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4th set of 170 pound bench press for 5 reps! the bar is 20 + 2(45) + 2(25) + 2(5) = 170. health is wealth. age 35
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Just a daily reminder that you don’t need to over complicate things.
◾️you know your body and what you can do, as well as what you need to improve
◾️you know your own experience and status. if you haven’t mastered a push-up, then don’t add weight or use a bosu ball until you have the basics down
◾️you know that you need enough sleep each night to aid in recovery
◾️you know that you should be staying hydrated
◾️you know to, for the most part, stick to whole foods, and only use supplements when you’re unable obtain enough of that given macro/micro
◾️(and i hope that) you know that you don’t need some fancy “fat burning supplement”, fit tea, or crazy, unsustainable fad diet to reach your goals
——————————————————————❗️stick to what you know! and be eager learn as much as you can. i promise that this lifestyle isn’t as hard as it might seem. it’s simple, and it’s worth it!
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@doekavanagh showing me some s&c excersise yesterday. if your looking to improve your strength or just whip yourself into shape then he's your man !

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Happy thursday! ☺️
couple a days ago i was asked how you can get rid off hips dips.
here is a short video with 5 exercises, what can help you if you have similar problem.
1️⃣clams 10 reps, on 10th rep - 10 pulses
2️⃣all four bent leg raises 10 reps, on 10th reps - 10 pulses
3️⃣all four rainbows 10 reps
4️⃣lateral raise 10 reps
5️⃣lateral donkey kick 10 reps
perform 10 reps on each leg before you turn to next exercise.
try 3-5 sets. have fun!
find your true balance! 🙏
tb fitness
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When i thought they were harmless and then i ran for my life 🤣🙊
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Baddie 😈 your opinion?
more hot girls @awesomegirlsnow
turn on post notifications because you don’t wanna miss these sexy pictures! ❤🔥
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Today we have an inspirational story from @boss_tendencies as she discusses her natural fitness transformation!! from personal training, to herbalife and wellness coaching @boss_tendencies is all about transforming peoples lives. if you are in the georgia area be sure check her out. here is her story, “what made me start my transformation journey was the depression i felt from being 265lbs of fat. i hated myself, for someone to be so happy and have such an infectious personality, i masked the emotions i felt towards myself real well. every night i would go home and binge eat. i was never bulimic, but i did eat until the food was gone. i was miserable. i don’t remember my exact turning point, but i do know that i changed in order to be happy. the toughest obstacle i would come into was changing my mentality. i could change my body as much as i wanted, but every time i stopped strictly macro dieting, i would gain most if not all or more of the weight back. you can call me a serial weight loser (lol), because i went through the process of losing the same amount of weight about 3-4x. i found herbalife in april which was appealing to me, because my biggest problem was meal prepping and fitting my meals in at work (bartender/server). i actually became dedicated to herbalife in august 2018 and lost 15lbs in the first month while living my life. i went out to eat, i had a few drinks, i ate some candy. i didn’t go crazy, but i was able to do it. that is when i realized that this whole time i had been dieting, when really i needed to have a lifestyle change. herbalife is my new lifestyle and i’m completely physically, mentally, and emotionally happy with myself and life over all!” be sure to continue to support @boss_tendencies and find out more about her journey in all natural fitness episode 9 coming this october!!
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Snow much fun ❄️
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Strive for progress, not perfection 💪🏽
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Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine 🌞
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I don’t know what it is about this week but i’m strugglin and this post hit me hard.
my brain can spiral out of control and focus on the stupidest things. one comment from my sister in laws mother about being too skinny and it’s running around my mind for f*****g days. every time i eat or workout i’ll think about everything that could be better on my body.
but someone showing their support or gratitude for my actually talent only fills me for minutes before fading away from consciousness.
how backwards is that? how different would my life be if every comment that hurt my feelings was the thought that faded away? how much happier would i be if i obsessed over every positive interaction i had with a student instead of the negative ones?
time to rework how we think. #onethoughtatatime #yogiscreed
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Good morning, ahhh i’m just in awe of gods faithfulness. his faithfulness is true it’s real. no one in this world will ever be more faithful then god himself.
because of the lords great love we are not consumed, for his compassion never fails they’re new every morning great is your faithfulness. lamentations 3:22-23
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I hope today brings you a fresh start and a chance to revive your passion! 💪🏽💕
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Nothing better than a mini #yoga sesh on #humpday to boost ya energy levels and refresh ya #body 💁🏽
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