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So i’m back in #london and back to the real world with work. i’m actually enjoying it and don’t have too much of the holiday blues as i’ve been reading outliers on the way to work and found it has inspired me to work harder (despite what it says about requiring the right circumstances.
i popped out to #spitalfields at lunch time and saw this sculpture on the way back. it’s amazing what you notice when you don’t have your nose in your phone! .
i googled it at my desk and it’s by kalliopi lemos to reference the struggles of the waves of migrants coming over in the present and the migrants who have passed through london throughout history. the boat used in this sculpture was used to transport refugees from turkey to #greece and was acquired by the artist after being abandoned on the greek shore. i think this is important to reflect on and puts into perspective how lucky many of us are.
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This week we’re taking a look at the charterhouse school. here you can see a depiction of the writing room, which was converted in 1614 from the duke of norfolk’s tennis court 🎾 this served as the main schoolroom until a new one was built on 1802.
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Should i stay or should i go?
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When you think of camden, what's the first thing that pops in to your mind? 🤔 for us, it's definitely that warm and fuzzy feeling of being surrounded by delicious food, beautiful people and incredible music! 😇⠀
📷 : @lourdescomas⠀
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George's bar / king's cross / good for: drinking (and snacks) ✅
i love this bar ❤️ it has so many great memories. once, as i was travelling home via king's cross train after an easter weekend away in france, i walked by and decided to stop as it looked so beautiful that day. i ended up drinking champagne and reading a book for hours (@dollyalderton everything i know about love) 🥂 it's also the same place i came after my citizenship ceremony at camden town hall across the road 🇬🇧💂‍♀️ done by @marcuswareing, it's no surprise @_georgesbar is so special. the bar snacks are lush. you must have the smoked butter popcorn🍿after that, the padron peppers, spicy chorizo and croquettes. where you go from here is the question.. you can stay a while and move on to afternoon tea, or make your way to the main dining room @thegilbertscott , serving classic british food. dinner wise, i'm always going to go for @coaloffice followed by @spiritland for drinks - check out "what's on" to see what special music feature they have on that night 🎶
💌hellohedonaut@gmail.com for customised itineraries of where to eat, drink and what to do in london! 📝💂🇬🇧
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Thank you to the lovely dan who came to give us a wine lecture today, as some of us are new to the miss tapas game.
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If life is a movie you‘re the best part 💭
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