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🎢look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything you do, yeah they were all yellow~🎢
perhaps this would be close enough? cuz this gets 5⭐ from me! ❀
still my favourite cheese tart to-date, im sure one can never get enough of this cheesilicious & creamy goodness right? 😍😍😍 their crispy buttery double-baked crust is what draws me in the most actually! yumsssss πŸ˜‹
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Sunday sushi 🍣πŸ”ͺ follow @makesushi1 for more sushi and go to www.makesushi.com for more recipes

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Who’s having saturday sushi? 🍣πŸ”ͺ follow @makesushi1 for more sushi and go to www.makesushi.com for more recipes

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“ i want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think. “ βœ¨πŸ’­πŸ™Š doesn’t she just look like a beautiful bird? 🧑🌻
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Its finally melon season!! πŸ‘¨‍🌾 watermelon and cantaloupe are my two favorites and a couple of the best snack foods. how do you pick out a good melon? i’d love to hear your tricks and i’ll share mine as well 😎😎
melons are so great because they are pretty much just water disguised as food. because of this, you get lots of volume for little calories. both these bowls were around 500g worth of fruit and right around 200 calories. i am a boredom eater and during april-june i find myself on the couch watching the nba playoffs often. it’s almost like i have some psychological need to eat while i sit there because if i don’t have food, i won’t watch the games. melons are great because they provide so much volume for few calories and i can spread if out over an hour or so πŸ‘πŸ‘
here’s how i pick my cantaloupe. they have been really good this year so i definitely recommend buying one next time you’re at the store. .
πŸ”Έfind one that is heavy for its size πŸ”Έmake sure there are no major blemishes. πŸ”Έpress on the b**t and if it is soft, it’s ripe. if it’s firm, not yet. the b**t is the opposite side of the stem. i don’t know what the actual name is but it seems like a b**t to me. .
how to pick a good watermelon πŸ‰ πŸ”Ήfind one that is heavy for its size
πŸ”Ήfind one that has a large sun spot. πŸ”Ήfind one with those brown marks on it that feel and look kind of like tree bark. this is where insects try and get to the fruit because they know it’s sweet. βž–
in my experience the watermelons with these qualities are always the best! .
by: @themealprepmanual .
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This morning i ate cereal, well a mixture of cereal 🀀. love crunch chocolate peanut butter flakes with frosted cherrios and bittersweet chocolate chips. it was a good little bit odd combination. i love cereal but they need to make realistic portions. name one person who eats 3/4 cup of cereal. really when i weight it out it’s like seriously? so that’s why i generally eat 1 1/2 of a serving only if the macros are reasonable πŸ˜’. honestly protein companies should get in the cereal game 😩😩😩 i would so buy it if it taste good and has a lot of protein.
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Absolutely love this post by @cartergood!! if you love sushi, read & save this post! you can still enjoy sushi & lose fat!
my momma🀱🏼, coffee β˜•οΈ, and pizza πŸ•...
β €
those are the only three things i can say with absolute certainty that i love more than sushi 🍣❀️
β €
cuz sushi’s freaking delicious, right?
β €
even if you don’t like it, you can appreciate how purdy it looks prepared & neatly assorted at a restaurant 🍱
β €
like with most restaurant foods, many-a-folk freak the f out when they go out for sushi...
β €
is it healthy?
how can they track?
β €
surprisingly, though, there are a lot of “weight loss-friendly” options, and tracking is simple since you can easily count how much you’re having πŸ‘Œ
β €
rolls are typically the big calorie culprits, especially ones that come packed with high-calorie ingredients like avocado, cream cheese, & fried seafood.
β €
so if you find yourself going out to eat sushi, but still wanna keep the calories low & protein high, i recommend opting for sashimi or nigiri βœ…
β €
most of your options in those two categories are going to be relatively low in calories and have a high protein-to-calorie ratio.
β €
now, if you’re reeeeeally want a roll, have a roll...
β €
just know that the calories will be higher, and that’ll need factored in to your daily nutrition goals πŸ‘Œ
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Thank god for @fireonthemtndenver after the mondayest of mondays 🌱πŸ”₯ buffalo chicken salad for some low carb action πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
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Day 100 keto no cheats.
finally got there! -14 lbs without tracking macros! 😍πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ.
there’s nothing better than tracking freedom.
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Because we're all about that clean desk life πŸ’πŸΌ
practice better allows clients to fill, sign, and submit forms and waivers electronically from any device. no more printing and handling loose papers!
clear your desk and #practicebetter. learn more at the link in our bio.
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Well i didn’t give up...yet πŸ˜‚ 190 cals of kodiak cakes, spray butter to save on calories, and 10 cals of sugar free syrup. 80 cals of greek yogurt. 26 g of protein. then some coffee with a splash of almond creamer. ~350 cals.
i know weight isn’t the best measurement of progress but for some reason it’s what i always rely on (i mean, it is called weight loss lol). i will have to start taking body measurements and progress pics and just stick to the new habits i am creating, because they are undoubtedly healthier than what i used to do. plus, logically i know i didn’t gain 4 lbs of fat. i have my period and i am susceptible to bloating as is. i just want that validation from the scale 😫 but i’ll just have to get it elsewhere i guess.

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Lunch before weigh in 😬😬 butternut squash soup with lots of speed on the side πŸŠπŸŠπŸ‡πŸ‡ #foodjournal #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldfood #slimmingworlddiary #swuk❀️ #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weighday #weighdaytuesday #onplan #lowcarb #healthyeating #healthychoices #healthyfood
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Good morning instagram! whew what a busy day yesterday was! and the next 3 days ahead of me are exactly the same ... straight up busy! i’m taking my breakfast to go this morning. 2 hard boiled eggs and a peach ... 173 total calories.
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