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Obligatory. #fantasia2016
7 157 October 2015
5 243 November 2015
Twinned it with my best friend @thaliaortega for rehearsal today 👯 don't know what i'd do without this girl, so much love and respect for her. #fantasia2016 #showmeyourkitties
5 210 November 2015
Meet fantasia's 2016 captains... joey avalos and robert rodriguez! #fantasiawinterguard #fantasia2016 #winterguard #colorguard joey avalos is entering his 9th performing season with fantasia and is originally from san dimas, ca. having taught at various programs in southern california throughout the years, he is currently the accounting department manager for creative costuming & designs, allowing him to continue his passion of performing with a group he considers family. the part he enjoys the most of every year is embarking on a new journey with old and new faces. robert rodriguez is a fifth year fantasia member and comes from moreno valley, california. he is currently a student at riverside city college where he majors in mathematics and actuarial science. along with his studies, robert teaches various color guard programs around southern california including rancho verde high school, where he serves as caption head; and vista murrieta high school, where he is a tech.
4 158 November 2015
First full weekend rehearsal with fantasia was a success ! we survived ❤️ glad to be spinning with such talented ppl and this beautiful girl ! love you thalia , stay strong 💪🏼 #fantasia2016 #wgi2016
2 206 December 2015
El reloj marca mi tiempo,el bastón me ayuda en mi camino,marca mi destino y en mis 25 aniversario con este tipazo venimos 🎺🎺 #fantasia2016 #murgatiralenguas2016 😍
2 339 December 2015
#tbt to twin day & rainbow color wheel day 👯 ✨❤️💛💚💙💜🌈 #fantasia2016 #wgi2016
0 198 December 2015
Flannel / soccer shorts / long socks day with fantasia world guard yesterday! #fantasia2016 #wgi2016
0 200 January 2016


Ton Willian
Qual vai ser desse ano? #fantasia2016 #fantasia2017 ??? #tbt #holowen
2 70 November 2017


Paul K. 🇹🇭🇵🇭
😐☺️sometimes i’m stronger because i know my weaknesses. i’m wise because i know i’ve been foolish. 🤣 i laugh because i’ve known sadness. #photo not about my captions ps.miss you my partner 6’ 😍😘 #fantasia2016 #wgi2016
1 94 August 2017


Daniel Plasencia
0 66 February 2017


Junior Cagliari
"a personalidade dela era um tanto dividida, parece poliana querendo o que é de frida. " - lina x - liniker e os caramelows. #iiinoitedevassa #liniker #fantasia2016 🍂🌸🍃
1 93 January 2017


Ali Chappell💋
Woke up to these photos. missing jay and the trash family like crazy. ❤❤❤ #fantasia2016 #fantasiafestival #trashfamilyforever
1 12 January 2017


#yarb - we passed through the streets before we got to the church. a person who has a clear picture of how lost they were when god found them can’t help but be so full of energy and gratitude, so much that they want to pass that love forward at every slight opportunity". #excusemyboldness #kelarthrillz🔥#fantasia2016 #yarbisthemovement #indigenous #hiphop #levelup⤴#conformed🚫 #transformed✔
6 110 December 2016


Popô e Lelê Ateliê do bebê
2 45 December 2016


Adeshola Moses
Tune in like now now to stv to watch the fun was i screaming about last week....it's #fantasia2016
0 13 December 2016


Adeshola Moses
Tune in now to silverbird tv to watch #fantasia2016 . it's harvesters christmas carol....watch and comment.
0 15 December 2016


Adeshola Moses
1 7 December 2016
I think i was having too much fun!!! lol. if you missed hicc's #fantasia2016, you have another chance to see me perform my 'silent night' refix tomorrow (2nd & 3rd services). come through!!!! merry christmas!!!!!! oh, i'm on tvc right now too... tune in... dstv ch 418. (it'll be repeated again tomorrow, sunday, at 7:30am and 7:30pm)
8 224 December 2016


#tb #ontheway .fantasia was a hit!! 🔥🙌🙌🙌🔥 .🎥 as lord cisero, d roman general✔ (4 my mind) 😎😁😎 .with my court lord, otto, the 3 travellers n also my guards s/o to unveil studios🎬 for making this work .god bless 🙏🙏🙏 #hicc #harvestersng #christmas #christmascarol #fantasia2016 .watch ::: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1239684279435775&id=157123737691840 🎅🎅🎄.merry christmas and a happy new year in advance 🎄🌋🌋
2 111 December 2016


Unveil Truth
0 71 December 2016


Our superstar c.e.o👌 @kelarthrillz leading us in a praise #turnup session @harvestersng carol service #fantasia2016 you all need to look out for this young and radical believer @kelarthrillz
1 44 December 2016


#fantasia2016 ❤❤❤❤
4 152 December 2016


This christmas.🎅 radical invasion.🎤 the revolution will be televized. last sunday @harvestersng #fantasia2016. styling inspired by @kb_hga #kelarcrae⭕ #levelup⤴ #conformed🚫 #transformed✔ #indigenous #hiphop #graceisworking #becoming👑
1 102 December 2016