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take a look at my pic every time you run into issues with your gut such as bloating, constipation, pain, reflux etc. .
gut health controls so many things in your body including your mood, weight, hormones, and risk for disease.
if you have been dealing with recent antibiotics or body stress etc - take some time to fine tune your diet. for example slowly re introduce plant fiber (start with say a 1/2 cup cooked broccoli daily and increase every 3 days ) .
stop your sugar completely except for raw stevia or xylitol .
oh and make sure your sleep and stress control is on point. that changes everything 🧠 #braingutconnection .
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baru puasa beberapa hari timbangan sudah turun... 😘👍🏼
tadinya di atas lemari,
sekarang sudah ada di kolong lemari..😌
masi semangat kaga puasa nya?!!!😁💪🏻
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Did you know that when you fast you allow your body to naturally cleanse, regenerate, and repair itself? in fact, certain aspects of rejuvenation are associated with fasting. time restricted eating, one of the most popular forms of fasting, is in which you are only allowed to eat in a 8 hour window. this is a form of intermittent fasting, and it optimizes your life and health span, as well as doing your metabolism a huge favor ♥️
as hippocrates once said, "all disease begins in the gut." intermittent fasting has proven to reduce gut permeability or “leaky gut”. leaky gut is caused by ingesting mostly gluten, alcohol, and sugars, which are some of the main foods/liquids that make up our diets. some of the symptoms are irritable bowels, food sensitivities, absorbing nutrients poorly (mainly b12), inflammatory skin conditions (like acne), etc. also, following this kind of fasting helps sync your circadian clocks with your metabolic, physiological and behavioral pathways! which is amazing because they all contribute to your health and longitivtiy 🧘🏽‍♀️
these are only some of the benefits of this type of fasting, i encourage you to check out my blog for more details 💡✨
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Five days into my fasting cure and i am feeling absolutely great 💕 no food for the last five days - just tea and water 💦 🍵 it is such a powerful feeling to know it i just you and your body right now. i love to give my body and digestion this well deserved break right now to fully cleanse and detox! seriously doing something like this makes you realize how strong you are and how powerful your mind is. ✨the interest you guys showed in my fasting cure was immense and i decided to write an in depth blogpost tomorrow to answer all your questions. thank for your support 🙏🏼💕
#fasting #heilfasten .
btw this beautiful pic was taken by @magic_fabs who is such a pro when it comes to photography and editing. thanks fabian 🙏🏼🖤
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☝️the only way to truly win in life is to be authentically you. make your own path. stop trying to copy others and be someone you aren’t. understand that your journey is unique to you
🙏if you aren’t happy with where you are currently at, make a choice and do something different. challenge the status quo. take that job that your parents said was dumb. take that trip you want to go on even if it means going alone. experience new things. take risks and constantly be learning. live your live and i promise you’ll come out with an a+
be the change #makepositivitylouder :
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Selamat berbuka all the way from spain =) #ramadan2018
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🔥food p**n and things to think about🔥
🇬🇷this greek platter was nothing short of amazing and shows why the mediterranean diet continues to be shown to be soo beneficial to your health.
🇬🇷packed full of micronutrients and nutrient dense fresh foods, what's not to love!
🇬🇷what you must be careful of though is to not confuse health with weight loss.
🇬🇷just because something is very nutritious and great for your health, does not mean it isn’t full of calories.
🇬🇷greek food is usually cooked and involves a lot of olive oil and as can be seen from my post yesterday, olive oil is very high in calories.
🇬🇷despite what the keto brigade will tell you, you can not just eat as much f*t as you like and still expect to lose weight. you must remain in a calorie deficit, no matter what form of eating you choose to work with.
🇬🇷do this though and also include plenty of fresh, nutrient dense foods and you will most certainly see your health improve as well as see the result on the scales. -
❓what do you enjoy as your first meal of the day❓
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When chipotle saves the day 🙌🏽
dinner for nati and my mom. i started my fast at 2:30pm 💪🏼
i fast because i love the way i feel. i have more energy, i don’t have cravings and also let’s me have the freedom to eat without worrying about calories. i mean... i don’t stuff my face lol just eat until i’m satisfied. .
i know a lot of you are scared of intermittent fasting. i was too, but once you give it a shot, you’ll know what i’m talking about. .
who truly enjoys intermittent fasting? what do you enjoy most?
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Made my bacon and eggs with a greek salad tonight, starting off another fast going until tomorrow evening sometime. i spilled some hot bacon grease on my leg taking them out of the microwave oh man did that hurt, luckily it was only a little bit. #keto #ketodiet #ketolife #cheatday #cheatdays #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #weightloss #weightlossjourney #52diet #fasting #fastday #intermittentfasting #pilates #blogilates #yoga #bacon #eggs #breakfastfordinner
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Ramadan mubarak i wish to alah accept my and your fasting and all muslims inshaalah
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Eternal lights — brigham city utah temple.
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Ramadan telah tiba, mimin mengucapkan selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa bagi yang menjalankannya. .
puasa tetap latihan d**g wushuers? karena sejatinya, puasa bukan alasan untuk berhenti berlatih dan berolahraga. .
edisi ramadan kali ini, mimin bakal posting kata-kata motivasi buat para wushuers semua agar tetap semagat dalam berpuasa dan tetap fokus pada target latihan.
sekali lagi, selamat berpuasa, selamat berlatih, selamat menjadi juara.
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How to fast with your hands?

do not take what is not yours, this includes spending time at your work on fb, texting and snap chatting. this is stealing the time of your employer.
do not deceive people or abuse people with your hands. your hand should only carry out righteous and kind acts. remember that rasul allah ‎ﷺ never hit a woman or a child in his life. he never harmed anyone with his hands unrightfully.
you should make the intention right now to only do what allah wants you to do with your hands and never to use them for haram. use your hands for sunnah acts, acts of worship and of kindness to humanity.
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When your fasting but you cant stop looking at the clock...😋🍽
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The virtue of fasting.
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Getting in a hike with some fasting. i’m doing a 96+ hour fast. i’m a little scared because i have never done one that long. #keto #ketolife #fasting #extendedfasting #learningbydoing
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Breaking ramadan fast tonight with a vegan pesto spinach pasta and sautéed veggies. maghrib was led by my husband today. he’s usually not present because of the work he does. very nice time with family and my daughter wanted to join salah, she’s only 3! #vegansofig #muslimvegan #ramadan2018 #fasting
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Damn those 2lbs make a difference 😍 ya girl is feeling herself today! shoulda broke out this dress a long time ago but i’ve been too scared to actually wear it 🙈 happy h**p day y’all, hope your diets and workouts are all going according to plan ❤️❤️
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Menurut sebuah buletin, icmr, diperkirakan bahwa ada sekitar 60,8 juta pasangan yang mengalami infertilitas setiap tahunnya diseluruh dunia. dan diantaranya, sekitar 10 persen dari pasangan kesulitan memperoleh keturunan tersebut bisa dipengaruhi oleh infertilitas karena obesitas. jika anda dengan obesitas dan merencanakan kehamilan, adalah hal yang bijak jika anda membuat berat badan adalah prioritas pertama dalam tahap perencanaan kehamilan anda. obesitas tidak hanya membuat kehamilan sebagai tantangan, tapi juga bisa menjadi sebuah rintangan untuk konsepsi.

obesitas merupakan salah satu penyebab utama yang mempengaruhi ovulasi dan kesuburan, yaitu dengan mengubah pola hormonal yang normal pada wanita. hal ini pada ujungnya mempengaruhi fungsi normal dari ovarium, yang menimbulkan siklus menstruasi jarang atau tidak teratur; sehingga mengganggu fase ovulasi normal. penumpukan lemak pada perut seorang wanita juga dikenal akan menghasilkan hormon pria yang mencegah maturisation folikel dan menghasilkan anovulasi (penurunan ovulasi)
konsultasi gratis👇
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You never know how truly blessed you are until you see how much someone else is suffering. count your blessings and always be grateful. الحمدالله
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#fasting alias #puasa
jangan kaget ya.. pada jam 12 s/d 18 kita akan merasa lemas... 😱😱😱 bersyukurlah..
karena berarti akan dimulai satu proses yang sangat bermanfaat untuk tubuh kita.

proses itu adalah autolisis.

autolisis adalah proses pembuangan sel-sel yang mati atau rusak di dalam tubuh kita.

kalau kita lagi gak puasa..
organ pencernaan kita hampir ga pernah berhenti bekerja.
setiap kita makan, butuh +-8 jam o***n pencernaan kita bekerja.
jam 7 sarapan pagi, maka jam 15 o***n baru selesai bekerja, eh jam 12 kita sudah makan lagi.
dari jam 12 harusnya selesai jam 20, kita makan lagi jam 19. belum lagi kalo jam 23nya ngemil/makan mie tektek/nasi goreng.. astagfirullah..... kalo tubuh kita bisa ngomong..
mungkin dia akan bilang..
boss saya resign aja yaa

pas kita puasa..
sahur jam 4, o***n bekerja sampai jam 12.

jam 12 s/d jam 18, o***n kita nganggur gak ada kerjaan. 6 jam lhoo..
lumayan tuh.

ibarat ibu-ibu di rumah..
klo lagi gak ada kerjaan, kan suka beres-beres rumah, rapi-rapi, bersih-bersih, buang barang-barang yang gak kepake.

nah sama..
organ kita klo lagi gak ada kerjaan, mereka akan melakukan bersih-bersih tubuh, inilah autolisis.

keren kan..... inilah kenapa puasa itu sehat, bahkan in syaa allah bisa ngobatin banyak penyakit. maag, diabet, ginjal, bahkan kanker.

makin banyak puasa..
makin bersih tubuh kita..
makin sehat kita.
in syaa allah
maka bahagialah kita diperintahkan puasa.

met puasa ya.....
semoga makin cinta menjalankan puasa.....
sehat selalu..
aamiin🙂🙏👍 semoga bermanfaat.
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