosa botanical soap bar is a fresh, feminine scent; laden with quality butters and oils to keep your skin looking the very best! when you hold one of these in your hands you will understand how a soap could possibly make you feel better. the scent is soft, sweet, delicate and luxurious- perfect for those self care nights when you need something special... ldr is formulated using high quality top beneficial essential oils to keep your skin radiant, glowing, and renewed! not only is it a product of benefit but it is also very pretty to look at. sensory love..... strawberry is added for an extra boost of antioxidants and cleansing strength. la diosa rosa is made with organic ingredients, so you can rest assured knowing that we always have your best interests at heart, here at breukelen native.❤⬇⬇⬇ . www.breukelennative.bigcartel.com . . . #bourbon #geranium #jasmine #essentialoils #kokumbutter #spring #photography #staging #natural #handcrafted #bath #body #beauty #co2extract #antioxidants #floral #delicate #perfumery #botanicals #aromatherapy #naturalproducts #smallbusiness #gym #beauty #selfcare #guiltfree #crueltyfree #vegan #mothersday
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Amber Nicole Newell McRae
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ambernmcrae Tonight is the night for a free webinar on how to build your online business! our focus is dōterra, the leading essential oils company in the world. this is life changing, and trust me, a learning experience on how to successfully market our brand! click here www.ambernewellmcrae.com enter your email address, and watch the free webinar to learn how! #getmoney #essentialoils #lovemylife #workfromhomemom
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Qi beauty International
1 minute ago
qibeauty Antioxidants • natural & organic plant based antioxidants featured in day cream will protect your skin from free-radicals & environmental toxins. #qibeauty #plantbased #botanicals #natural #organic #antioxidant #essentialoils #skincare #skin #beauty #me #womenshealth #flowers #brisbane
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Julie Wray | Olivine
1 minute ago
olivineatelier Want to come learn how to use the perfect combo of crystals + essential oils? we're gonna have @nwcrystals in the house on august 5th! sign up at the link in the profile and we'll see you soon... [email protected] #essentialoils #healingcrystals #peaceloveandflowers
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Ranita Dupre
1 minute ago
rdupre_monat In case you missed it, our split end mender rejuvabeads™ was recently featured in the june issue of arizona foothills magazine under its beauty section, “best tressed." the publication noted #rejuvabeads as an "ultra-effective" split end mender! (will mend your split ends in 60 seconds!👌) • for the past 14 years, arizona foothills magazine has been sharing quality content focused on luxury and lifestyle in arizona. 🌀 click link in bio to purchase! 👆🏼 #splitends #hair #haircare #haircareproducts #botanicallybased #plantbased #naturallybased #naturallybasedproducts #vegan #veganhair #veganhaircare #nongmo #glutenfree #glutenfreevegan #noharshchemicals #nontoxic #toxinfree #ecofriendly #gogreen #crueltyfree #noanimaltesting #essentialoils #healthyhair #growhair #antiaging #antiaginghaircare #clinicallyproven #monathelps #askmehow
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Brittany Futch
4 minutes ago
superoilymama Hey guys!! so. i love thursdays... and i love fridays even more (because weekends... duh!), so i have a gift for you! i love to make people feel special and loved and appreciated, and i want to invest in you and your well-being. ♥️ what i'm going to do today and tomorrow (friday) until 11:59pm pst (that's saturday, a.k.a. 2:59am for those of you in est!) is offer a $25 paypal rebate or account credit to anyone who orders a young living premium starter kit through me. https://yl.pe/4x5k that's a 15% discount on the most popular starter kit that they offer! this kit is already heavily discounted by the site, with $372.34 worth of product for $160, and you'd be getting an additional 15% discount on it. also, for those who sign up for essential rewards, i'll send you a free bottle of lime or lemongrass oil. your choice! as a bonus, i will offer you an add to private groups outside of this one that will bring you lots of education and counseling when it comes to the products you'd be getting. i'm not a person who likes to leave people high and dry, ya know? i like to make sure that you don't just get left with something that you have no idea how to use. you'll be part of my team and a community that offers tons of support, education and is just genuinely awesome! ♥️ so. let me know how i can help you have an awesome start to your weekend! 😊
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Food is fuel, do it right ♡
2 minutes ago
freshfoodfitbodies Just what the dr ordered! chamomile tea, detox bath with epsom salts and lavender essential oils, worship music and a little me time, something i truly struggle with. here's to healing ❤️ #healingleakygut #freshfoodfitbodies #detoxbath #chamomile #essentialoils #healing #getchecked #chiropractic #paleo #paleodiet #paleolifestyle #relax #timeforrest
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It Works Distributor
3 minutes ago
tiff.myitworks I'm excited to announce that i will be having an online launch party on my facebook page that talks about the products that it works offers and how they can benefit you. stay tuned for more details!
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Tianna Smithers
2 minutes ago
tiak_smithers This is the only super white towel i have to take this picture y'all 😂 seriously though besides stained towels we all have a little cellulite. teens to older adults. some of your most impressive athletes have it. it's genetic 😑 and it happens. i just got this and believe me i'm blown away. seriously after several days using it twice a day i see a huge difference! i'll never be without it now . i wish i'd had it before our beach trip 😏🌊 #oilylife #essentialoils #yleo #youngliving #cellulite #healthy #aromatherapy #momsofinstagram #cleanliving
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3 minutes ago
claireowellness A view from up above. flying to the gc today to see my bestie @emmabarrebody. . . buzzing right now because i also get to see my beautiful soul sisters @tara_bliss @rachelcmacdonald ... . . and hosting two beautiful essential oil workshops with @steph_whyte_ and @yourholdingspace. . . if you're going to spend a weekend away from your favourite little person and hubby then this is how to do it - doing work you love and connecting with women you love. . . #grateful #workandplay #goldcoast #byronbay #mullumbimby #essentialoils #doterra #oneluckymama #missingmybabyalready
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4 weeks ago
thomasonjb Y'all, i'm a skeptic on oils when it comes to putting them in my mouth or ingesting them. i started getting congested and then my throat was very uncomfortable. a friend of mine told me that she put thieves directly in her mouth and after you swallow and it coats your throat, that her sore throat is gone. so i did it, and it worked! i know some people are going to say" how can you trust putting those in your body? and then i asked myself "how have i ever trusted anything i buy on the shelf that has words i can't even pronounce?" i mean come on friends, not too long ago several vitamins and supplements off of our local store shelves have been banned & pulled because after being tested it was found they had barely anything beneficial in them even though the bottle stated that you were purchasing this supplement for your health. as all of you know ak has had allergies( food and skin) most of her life . so for our family we choose natural as much as possible. infer now on i'm definitely choosing all over most products that i purchased in the store. i'm eager to learn and grow more now than ever. i have a friend that will be teaching me & hosting a wellness class next month and if you're interested in coming please message me and i will give you the details. this is not about purchasing anything it's about learning and educating ourselves. because let me tell you pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers putting products on shelves do not truly care about you. yes i still take plexus(i love it) & will continue. this is not about selling a product or anything of that sort it's about whole body wellness. i'm all about gathering information and making the best choice possible for my family. #health #healthy #yleo #plexus #pinkdrink #slim #drinkpink #water #naturallife #nochemicals #myoilyday #empoweredmyinsta #thieves #oil #essentialoils #blend
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