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Ahhhh it feels good to be back to my kitchen and my roommate’s cast iron skillet 😉 i have literally nothing in my fridge beside avocado and egg so i had no choice but to go with this combo this morning 🤷🏼‍♀️ but obviously not going to complain about it 😎 i went with the full avocado because i can’t eat lunch until later in the afternoon so i need a lot of fuel to get through the morning 💯after a week of spring break, i’m ready to get back into my routine 💃🏼 i loved being home and then going to visit family but there’s just something about being in your routine that feels so good 🙆🏼‍♀️ got up early and did my morning routine then made this amazing plate 👌🏻 now i’m off to clinic and class 📚 it’s going to be a busy day/week but feeling refreshed and motivated to take it on 👊🏻 happy monday friends!! ❤️ —————————————————————- #breakfast details 👉🏻 1 piece of @traderjoes sourdough topped with 1 avocado 1/2 with red pepper flakes + 1/2 with @salbachia chia seeds and feta and then 1 egg fried in ghee and everything but the bagel seasoning 💕
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Costillas asadas al horno, maíz, arroz con fideos, y ensalada verde. 🍖🌽🥗 #limaskitchen 🍋 receta ⬇️
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Где вкусно покушать в Ростове?😋 🤔Что-то новенькое, и чтобы вокруг - красиво? ✔️Однозначно в @kyoto_cafe Мы с Ди @dianabrokencyde пробовали новое весеннее меню. Аппетитные бургеры с воздушной булочкой, нежной курочкой и сырным соусом. 🍔Объедение. В следующий раз продегустируем роллы в @kyoto_cafe 🍱 ‘ 📎Вопрос на засыпку: Что вы любите больше, роллы или бургеры?
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Я опять в своей теплой и уютной берлоге... Запаслась медом и жду весну! А за окошком все падает и падает снег... и температура все ниже и ниже. Но я совсем не грущу - изредка балую себя вот таким завтраком☕. Очень люблю круасаны, правда не всегда попадаю на вкусные (львовяне, сдайте точки с вкусными круасанами, пожалуйста!) Но всегда беру пустые, без начинки и сама уже добавляю свой любимый вкус! А с веселыми и позитивными баночками от @shmed.com.ua можно баловать себя ох какими различными и изысканными вкусами! Любимый мед с полезными добавками это что то невероятное и просто бомбическое! Пробовали? Как вам сочетание мед с перцем чили? Или с чабрецом? Или с цедрой апельсина? Знаете какой мой самый любимый? Думаю можно конечно догадаться, если я сижу в берлоге😂🙈 Медвед - Корица + финики! А названия то какие у этих баночек: Мохито-бандито, Тыдыщ, Ванильный хрущ, Фокс мажор, Ядрен батон! И это еще далеко не все! Вообщем я в восторге! А дети прям пищат от радости! И даже едят мед, что вообще на них не похоже! А сегодня мы таки планируем вечерком выбраться из берлоги. Купили билеты на Лару Крофт. Кто видел? Трейлер просто супер! Интересно как сам фильм? #magicdelicious_pyshchyk
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What a cake!😍😱 ❤️follow me @foodie.doe if you love food!
📷credit: @sallystortenwelt
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✌ double tap and tag someone you’d eat them with right now! 🎂🍰 🎥📷 posted by: @culinarydots 👍 🍕🍤 🙏 please dm for credit or removal. #cookies #cookingisfun #foodies #cookingmama #foodvsco #foodpassion #foodography #foodspiration #cookingram #food52 #foodinspiration #foodismedicine #yummyinmytummy #foodtruck #foodpic #foodgasm #foodinsta #foodblogger #foodforthesoul
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Pasta! 😍 ❤️follow me @food.doe if you love food!
📷credit: @buzzfeedtasty
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So yummy!😱😍
❤️follow me @foodie.doe if you love food!
📷credit: @areceitaria
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This is art! 😱 ❤️follow me @foodie.doe if you love food!
📷credit: @na_tae_papa
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Nidhi Mahajan | Nidz Kitchen
@jamaicablue costa rica coffee roasted cauliflower steaks with carrot hummus and red and white rice :topped with drizzle of chili oil! the cauli forest roasted over a bed of costa rican coffee beans gave a nuttiness aroma to the sweet cauliflower,topped up with kashmiri chili powder for the heat! the carrot was caramelised and then blitz with the boiled chickpeas with a dash of garam masala! the red rice not just add colour to the plate but the nuttiness added to the flavour of the whole dish! my love for coffee with tea and coffee is getting crazy ! what next i can do 🤔🤔 coffee curry or a coffee dessert which is indian inspired? #jamaicablue #coffeereimagined #costaricancoffee #coffee #coffeelover #cookingwithcoffee #cauliflower #hummus #vegan #glutenfree #glutenfreevegan #food #foodie #foodinsta #instafood #foodblogger #dinner #lunch #delish #homemade #masterchefau #f52grams #plateofhappiness #foodstagram #foodlover #foodie #nidzkitchen #madewithlove
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Cara Hordern
Another boring but tasty meal easy for meal prep. tip - grill your chicken for extra juice to avoid dry chicken
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Food brings people to the table, and there at the table individuals become community and family. i don’t care what’s in the table, but if it’s surrounded by people you love, people you can share hopes, dreams, fears, passion, conversation with...than it was a good #meal. this week, put something on the table and bring #love to all of those that gather there to #feast. this world needs more #community and love. #thekentuckykitchen
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It's free-zza thursday!!! buy one, get one free in all flavors and sizes! waaahhhhh🍴🍕💕 #pizza #dominos
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Sage Cafe & Restaurant
May your day be as ham-azing as you want it to be. 🌿 open 7am - 11pm, just in case you need a little assistance with that
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just Roxy 💕
Chicken drumstick, corn bread and mashed potato with gravy.... mabuhi ra lagi ko ani. 😊 #americanstyle #americanfood #walaybugas #foodgasm #foodpost #foodphotography #foodposer #foodinsta #foodjournal #beingawife #blessed
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⭐️daily lunch set⭐️ 22 mar (thu) . . soup of the day & mixed green salad . . ************** a)smoked gammon ham & cheese croissant $68 b)penne w/ chicken, mushroom & tomato sauce $78 c)pumpkin risotto w/ smoked salmon & pine nuts $98 d)home-made barbecue pork ribs w/ thick cut fries $118 e)u.s. beef burger w/ thick cut fries $118 f)1855 black angus rib eye w/ thick cut fries $128 . . ************** ✨free regular coffee / organic tea (gluten-free) / soft drink ✨ . ⭐️+$10 upgrade to any coffee / organic tea / soft drink ⭐️+$15 upgrade to fresh juice / etc. . ==================== 🙅🏼no service charge🙅🏽‍♂️ ==================== . #caferelay #caferelayhk #mingyanlane #hkcafe #cafeinwanchai #wanchaicafe #café #lunchtime #lunchinwanchai #freewifi . . #hkfoodie #foodies #foodie #hkig #hkigers #foodporn #foodislife #foodinsta #foodstagram #foodphotographer #foodography #foodlover #coffeelover #coffeelife #coffeeporn #organictea #numitea #redespresso
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Gwenny Migui
#breaktime 😌😌😌 snackin’ #oranges #grapes and #roastedchestnuts 🍊🍇 #atwork #packsnack
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