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Last #meal 🥘 with the big bro @c_hawk.96 #dinner pan roast #tritipsteak #steak
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Last day of food and wine required some vegan greek nachos.🙌🏻 #foodandwine #epcot #wsc
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Maple-syrup-and-mustard brussels sprouts, from everyday dorie, by @doriegreenspan.

my brussels sprouts were incredibly tiny and anemic looking but they tasted great after it got dorie-fied. i absolutely a-doried this sweet and savoury side dish. i can see lots of us cooking through her book are enjoying this particular veggie side.

everyday dorie has great options for weeknight meals or for more festive thanksgiving and christmas menu building. though i'm a seasoned home cook who usually uses cookbooks as a place for inspiration rather than exact instructions or recipes, i've found myself earmarking quite a few recipes, far more than the average two or three i try from most of my cookbook collection.

i have about 400 cookbooks and i want to be clear that i'm not exclusively seeking instruction, nor am i lacking imagination enough to think up my own dishes, which i do 90 per cent of the time. they are sources of information, photography, and fun.

when i was a small child i learned to read quite early but nevertheless, loved the illustrations of my favourite fables. cookbooks are my grown-up version of illustrated fairytales but with the advantage of being able to live out the fantasy; a practical connection to the magic of my inner child. some smart alecks say things to me like, "what's the point of owning so many, you'll never get through it all in this lifetime.", to which i respond with in agreement but also let them know it's not about cooking every single recipe, it's about being inspired, it's about having points of references, and it's about educational information. plus, the photography and drawings from the different decades is a marvel for an aesthetic j****e like myself.

sure, i've made multiple iterations of brussels sprouts with bacon. sure, i absolutely am aware roasting vegetables caramelizes and brings out their natural sugars. i've been roasting my veggie heart out since the 90s! i'm very, very old.

sometimes, i need to get out of my routine and try those brussels sprouts dorie's way, or nigella's way, or whomever. being open to variation or revisiting something forgotten is the key to dining pleasure for all of us home cooks.
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The only way to bring in the #weekend is with donuts & fried chicken! 🍩🍗⠀
📍: @craftsmanrowphl⠀
🏙: jeweler’s row, philadelphia⠀
👇🏼 tag your friends! 👇🏼
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Currently debating whether or not i even still need to cook dinner. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ pictured here: prosciutto di san daniele, pistachios, everything seasoned rice crackers, @cypressgrovers midnight moon (my absolute favorite cheese in the entire world), parmesan crisps, prosciutto di parma, rosemary crisps and @marinfrenchcheese petite supreme extra créme brie. 🧀🥖
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Japan was all right. discovering my asian side. #japan #foodandwine #disneyepcot #kamono
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We’re open on mondays now! 11am to 9pm.
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The meat adventures continue with the ultimate in decadence...brazilian churrascaria! 🇧🇷🤤
so hard to resist the amazing salad bar and cheesy pão de queijo, but sacrifices must be made to leave valuable stomach space.
i can never say no to the queen of all meats, picanha, every time it comes by 🗡️🥩 paired with a couple of caipirinhas and i'm a happy dude 🍹😋
📍: @agorachurrascaria
🥩: picanha
🍹: caipirinha
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Spicy miso ramen, miso ramen with chasu, and fried chicken wings. this hit the spot for the cold weather. 🍜🍗 @danieleatsla #danieleatsla
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Friends & food, what could be better? this friendsgiving was a hit because everyone loved the star of the show - a garlic/rosemary crusted pork l**n roast, cooked to a perfect internal temperature of 145 f. i have to admit, i was a bit intimidated to cook the main course for our friends dinner, but this was so easy and quick thanks to tips from @nationalporkboard! check out my ig story to see how easy it is to make it. #ad
do you get together with your crew for friendsgiving? i’m curious to know what you bring. comment below.
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@departuredenver in cherry creek has been on my restaurant bucket list for a while. the other week my bestie @kinship_content and i enjoyed an incredible meal there. i mean who does’t love pork belly and miso black cod!
tuesday nights are sake night so make a reservation for tomorrow and enjoy half of select sake bottles. frank, the sake expert, will help guide you in choosing the right bottle. we were lucky enough to try kiku-masamune junmai taru sake, a traditional dry sake that is one of three served to the japanese emperor! we also learned that sake is meant to be swirled, smelled and sipped, just like wine!
what to order - crunch spicy tuna roll, albacore tataki, short rib bun, crispy pork belly, chili-lime brussels sprouts, miso roasted mushrooms and the miso black cod. #sponsored #departuredenver #bmbdenverguide
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My phone was broke and i couldn’t except paypal and return calls for orders...sorry y’all 🥺. but i have a new phone 📱so if anybody needs pineapple hennessy glaze for thanksgiving, please feel free to send a message🙂. already have a few orders placed, don’t miss out 🤗 you can pick your jars up the day before thanksgiving. step ya holiday ham up a notch 😁.
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Nothing like a box of yummy doughnuts to sweeten up your day! 👌 make every day sweet and grab some treats to share all week long! 😊 new menu daily + fall specials + fall drink menu! 🍁🍎☕️🍩 open wednesday-sunday! check back soon for updates and menu details! 🐼❤️
——📸 repost via: @nikki_o_0・・・”guys this place! i went to pandamonium doughnuts this morning! cereal killer and smore's were my favorite! if you're in town you should definitely check it out! 🍩”
don't forget to tag us in your photos: @pandadoughnutcu &  #pandamoniumdoughnuts .
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