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Marie laforet and alain delon in purple moon (1961)
directed by rené clément
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Hello 🌎 . a message in my mother tongue, dinka language. :
it's 10am in the morning and things are not so bad in south sudan. :
no, people are not being shot up and killed everywhere. no, a tribal civil war is not happening. we have all types of different tribes living and thriving together for many centuries. what is happening is a man made crisis over oil and power(you do the math who is responsible in providing mass weapons in a "starving country" to indigenous people, dividing and conquering and after our resources and creating war in a country that always wanted peace ) no, i am not unsafe and not unwelcome in my country. no, not every part of south sudan is poor and uneducated. in fact, there is so much potential, patience, hope and perseverance. :
the future of south sudan is in the hands of the youth, the women and the diaspora. peace will be reached and it shall be reached through education-- quality and equal educational opportunities for male and female. :
we do not need refugee camps! what we need is more schools, hospitals and roads to be built, sustainable communities, renovations and improvement on all the abandoned schools, teacher training and funding, and quality schools for all grades including universities. it does not make sense for us to have refugee camps in such a fertile land with so much potential and natural resources. there is a better way to keep people safe and healthy. :
literally everyone in south sudan owns their own ancestry land that they can rebuild and create businesses with, farm, cultivate and fish. there is no reason for us to be starving and packed up in refugee camps in our own country! everything we need is here. :
if there is any investment to be done by any individuals, ngos, businesses or governments, it needs to be education, health and agriculture. :
i encourage anyone who wants to bring positive change in south sudan to work together and partner on achieving goals. do not be discouraged by the bad news that you keep hearing. i see more white people and foreigners invested in our home more than south sudanese. let us not give up our country once again. it's our time south sudan!!!! claim it!
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L'ora più buia

martedì 24 aprile
ore 21:30
ingresso 5,00€
[spettacolo unico settimanale]

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L'article du mois est enfin sorti, il vous attend sur le blog!!🎉🎉🎉
the article of the month is out 🎉🎉🌈.
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Быстрая походка и взгляд безумный-поэтому меня называют чугунный!
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The faim, shot for @scenezineofficial 🤘
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- taranaki rocks -
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☔️도 오고 그래서 •ɞ•
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Burger king, 2017.
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작품 사이즈
a4 size
wedding collage illust
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Snippets fro jay & catherine's wedding part 2
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