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G r a t i t u d e

i am learning so much about the importance of gratitude lately, and of making sure the ones you value know how much you mean to them. so today while i sit here waiting to board my flight to the uk, here’s my list of what i’m grateful for.

no. 1: i’m grateful for all of you. because of you, i’m able to do what i do for a living. i get to wake up every and day and do what i’ve dreamed of since i was a young girl. so thank you to all of you for the light you bring into my life.

no. 2: i’m so grateful to have such a supportive family who are constantly teaching me about entrepreneurship and giving me an extra hand along the way. i’m also grateful for kieran who pushes me forward and motivates me to keep doing what i’m doing every day.

no. 3: for all of the opportunities i have had over the course of the years to get me to the place where i am now. to be able to support myself and actually be happy waking up every day.

location: latrun, israel

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10/10 recommend getting a job that allows you to hide in bushes and photograph beautiful people during the most special moments of their lives 😂🙈😭🙌🙌🙌
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Guys. this day (our wedding day) was almost a year ago and i can hardly believe it. i’m currently thinking about being super extra and posting a wedding picture everyday this week heheh 😏 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
favorite memory from our ceremony (it’s hard to pick one moment) but it’s probably us reading our hand-written vows to each other. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
we asked our videographer (the talented @seemoris ) to include our vows in our wedding video and listening to those words makes my heart glow every time #cheesyandtrue 😉 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
i love you @caseygreenawalt you have my heart forever 💛
thanks for the beautiful pictures @nicoleclareyphoto 🙌🏼
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It’s like the world stood still for jaclyn & tim....and it’s in these special moments that evoke such emotion that make our job as artists so special. we couldn’t be more excited for their wedding coming up with @eventsbyrobin at @thepeninsulabh. let the countdown begin! film lab @richardphotolab. #pursuepretty #contax645 #fineartphotography #engaged #fujifilm #engagementphotos #fuji400h #ishootfilm #wanderlust #californiaweddingphotographer #fineartweddingphotographer
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Soft and feminine and oh so beautiful. #film #contax645
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Thankful that i was chosen to photograph this precious couple yesterday. alli @alli_greer and cullen @cullen_greer, your love was palpable, it was so special getting to capture that. .
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All the mad men vibes at @westinchattanooga before lucy and ben’s intimate elopement.
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Любовь - поистине высокое чувство.
И есть в жизни особые моменты нежности, на которые хочется посмотреть "от третьего лица". Ведь мы сами и не замечаем, как мы прекрасны, когда любим.
Нам удалось уловить такой тёплый кадр, согретый лучами солнца и любви💑.
И это безумно вдохновляет. А вас?❤️
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Love the gathered look of this gorgeous bouquet by @malafrontefiori for our ravello bridal shoot! photographer - @courthansonphoto | hair and make up - @nataliaissa | floral - @malafrontefiori | dress - @naama_and_anat_bridal | retailer - @friscobridalboutique | paper - @illustratedweddings | model - @erikabufano | location - #ravellowedding
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I love the freedom that comes with being a creative. there are endless possibilities and potential when you c r e a t e. there is no right or wrong; art is relative. so, as an artist, i want to allow myself room to change and evolve and discover new areas of my creative heart. it’s easy to stick with what’s working...you know how it goes, “if it ain’t broke...” it’s easy to get comfortable—especially in this saturated market where the 👉🏽struggle is real👈🏼so you cling to any success. “who can relate!” but what’s the fun in that?

if you look back in life, when did the most growth happen? it’s probably when you were uncomfortable or unsettled. the discomfort or pain is a trigger telling us something needs to change. i’ve hardcore experienced that in my creative life over the past year, and because of that, i haven’t been able to deny the need for change for myself as a photographer. so, that’s what i’ve done. i’ll tell ya about it tomorrow on the blog. #dashphotographyatl
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Little jungle terrace 🌱
feeling like a new person over here in paris.
things i’ve leaned about myself in the last 36 hours:
1. holy moly rose should be all day. never tried it until yesterday. hooked 🙋🏻‍♀️
2. french glutens ain’t like the american glutens.
3. ditto on the fromage 🧀 .
4. i really like watching soccer. think i could move to europe and become a real fan (@abrand4 you in?)
5. back to food...duck pate. enough said. (in a good way 🤤)
6. city transportation is not my thing. happy to accept it.
okay nuh night hitting up the eiffel tower for the sunrise 🌅 .
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We climbed the steps of the duomo for what seemed like forever.
up up up a narrow staircase, sometimes pressed flat against the wall to let others go down. my legs were burning, my breath came heavy, and my pulse pounded loud in my ears. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
every so often, the tiniest of windows spilled light into the narrow corridor. i'd peer through to check my progress, the tourists below turning to ants. we kept going------463 stairs and one of the most stunning and satisfying panoramas i've ever experienced.
oh florence, you are the most incredible city.
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