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🔥healthy f*t sources
# fat is a macronutrient that has some controversy and myths surrounding it. 🧐
# there are some fats that are great for your health, and some that are not too good. 🥓
# it is important that you know which ones are which, to optimize your health. 💪🏼
# here are 9 of the healthiest sources of f*t out there! but don't worry there is more to choose from!🙌🏼
# fatty fish, nuts, olives, and seeds are often the best and healthiest choices. wich one is your favorite?👇🏼
# like if you agree 👍🏼 any extra tips? leave them down below 👇🏼 ⠀⠀ 📸 by: @fitnessft_
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Splits by @maxnottfit
👉🏼 3-5 days each week tends to be the sweet spot 🍭 for effective training within a typically busy schedule 📆
•â€¨ðŸ‘‹ðŸ¼ personally, i'm in the gym 5-6 days a week.
•â€¨ðŸ” i cycle through a push/pull/legs split, simply hitting each day one after the other, not really worrying about which day of the week those days fall on 🤙🏼
•â€¨ðŸ™ŒðŸ¼ that being said, there really isn't a single "right" way to split up your training, but these options above tend to allow for an optimal training frequency and recovery period for each muscle group...
•â€¨ðŸ˜ not to mention, they're also all way more fun and mentally stimulating than the typical "bro" split of training a single muscle group each day 🤷🏻‍♂️
•â€¨ðŸ™‹ðŸ»‍♂️ regardless of how you divide your sessions, if you're in the gym focusing on accuracy and progression, i respect you 🙏🏻
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🥗need an example of a full day of eating when using a flexible dieting/iifym approach? save this post by @iifymacademy! 🔰↗️
⚠️first and foremost, the foods that you choose to fill your day with are up to you! everyone has different dietary preferences, restrictions, allergies, etc. so it’s important to find the foods that you enjoy and can be consistent with. hate broccoli but love zucchini? that’s fine! hate chicken but love turkey? totally okay! don’t force yourself to eat anything you truly hate just to make progress, because you’ll be less likely to stick to your macros, and more likely to overeat on higher calorie foods to make up for how much you hate your diet.
let’s pretend your goal is to maintain your weight, and your specific macros are 50g of fat, 250g of carbs, and 150g of protein. here’s an example of your meals for the day:
1️⃣breakfast: a bagel 🥖, a banana🍌, and a protein shake (1 scoop of protein & water) 🥛
2️⃣lunch: a turkey sandwich with slices of tomato and lettuce🥪, a carbmaster yogurt (or greek yogurt if you don’t have kroger!) , and a protein bar of choice 🍫
3️⃣snack: a diet coke 🥤a medium apple 🍎 and almonds!
4️⃣1/2 cup of jasmine rice 🍚, 6 oz of chicken b****t 🍗, 1/2 cup of broccoli🥦, and a salad of romaine lettuce and tomatoes 🥗
as you can see, this was split into 3 main meals, with snacks. this is also up to you! how many meals you have is based on your personal preference - some people prefer to eat fewer meals, and some people prefer to eat more frequently! neither is superior - the most important thing is to have overall macros in check at the end of the day!
this post is also to remind you to consume a balanced diet - eating/drinking the foods you love in moderation is key!
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🍞9 grains for f*t loss🍚
i haven’t done one of these in a while so i thought i’d better get one in at the weekend
‼️don’t forget, no single food or food group causes f*t gain. eat these carbs in moderation and try to stick with minimally processed whole foods for most of your meals.
this is more directed at my oriental peeps although as you can see there are some western options since we live in a multi-cultural society here in hong kong
me thinks it’s the remnants of british colonial rule.
that’s one reason macaroni is so popular for breakfast here i’m guessing
for the carb lovers out there, i thought that this would help you control your calorie intake to a degree by at least having some guide to go off.
ℹ️values are from the hong kong government, cooked and based on a one bowl serving not plate lol. in case you ask, no i don’t have the macros.
tag a friend who likes a carb up💪

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Adding volume & flavor to your meals doesn’t mean you have to have to add a ton of calories! ❤️ these foods are great to have by your side, especially if your goal is weight loss.
of course pizza is not actually in the 0 calorie range but you can definitely give yourself a treat when the timing is right & enjoy the rest of these as much as you want. more info below:
🥒 cucumbers - are 96% water and great for a refreshing snack or added into your salads!
🍅 salsa - is a low calorie way to add flavor and spice to your meals!
💚 celery - another food that is 95% water. you can definitely go crazy with this vegetable but make sure to measure out your peanut butter or paleo ranch dressing.
🍃 spinach - is packed with vitamins and minerals & a great way to add tons of volume to your meals or salads.
🍋 lemon - is another low calorie way to add flavor to a salad or meal. adding some fresh lemon in your water can also aid in digestion.
🍕 pizza - treat yo’self in moderation 😉
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Hostess now makes jumbo donettes, aka regular sized doughnuts. they’re individually wrapped and feel a little fresher than the normal “bag stuffed with donuts” approach that donettes take. the chocolate frosting is better than expected too. is it gourmet? hell no, but these will do when you’re in a real jumbo pinch.
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Follow- @howtocountcalories for more like this.
food diary! been working to get veggies in with every meal (even breakfast) which is usually a struggle for me - here's a full day of eating from earlier this week ⬇️
◾breakfast - dark chocolate @kodiakcakes protein pancakes, 🥞 two hard boiled eggs, bell peppers + a coffee
◾lunch - grilled chicken (marinade in last post) with cucumbers, celery, and @preschoice sweet potato fries 🍠 served with spicy mustard to dip the fries & chicken!
◾dinner - turkey burger with steamed asparagus and sauteed zucchini 🍔 topped burger with hot sauce before eating and had the pineapple after 🍍
◾snacks - no bake pb & almond energy bites, roasted almonds + dried cranberries, raw vegetables with a hot @eatwholly guacamole mini 🥑 -
credit- @ljadeparker
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Aujourd’hui on profite du dimanche pour préparer...des crêpes!! 🥞 et on fait les nôtres ultra légères et sans sucre grâce à notre xylitol 100% naturel et sans aspartame au faible indice glycémique et contenant 40% de calories de moins que le sucre 😍
et vous, c’est quoi votre petit déjeuner du dimanche? ❤️
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Werbung🤦🏾‍♂️‼️intermitten fasting‼️ zu beginn erst einmal eine kleine definition. if bedeutet "wir haben ein essfenster / zeit des fastens". so hat man die möglichkeit sich während des essfensters alle vorhanden kcal (kalorien)🍫🍪🍉🍎 zu sich zu nehmen. während der fastenzeit sind nur kalorienfreie lebensmittel (zerogetränke, wasser, kaffee) erlaubt. ‼️was ist der grund für if?‼️ 1. hungerkontrolle durch sättigung! 2. höheres energielevel beim fasten! warum höheres el? man spricht auch vom sogenannten jägermodus, der körper beschäftigt sich nicht mit der verdauung und hat so die möglichkeit seine energie anderweitig einzusetzen!☝🏽 natürlich nur bis zu einem gewissen grad! ‼️wie lange soll man nun fasten, bzw. welche methode kommt am besten in frage?‼️meine empfehlung ist ganz klar 16 stunden fasten und 8 stunden essen. ihr habt die freie möglichkeit, wie ihr euer zeitfenster legt. es gibt noch 2 weitere methoden die ich auf nachfrage noch gerne in die kommentare posten kann, meiner meinung nach ist diese methoden jedoch am besten umsetzbar.🤘🏽😁 ‼️meine persönlichen empfehlungen zu if‼️ 1. nicht länger als 16 h fasten! 2. 2-3 mal genug leucin alle 4 stunden! 3. beständigkeit ist entscheidend! 4. ihr könnt komplett gefastet ins training oder aber auch vorher whey shake + banane zu euch nehmen um das fasten zu brechen. zum schluss möchte ich anmerken, dass if nicht der schlüssel zum erfolg ist! es hilft lediglich dem sportler (besonders während der diät) sein hungergefühl zu kontrollieren. fragen und feedback bitte in die kommentare!😁
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A healthy lifestyle is about so much more than food. it’s about taking care of yourself and doing things that make you feel good as well as serving your health goals. this morning felt so restorative and peaceful, after a run/walk by the beach, i took some time to plant my feet in the sand and listen to the waves crashing, and enjoyed just being alone. it’s easy to give a lot of ourselves through the week, and put other things before our needs. taking time for yourself to be active in a way you enjoy and refresh mentally is just as important as what you eat.

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Pasta 🍝 on bread 🥖, cheese 🧀 on rice 🍚 on #theblakediet you can have whatever you like 🎶. the building of friday nights sandwiches. cutting meal. yes cutting meal. regular vids going up tomorrow. get ready for these 💯. .
ingredients from @nicholasmarketsfoodtown
my how to properly begin intermittent fasting video can be purchased at the link in my bio if you’d like. give it your full undivided attention. and take before photos 👙 💯

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I’ve eaten out a lot over the last couple of weeks. progress still on track, so i won’t be changing anything up just yet. what i’m saying is...if you’re thinking of asking me out for dinner, it’s a ‘yes’ from me 😉😂 😋

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It’s not check-in day but
i donut🍩 care because ya girl had to rock this posing suit😉🤘🏼
1 week post-show vibes.
and feelinggg good🤸🏽‍♀️
really want to take you guys through each week how i’m approaching my improvement season.
while prep is difficult, coming out of a show
can be even harder.
post-show blues are a thing, trying to find that balance again with adhering to a reverse diet but also allowing leniency & being able to simply live life, not walking around stage lean anymore,
finding motivation to train with no huge “end goal”
like the stage waiting... etc.
all things competitors deal with and i want to be real and raw with you guys as i take on my 1st official season coming out of a show!🤗
so many new goals to chase!!
if you guys have any specific topics you would like me to cover hmu with them below💃🏼👇🏼
#postshow #improvementseason
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@lennyandlarrys muscle muffin. i usually see these at smoothie shops or gyms and such but picked this one up at my last @vitaminshoppe shop. just like the cookie, the nutrition facts panel can be a little hard to read as it is for 2 servings and who eats 1/2 a muffin?? nobody. so i would prefer a smaller portion that would be 1 serving. as for taste/flavor- these muffins are a hit! moist and full of deliciousness.
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Sunday’s are now my chest, ab & calves day 🙃 aka all the things i always avoid hahah 🤦🏼‍♀️
i did 4 exercises today for chest:
1️⃣ bench - first time benching in 3+ months so don’t laugh at how poverty it is 😂 4x15-12-10-8, progressive overload meaning increasing the weight with each set
2️⃣ incline bench - 5x12, this is a good exercise to build up your bench strength ⬆️ using 17.5lb db’s here
3️⃣ incline bench db fly - 4x12, you know those pesky areas of armpit f*t we all have? this exercise is perrrrfect for toning that area 🙌🏻
4️⃣ cable chest fly - 3x15, you can do these from any angle but i prefer to set the cable tower to the tallest setting
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Happy sunday errrybody 💓.
had a great workout this morning after taking a rest day yesterday and spending time with friends camping & eating s’mores 🙊🍫 i thoroughly enjoyed some yummy snacks and it felt so refreshing to not track macros for a few days. sometimes giving yourself a mental break to just relax and not worry is needed. it’s okay to get off track and enjoy life a little!! just keep your goals in mind & make sure you get back on track. finding that balance is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. once you find it, it is so much easier to maintain it! 😌 #happysunday #gymtime #balance #fitnessmotivation #legday
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Is there a better summer treat than a solero?
96kcals and the most refreshingly fruity and creamy snack 🍡
have you seen our podcast? link in bio 👆🏻
did you know we have a free nutrition community over on facebook? search on fb for no nonsense nutrition 💪🏼
for 1:1 coaching enquiries contact us at brett@nnncoaching.com
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Every (other) day is arm day.. guess the sizes of our arms and you’ll win nothing.
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Want to grow your booty? here are my top three tips. 🍑
1️⃣ muscle-mind connection ✨- it is essential. if you aren’t engaging your mind with your muscles you will not achieve the growth you are looking for. think about it your brain is connected to your muscles and sends them signals when to contract. if you aren’t doing this your muscles won’t contract, causing poor growth. 🔥
2️⃣ glute isolation ✨- many of us are quad or hamstring dominant and not glute dominant, which makes it harder to actually grow your glutes without activating the muscle group first. for me this has been so important in achieving maximum b***y growth. doing resistant band work or a few cable kick backs, whatever it is to activate your glutes before your workout will make all the difference.
3️⃣ food ✨- eat. eat. eat. i’m sure you’ve heard this before but carbs are not the enemy. i’ve been through all phases with dieting. bulking, leaning, maintaining, you name it and the biggest thing i’ve always learned was if i wanted to build muscle i needed to eat the right amount. i actually one time had to adjust to eating more than i could handle just to work on muscle growth! 🌮
hope these tips help you all. if you’re interested in coaching, i currently have some online spots open— just shoot me an email and we can get started. link in bio or email 💌 amirah@mirahfit.com. offering $ off open spots!
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Age 14 and 15 and half stone / 217lbs
age 16 and 9 and half stone/ 133lbs
so i lost a lot of weight in a short space of time, not much over a year which might seem like an achievement except in this case it's really not. the way i did this was so unhealthy and uneducated and damaging.
i would skip breakfast, have a 'salad' for lunch which only consisted of lettuce and a few pieces of ham, or take lunch money and usually not buy any food and i would eat dinner in the evenings. when i did eat anything i would drink so much detox tea for 'damage limitation.' when i wasn't losing weight quick enough, i started to swill and drink mouthwash because it would really put me off eating anything. i would abuse the s**t out of laxatives (the irony).
i did not maintain this weight and i kind of float around the middle and i'm much happier now however because of these s****d things, i developed really disordered eating behaviours and a bad relationship with food. i also have ibs and i'm pretty sure that the laxatives at least contributed to that and ultimately controls what and how i eat a lot now.
moral of the story:
educate yourself
it's not worth it any other way ⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊
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Dove sono le differenze?😊
le differenze sono nel portafoglio!!!🤦🏻‍♀️
imparare a leggere le etichette è di fondamentale importanza in un percorso di dimagrimento.
moltissime volte leggiamo scritto “light”e poi tra gli ingredienti ritroviamo zuccheri aggiunti o altri ingredienti sottovalutati.
oggi invece vorrei farvi notare che spesso invece tra un prodotto e l’altro non vi è alcuna differenza, se non soltanto nel palesare da parte dell’azienda l’evidenza, giocando sulla non conoscenza degli alimenti della maggiorparte delle persone. esempio:👈👇
il parmigiano reggiano di per sè non contiene lattosio eppure quello nella foto a destra sottilinea la voce “ privo di lattosio “, di conseguenza la nostra direzione andrà verso quello senza , non sapendo che naturalmente il parmigiano non contiene lattosio!
lo stesso vale per il riso,come potete notare quello nella foto a destra sottolinea di non avere glutine, ebbene, il riso di per sè non ne contiene, quindi scegliere quello a sinistra equivale alla stessa identica cosa. questo è il marketing, noi impariamo a farci furbi!👏
impara a leggere sempre gli ingredienti e le etichette di quello che acquisti ti assicuro scoprirai un mondo nuovo 😍, prova e fammi sapere 😅😍!!!
se anche tu vuoi essere seguita e iniziare un percorso con me mandami una mail 📩
prova il mio metodo
✨dimagrire con la psicologia
educazione alimentare 📗
consulenza psicoalimentare online 💻e strumenti annessi a distanza tramite skype o videochiamata.
affrettati , per info e appuntamenti invia una mail all'indirizzo:
dott.ssa maria amore
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Hi from me and my sister in sunny portugal 👋

so i overheard someone say "pineapple is one of the worst foods to eat if you're on a diet"

wow. you know those times when you overhear a conversation and you're torn between walking away and rolling your eyes or saying something that someone might not like. this was one of those times. i really wanted to know the source of this brilliant 'fact.' someone actually involved in the conversation did ask and it transpires it was something they read online. of f*****g course it was 🙄
i'm not even going to go into the "if you're on a diet" part because we'll be here all day.

but let's not be shaming pineapple eh🍍
no-one should ever be turned away from eating fruit and veggies to start with (except for dietary or medication restrictions). pineapple is very clearly full of water💦 and we're all about that hydration👍

in terms of nutritional benefits: 🔸️pineapple is high in vitamin c and a good fibre source.
🔸️it's also a really good source of bromelain which helps with digestion and can act as a natural anti inflammatory.
🔸️it's also super high in manganese which is a mineral that is mainly good for bone and brain health.

this are just a snapshot of the good stuff you get from pineapple ✔

ok pineapple is high in 'fruit sugar' fructose, but realistically, how much are you going to eat? you'd have to eat a lot of pineapple for fructose to be harmful, in the same way you'd have to eat a lot of cake for it to be harmful. sugar of any kind is a carb and carbs are not the enemy by any means! •
not to mention pineapple is really nutrient dense for the low calorie content and wait.. what do you need when you're on a diet / aiming for f*t loss? 💡less calories!! yeah sure you can eat a boring s****y rice cake if you want, but your body will thank you more if you just eat the d**n pineapple 🍍
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☀️summer showdown winner
i would like to congratulate carrie moore on winning the summer showdown competition.
after a very serious health scare carrie found herself gaining a lot of weight and was never able to budge it. carrie is now 100% fit and healthy so decided to make some changes to her lifestyle.
here are carries 8 weeks results:
total weight loss: 30lbs
total inches lost: 22inches
i'm sure everyone will agree that carrie's body has completely changed since day 1!!
massive well done carrie, i was blown away when i saw your progress and couldn't be happier for you :)
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These new praline magnums are just luuuush! 🤤🤤
🔸️cake and fruit = balance🔸️
so this is something i think a lot of people do and it's definitely something i've heard a good few times at the dinner buffet in the hotel. something along the lines of "i'll have the cake but i've got fruit too so it's ok"
let's just get something straight here. you can have the cake anyway and it'll be ok, it doesn't only become ok because it's 'balanced' out with fruit.
cake and whatever other fun foods do not need to be justified or cancelled out.
when you do this you're demonising them and when you live your life with this mentality you could end up getting into some bad habits or have them rub off onto someone else. that's a slippery slope you don't need to be on.
yes it's good to be mindful of what you're eating for sure but this is not the way to do it.
i totally used to be this person, after i realised maintaining around 9st wasn't sustainable if i wanted to go back to eating food properly, i started doing a lot of cardio and would say to myself that: if you do x amount of cardio at the gym and eat twice as much fruit first, if you still want a treat after, then you can have it.
it was so draining to have to earn a treat that i would get to the "oh f**k it" point a lot and just have it, then the guilt would start and i'd feel like i'd have to eat less to 'balance it out or do more at the gym.
fucking hell just save yourself the torture and just have the cake if you want it. what's realistically going to happen? not a lot.
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