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Kardashian/jenner eyebrows! which ones do you like best? 😍 #hotforbeauty
30 462 July 2016
17 704 April 2017
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This brow highlighter is really the magic of a perfect looking groomed eyebrow!!! it helps define your brows and covers any flaw. this color is matt dual shell and also comes in matt camille. #anastasiabeverlyhills #perfectarch #perfectbrows #allaboutthebrows #fullbrows #shapeyourbrows #growyourbrows #eyebrowartist #eyebrowmakeup #eyebrowshapes #matthighlighters #beauty #secretsonbeauty #beautytips #makeuptips #makeup #browaddics
12 252 January 2015
She doesn't have hair but her strokes r still very natural 👍💁🏻
3 100 September 2017
Love challenges like these brows❣️keep the brows trimmed when they grow down, no tweezing them out😳 brow powder duo>soft brown< #anastasiabeverlyhills #browsonfleek #eyebrows #eyebrowshapes #eyebrowtips #browsonpoint #beforeandaftermakeup #archedbrows #browarch
4 459 May 2017
✨ pick your fave brow shape! ✨ pencil drawings using hb, 3b, 5b, 6b #browgoals #eyebrowshapes #anastasiabeverlyhills #anastasiabrows
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Fabio Randriamahazonoro
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💕Amy Dinh💕
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Say bye bye to brow make up and get eyebrows tint. you can get light brown, medium brown, dark brown & black. #browtint#eyebrowtint#eyebrowchicago#eyebrowthreading#eyebrowshapes.
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