Nick Zorn
4 minutes ago
nickzornart Quick little green man #sketch. he's not jeff. don't worry about jeff. #fantasyart
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Jeremy McHugh
7 minutes ago
mchughjeremy Another painting begun as a demo for my drawing students. oils on panel. just a gray underwash to establish the big shapes. still deciding on certain details. i suspect he will have a shillelagh. he's currently stroking his beard in a ponderous moment. :) #giganteus #oilpainting #artistsoninstagram #fantasy #fantasyart #worldbuilding #characterdesign #artist #drawing #illustration #illustrator #painters #painting #artprocess #wip
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Shay O'Donnell
13 minutes ago
phthalo_shay This is my little sister ^^ over the years, she's put up with me taking photos, dressing her in sheets, shining things in her eyes, and making her cry all for my art projects. so patient with me 😅 somehow, i've always admired her- she believes what she believes, and does what she wants to do. i think growing up with three brothers gave her some grit and determination! anyway, i drew this a few years ago. i always intended to paint it, but i think i'm happy to leave it as a pencil sketch. we'll see.
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