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There are only three things women need in life: food, water & compliments. ~ chris rock says.
iako možda nije u potpunosti točno, neću se protiviti ovoj uzrečici. pogotovo kada u ruci držim prefini smoothie bowl.
happy friday people 💋
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Il venerdì a genova è #green
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It’s friday🎉!!!am feeling quite accomplished today, i just upload a blog about my time in bangkok,..y’all know i run about 2months late with these blogs🤷🏽‍♀️....anyways you can read all about it |link in the bio|✨
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✔️Сделаны из 100% натуральных и качественных волос (самые качественные из доступных).⠀
✔️Волосы мягкие, шелковистые и очень приятные на ощупь.
✔️В комплекте 7️⃣ прядей, с ними вы можете создать естественную длину для своих волос, а также дополнительную густоту.

И это все о lani hair!🙋🏻

☝️🏽Заказать пряди lani hair можно на нашем сайте! (В шапке профиля)
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Thank you @vevo for adding the video for safe as #3 on your incoming indie playlist! 💕
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Cheers, it’s friday 🍂✨
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I like doing this thing. this flower thing.
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Sample_002c. final.
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It's absolutely wild that this place used to be both a drive-through donut and italian restaurant.
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A c u a
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Friday wears
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Salted caramel apple crumble from a few months ago! ❤️ but i’m honestly just thinking, craving and counting down the days until i can make my annual pumpkin pie again because that truly gets me in the autumnal mood! 😉🤤
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Giving us all kinds of warm fuzzies. how cute is this little shop right by the malibu pier? 😍
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