3 minutes ago
lovethatroams 🍂botanical love - block printed infinity scarves is just one of two ranges that will arrive at my doorstep any day now! you don't just wear one of these beauties you support fair trade, encourage sustainable fashion + fund community developments in india! pre-order online or dm me $49 x
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Welcome to my world
2 minutes ago
from_d_with_lov Dark chocolate is very good for health and super tasty 😋🍫 #chocolate #darkchocolate #healthy #altereco #fairtrade #help the little #producers #organic
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4 minutes ago
shelbynaturals #repost @soniadarlison ・・・ re-stocked on my daily essentials from @shelbynaturals today and i am beyond happy about it 😊 this product is amazing and i will vouch for it forever and always because it has single handedly changed my skin. my skin has always been my biggest asset and weakness - nothing feels better than a flawless complexion, and nothing feels worse than a painful and visible breakout. this product is 100% natural and i 100% believe in it! my number in rule to live by use and consume products that you can confidently say you know where they came from and your body will thank you. this is one of those 🙌 if you haven't already, do check out the @shelbynaturals line 💕 #testimonial #gratitude
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Vesta Studio 〰
4 minutes ago
shopvesta.co Our eco-friendly vegan cupro is a great alternative to silk and feels just like rose petals... i can't wait to share it with you all! we're getting closer to nailing down the launch date, so be sure to join the email list to be the first to know when discounted pre-orders open! #staytuned [📷 @moonandquartz]
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Pure Taste
4 minutes ago
puretaste888 Good morning! 😀even better morning with an organic fig, cacao & activated buckwheat ball- figs are naturally high in potassium for lowering blood pressure, high in soluble fiber and even contain prebiotics for gut health! start ordering now! #puretaste #investintaste #organic #glutenfree #dairyfree #rawvegan #vegan #vegantreats #nosugaradded #prebiotic #nutfree #guthealth #cacao #fairtrade #nutrition #foodismedicine #adelaide #sagreat #figalicious #delicious #ilikeitorganic
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24 minutes ago
amihanlife Coming soon... an exciting limited edition collaboration with @moondeli. get elevated with some mystical california alchemy baby 💧🌱 sign up for our newsletter to find out more! #amihanlife #amihanmoon #moondeli #limitededition #collaboration #healthisbeauty #beautyishealth #greenprotein #plantbased #madeincalifornia #handmade #smallbatch #lifetonic #alchemy #vegan #organic #fairtrade #mystical
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Elisha C.
8 minutes ago
elishac_la So fresh you just want to touch it. 🌿 loving the spring weather. get your train-track bracelet made from recycled cereal boxes and start stacking. *link in bio #fresh #springishere #summerisnear #stacking #recycled #sustainable #ethical #fairtrade #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion
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Francesca Willow
10 minutes ago
ethicalunicorn To celebrate good things that people are doing in the world, @fromfound are still fundraising for their wonderful upcycled line that empowers refugee women. link in bio for their story 🌊
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Etisk-Elegant-Rettferdig Mote
10 minutes ago
penepiker.no Fantastisk konvertibel belteveske fra hfs - kan brukes på 5 måter: som crossoverveske, skulderveske, midjeveske, belteveske og clutch. ** i tillegg er veskene etisk og bærekraftig laget og 100% dyrevennlige. -----> kom gjerne innom oss på https://www.penepiker.no og se alle de flotte hfs veskene, og finn en farge og stil som passer deg. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<<< levering klær, vesker og smykker: 1-5 dager. vi sender til hele norge. *fri frakt og fri retur ved bytte*>>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #penepiker #instadaily #instastyle #stylistano #side2mote #styleno #whatiweartoday #mote #outfitoftheday #sotd #baglover #organic #hipstersforsisters #fairtrade #sustainablymade #whattowear #økologisk #minstil #accessories #moteblogger #styleinspiration #mystyle #streetstyle #dagensoutfit #klokke #sko #vesker #klær #minmote #summerstyle
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13 minutes ago
badalaintl Time for that second cup (or p*t 🤷🏻‍♀️), can i get a amen?
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Ara Chocolat
11 minutes ago
arachocolat Karen, 37 ans, membre du comité de formation de la coopérative. elle travaille la terre, son mari est policier et c'est le seul qui a un salaire fixe dans sa famille. elle a 3 enfants, la fille aînée va à la fac de droit (avec beaucoup d'effort de ses parents, qui n'ont pas toujours les moyens pour l'aider) et les 2 petits vont à l'école, ils sont amoureux du cacao et aiment bien goûter le fruit du cacao lorsque maman va les récolter (peut-être des futurs producteurs de cacao 💚☺️). karen et ses beaux parents sont dédiés à cultiver le #cacao, mais malheureusement ils n'arrivent pas à vivre de ça, raison pour laquelle ils cultivent aussi des bananes (plus faciles à produire). elle rêve de vivre que du cacao! c'est à nous de soutenir des producteurs comme karen, en payant un prix juste! ______________ karen, 37 years old, she is part of the training committee of the #cooperative. she works the land while her husband is a police officer, and the only one with a salary in her family. she has 3 kids, the oldest daughter goes to law school (thanks to a huge effort the whole family makes). and the 2 little ones go to school and are in love with #cacao. they love to go with their mom to pick up the cocoa pods, in order to taste the cacao pulp (maybe 2 future #cocoagrowers 💚🌱☺️). karen and her parents-in-law grow cacao but unfortunately they don't make ends meet with that, so they also grow bananas (which is easier to grow ). however she dreams of living only from cacao! it is on our hands to support growers like karen by paying them a #fairprice for their work ! ______________ karen, 37 años, miembro del comité de capacitación de la #cooperativa. trabaja la tierra con su familia. su esposo es policía en #upala y es el único que tiene un sueldo fijo en su familia. tiene 3 hijos, la mayor estudia derecho (gracias al gran esfuerzo que hacen karen y su esposo, quienes no siempre tienen los medios para ayudarla). los 2 más pequeños van a la escuela y les encanta el cacao. siempre acompañan a mamá a recoger las mazorcas (quizás serán productores de cacao también 💚🌱☺️). karen y sus suegros cultivan cacao, pero lamentablemente no logran vivir de esto, por lo que (...)
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Bazar Verde
17 minutes ago
bazar.verde Crea tu cuenta con nosotros y a partir de tu segunda compra, tendrás descuento automático sobre todos los productos de nuestra tienda online 🙀👉🏻🤳🏻 . relax👉🏻tenemos opciones de pago vía transferencia, deposito bancario o tarjetas de débito o crédito con sistema web pay 👌🏻✅ . tu disfruta, nosotros te lo llevamos👉🏻hacemos despacho con delivery ecológico 👉🏻📦a domicilio 🚲🏍🚙 (rm) o puedes retirar gratis en nuestra oficina en providencia. también enviamos a regiones vía chilexpress 🙌🏻 . y cerramos la transmisión por ahora para recordarles que vayan a la foto anterior para saber cómo puedes ser el /la ganador/a de nuestro #bazarverdechallenge 😘te esperan muchos premios ricos, sanos y deliciosos, como a nosotros nos gusta ❤️habrà 3 ganadores y uno de esos puedes ser tú!
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