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The beautiful surprises that come after the darkest of storms. i’m excited to announce i just launched this morning on amplify messenger (check my story for details). i’ll be using it as a tool to release additional content, post presets and wallpaper monthly, and be there to answer any questions you have on social media, photography, video, or travel! seriously ask me anything on there, i’m here to help and i want to make it the best resource possible for you. i already posted a couple free presets and some wallpaper that you’re more than welcome to use! thanks for all the support!
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There’s nothing quite like a peaceful morning at moraine lake 🌲
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Presents photo by | @_enk location | italy selection by | @michellebishoff check out | @bigworld_shotz . tag: #at_diff #atdiff_shots . our team: @michellebishoff @dodovo @kristie_michele_art @liefstoerstout @agathab @freemanp . . ▪️check out our other hubs▪️ @atdiff_moods @atdiff_faceless @atdiff_silhouette @atdiff_kids @atdiff_portraits . . a f f i l i a t e h u b s ▪traveling__night ▪weekly_feature ▪️bigworld_shotz ___________________________________________ #atdiff_shots_enk ___________________________________________ . . . #weekly_feature #bigworld_shotz #igrecommend #livetravelchannel #inspiring_photography_admired #bestplacestogo #awesome_photographers #itsamazingoutthere #artofvisuals #living_destinations #canonfanphotos #shotzdelight #hubs_united #symmetrykillers #urbanromantix #all2epic #gramslayers #depthobsessed #gramheist #igworldclub #featuremeinstagood #liveauthentic#destinationearth #trappingtones #neverstopexploring#hypebeast
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After zippin on our scooters at 7am, we got to the iconic handara gate just as the thick fog was retreating. we had the whole place to ourselves, and had just enough time to toss up the drone and for @allyrenay to run down the path before it started pouring rain. sometimes everything lines up for a short moment, and creates the most magical memories ✨😊
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330am: i’m not gonna lie, getting here was kind of painful. i had a bunch of camera equipment, a huge jug of water hitting my leg, a blanket, i had too many layers of clothing so i was sweating. it was really dark so i couldn’t see where i was walking, so i twisted my ankle a couple times. you might think i’m complaining but i’m not. i’m just going to tell you how it is. all our trips aren’t fairytales and unicorns. so i’m not going to pretend that it is. ✌🏽
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Crisp air, clear skies! #livelovesports ⛺💫 @milo_daou 📷: @bassil.jad
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Hassan Joof
Am270’s for @nikelondon
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It’s this girls birthday today!!! eleena, you are one of the most talented, loving, and humble friends i know. i am so glad we got to know each other better and i am so proud of everything you have accomplished. you are such a delight and seeing you at church or team night always makes my day 💫 i love how you love others and put them before yourself and also such a powerful leader. i love how you show and represent the love of god towards others and i am excited what the future holds for you. love you so much dearly friend 💛
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Herr Schleinig
„i move across, innocence lost all flashing pulsar i move across the earth in my new pattern shirt i pass satellites "you're so bitter," your complaint i can't give you anything i don't know who you're livin' for i don't who you are anymore i'd sooner chew my leg off than be trapped in this how easy you think of all of this as bittersweet me“ r.e.m. #diewocheaufinstagram #theweekoninstagram #igmasters #igrecommend #urbanromantix #featuremeinstagood @instagood #lesphotographes #royalsnappingartists #freezfram #passionpassport #ignantpicoftheday #transfer_visions #beautifuldestinations #visualsoflife #streetdreamsmag #rsa_streetview #artofvisuals #tv_pointofview #whatchthisinstagood #exclusive_shot #neverstopexploring #livefolk #mytinyatlas #olympusphotography #olympusomd #hamburgahoi #welovehh #sunset #explorehamburg #meinhamburg
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Rainy days shot on iphone x
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Hasan Uçar
But you will stay in my memory like a bird in a cage. you will never be released from my mind. save me. please. and it always comes down to this. wake me up, and open my eyes.
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Sara Allure ✨
Rose berry - glitter ✨ . i got introduced to this “indi” brand while i was in a beauty store. these are more shimmery glitters rather than a “glitter”. they are great and pigmented, they look beautiful on the lid i prefer dabbing them on rather than swiping with a brush. the shimmers seem to stay on more when you have a base underneath it like mac -mixing medium or a white based gel or a tiny bit of concealer. would 💯 recommend. __________________________ اهلاً حبيباتي رڤيو اليوم على گلتر من روز بيري ✨ طبعا جنت بمحل مال كوزمتك و تعرفت على هذا البراند الجديد مو هواي يعرفون بي هنا على ما اضن. هو على الاكثر شمر اكثر مما هو گلتر، كلش حلوات و بارزه و تطلع تخبل بلوكات السوفت. الشمر يبقى اكثر و ميتحرك من تحطيله اساس زين مثلا لاينر ابيض او شويه كونسيلر.
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I photographed this monkey looking at a little boy who was giving out food about 5m away and he just starred until the little boy came over and gave him a piece of fruit. #ig_photooftheday #igrecommend #bestoftheday #justgoshoot #vsco #letsgosomewhere #gearporn #cameraporn #artofvisuals #featuremeinstagood #visualsoflife #peoplescreatives #thecreatorclass #visualgang #dslr #photography #way2ill #agameoftones #createcommune #agameoftones #vscro #vscam
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Boots: gift from my in-laws. pants: a very old pair of jeans that are actually broken. sweater: anticipated mistake that i immediately gave back to store after taking this picture. name of the photo: “(un)defining my style”. and also, “my poor attempt of flat-lay”.
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Still Creators
Inspiring others to #justcreate! use the hashtag for a chance to be featured. - 📷 by: @edjonesafp
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