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Makin that greeeen by green i mean food...i am making food 🤑🤑🤑 .. i’ve never been much of a coffee drinker, but i’ve never been much of a morning person either...bad combo right? for the longest time i’ve used black tea as my caffeine crutch so adding matcha into my morning routine has been a serious game changer .. just the right amount of kick and so many benefits! while i do enjoy my little tea ritual i’ve really been enjoying the matcha latte @organictraditions with probiotics. it’s made with vanilla and coconut milk and perfect for those days when i’m busy getting everyone ready in the morning .. •heat {but not boil} a cup of water •add 1 tbsp of @organictraditions matcha latte •scoop of collagen •tbsp of coconut butter and mix in a high speed blender for a rich and frothy drink! served with rice cakes and all of the avocado and you’ve got yourself a good start 🌱 .. @vistamagcanada
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Fresh pasta! 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 . ➰pork and veal agnolotti, truffle butter, parmesan . ➰ tagliatelle, braised brisket ragù, parmesan, evoo . ➰ lasagna, bolognese, tomato, parmesan . 📍: @eatalychicago . 📝: 7 . 🎗: the pasta i thought had a decent chew, especially the agnolotti, which by nature is thicker in some areas. . 🚫: i still prefer a bit more of a chew! i really like to gnaw on it, ya know? . as far as the full dishes, the tagliatelle was my favorite— you know how i love braised meats. and the pasta itself was great (held together, nice chew). the agnolotti was good but they were so small that you could barely taste the filling inside (which was pretty good). the lasagna i thought was under seasoned and lacked a depth of flavor i expect out of braised bolognese. . overall, i’d go back, but i’d only reorder the tagliatelle. have you been to any of the eataly locations? what did you think about it? 🇮🇹
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Step up your pancake game, 2018 edition (on repeat now): @simplemills pancake mix (i don’t add oil and use flaxseed instead) + @vitalproteins collagen + @siggisdairy mango jalapeño yogurt + avocado + blueberries + @wild_friends cashew almond butter. sprinkle it with cinnamon and be the fair cinnamon master that you are spreading joy and sweetness all over life. okay i’m done now... off to a coffee shop to do work and chug coffee all dang day (rough early morning start). you?
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“let me holla at a dj, put the record on replay”—it’s what i’ve been singing to every time i have leftovers reinvented aka bestovers. made this meal last week to show you how easy it is to repurpose the goods when you keep it simple. i always make a whole grain, roast some veggies, and cook a protein to last most of the week. add sauces of choice and a few mix-ins (canned staple = black beans or chickpeas; strain with water to decrease sodium) to change it up. here’s my bowl: turmeric taco sliced ground beef, brown rice, veggies, harissa salsa, corn salsa, give me alllll of it. how was your day? tell me what ya did in the comments 💚
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Last weeks meal prep featured these delicious eggplant caprese sandwiches made with @kitehillfoods ‘ricotta’ instead of cheese! they’re the perfect snack as the temps are warming up for spring and could we even think so far ahead to summer bbq’s? 🤔 yesterday’s 80° weather had me dreaming of summer days so today on the blog i’m sharing these delicious vegetable sandwiches! ✖️ brushed the eggplant with @primalkitchenfoods avocado oil, seasoned with @primalpalate super gyro blend, and then broiled for 10 minutes. then stacked it with @kitehillfoods almond ‘ricotta’, tomato and @gothamgreens basil! grab the full recipe by clicking the link in my profile! what’s your favorite summer bbq meal? now that it’s cold again in nyc i want to manifest that warm weather back! #summereats #vegansandwich
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Let's kickoff #wellnesswednesday with a delicious 🎉 giveaway! 🎉 i've partnered with @primalkitchenfoods (ad) to celebrate the paleo dressings and mayo now being available at nyc stop and shops! this is a serious game changer when it comes to making healthy, clean products accessible to the community, and not just in specialty stores. make sure to check out my stories to see my excitement about finding my favorite products on the shelves and comparing the ingredients of @primalkitchenfoods dressings to the other brands i found on the shelves. ✖️ it started with the classic mayo, chipotle lime mayo, ranch, greek, caesar, and green goddess being available, but in february the balsamic dressing made with avocado oil is also available! these delicious pantry staples are making a difference in my life and i am so excited that more people will see this brand on the shelves and be able to make healthier food choices no matter where they shop! health and wellness isn't just for people that can afford it, it's for everyone. and @primalkitchenfoods is bringing tasty products with no artificial ingredients, no added sugar, no soy, no canola oil, no dairy, and no gluten to you! ✖️ to celebrate, i'm giving away all of my favorite @primalkitchenfoods products and a $100 giftcard to @stopandshop. here's how to enter! 1) follow me (@balanced_life_leslie ) and @primalkitchenfoods 2) like this post!! 3 ) tag 2 friends that you're excited to share this news with and tell me which product you're most excited to see on the stop & shop shelves (open to everyone - not just nyc friends) ✖️ that's it! us only. must be 18 years or older to enter. you have until 11:59 pm pst february 25th to enter. - good luck!
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When the sales aren’t so hot... i adapt! that’s been my biggest budget saver— being flexible and trying new food options (including purchasing seasonal produce) when i can. two carts today, one from @wholefoods and the other from @traderjoes. my grocery shopping strategy is to shop (mostly) sales at wf then head to tjs for the rest of the staples. it’s what works for me; doesn’t break the wallet and i plan to have time to get both stores within the same hour 👌 stocked up on all of the @perfectbar sale, @vitalfarms eggs, seafood sale, evaporated milk for quiche (lol to last week’s experiment), and coconut amino teriyaki sauce (pricey, but worth it, and lasts). hit up tj’s for my greens and produce goods. have plenty of pantry staples and frozen protein to make some complete meals. ——————————————————————— cart series is a hit around here, so i’m going to start diving deeper into how i shop, meal prep, and save cash money in future ones to come. i’m going to start by answering questions i received via dms (thank you to those who send some in) tonight in my stories! if you have any other questions, leave them here in the comments. otherwise tell me what’s in your cart, favorite item in mine, what you’re prepping, or what’s in store for sunday 💚
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Sky garden | fenchurch st, london | goodmorning london! ☀️ #walkietalkie may have been voted as the worst building of the year back in 2015, but it offers one of the best 360-degree views of london’s skyline! make sure you book in advance for the restaurants and bars or grab your tickets for a free admission! for all the yogies (and early risers) out there, check out for the upcoming sunrise yoga sessions 🧘‍♀️ #love #london #food #foodlover #foodies #travel #blog #hollowaymadhouse #followme #travelblogger #travelphotography #travelersnotebook #londoner #lovebritishlifestyle #style #travellers #instadaily #adventures #flyaway #photography #londonlife #london4all #foodstagram #foodpassion #foodmatters #fooddiary
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👑 yes 🙌. i love a spud 🥔, not to be confused with love spuds. the mighty potato is fu@king rammed with essential vitamins, minerals and key nutrients. sure it’s ‘high’ gi but so f*****g what?! don’t hyper focus on one element fokes, don’t eat a bath 🛀 tub of them either. munch one after a workout for a fuel ⛽️ up. eating some spuds is better than eating some robot 🤖 made 🍔 #lovethespud #spuds #pototo #eatwell #eatclean #eattherainbow #vegan #foodporn #fuel #bodybuilding #veganbodybuilding #looseweight #weightlossjourney #f*t #fatloss #bemorehuman #mindset #nuitrition #instafood #gym #gymlife #foodmatters #food #minerals
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Too Much Gluttony!
A chocolate bun from pappa roti with a chocolate shake is just the most heavenly combination ever. just look at all that chocolate! straight outta my dreams! 📸- @ghadeer11abbas like what you see? keep following @toomuchgluttony for more! #food #foodblog #foodporn #foodstagram #foodpics #foodtalkindia #limitlesseats #follow #zingyzest #zomato #foodgasm #trendingfoodies #foodmatters #sharefood #instafood #instaeat #india #sodelhi #foodgawker #indianfoodbloggers #toomuchgluttony #papparoti #bun #chocolatebun #milkshake #chocolate #nuts #nutella #foodbeultragood
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Vidushi Mamgain
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Lisa Fouweather
🥄 there's so many ways to make porridge so i have it every morning and never get bored of it. this morning i had porridge oats cooked on the stove with a mashed banana for natural sweetness , topped with strawberries and fage authentic greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey 🍯
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Kat | Rosier Co
Breakfast kefir✨ i’ve got to be honest, i homemade this kefir and it’s rubbish 🤨 going to go back to buying it instead! next experiment... coconut kefir 🥥
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Proactive Health Labs
Her tweet caused a raucous on the internet and has everyone asking what is hashimotos disease. we’ve got answers☝️☝️☝️☝️ 📷@gigihadid.
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Да, знаем, че през зимните месеци е малко по-трудно да живеем здравословно, но това не трябва да ни спира! Заедно с @bgmenu_official сме тук, за да ви помогнем да се храните по-балансирано у дома, дори когато нямате време да напазарувате или да си сготвите. #saladboxbulgaria #foodislife#makeitgood
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'tahu aja, belum cukup' . sy atau kamu mungkin udah pernah tahu tentang tulisan yg ada di foto ini. . tapi menarik ya, meskipun udah tau, tapi ya sy masih sering ngelakuin 😀 . kalau kamu, termasuk juga suka ngga sih? makan sebelum tidur :). . #foodmatters #healthylife #healthyquote
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Jennifer Earle
That light... ✨ that doughnut. 😍 • one of the #pillowsofjoy @donuts by @justingellatly on set for the @cookforsyria #bakeforsyria photo shoot for the upcoming book! i’m so excited by the book, especially because i have a recipe in it! 🙌🏻😁 • so lovely to hang out with @lily_vanilli_cake @charlottehuco @dearsafia @katiewilsonfoto & @clerkenwellboyec1 - and sample the leftovers. 🙊 including this beautiful #doughnut, filled with a spiced chocolate custard and topped with pistachio and rose honeycomb. #alltheyes 💓
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Salted egg chicken dari @mamagode e 🌶🔥🌶🔥 🤤🤤 superb! amazing food in a cup! buat quick bite, buat makan siang kalo bellyers gak bisa ninggalin kerjaan, trus mau makan yang enak dan praktis, @mamagode e jawabannya 🤤🤤 . rasa khas, perpaduan sayur kangkung, pakis, dan bunga pepaya, sambel pedis, ayam goreng yang kriuk + salted egg, bener2 harus dicobain deh bellyers! 😍😍 hayuks yuk langsung dipesen bellyers! . . . . . . . instagram : @mamagode harga : 25k - #fatbellyid
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I scream , you scream .. we all scream .. “ice cream “ . . for the couple indulged in love .. red velvet cupid by @icekraftinternational . . use #crazy_kravingz to get featured. . . follow @crazy_kravingz and follow #crazy_kravingz . . turn on our post notifications to never miss a post by us. . . #food #foodporn #vegetarian #vegan #icecream #yummy #delicious #hogg #hogger #foodblogger #foodblog #foodmatters #blogger #foodstyle #ig_captures #ig_mumbai #ig_food #hungry #craving #foodgasm #foodforlife #foodjournal #mumbai #mumbaifoodie #followforfollow #likesforlikes #redvelvet
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L'titia Gunnells Hall CPT, WNC
Milkshake taste w/out the calories, sugar, f*t or guilt! nothing but the best for my clients!! #guiltfree good for you on the inside, looks goid in you, on the outsidetasty, filling, healthy, satisfying, nutritious & delicious. #protein #mealreplacement no other "meal replacement protein" compares in quality, minerals, vitamins, nutrients. no sugar, soy, lactose, gmo .... easy mix in water or milk. good taste. good for your waist & weight management! here: mlis vanilla protein powder, scoop of oats & flax seed ground), scoop of plain greek yogurt, 3-4 pieces of frozen pineapple & mango, almond milk, ice & blend. cinnamon on top 🤗 #coachlt #thepampercoach #itsalifestyle #nodiets eat better, healthier! #foodmatters #nutritioncounts
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Que noite bem passada aqui na nossa ilha! gostamos tanto de boa companhia 💞 #crukitchenstudio #workshopcru #foodmatters
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It's fantastic how well #tofu blends into curries making them protein and taste rich. we've got red curry with tofu on our table, what about you? . you can order ai tofu on 9819575222 or you can visit bigbasket.com, foodhall, haiko supermarket, powai or roman stores, altamount road.
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Need a dose of deliciousness starting right from this weekend? come over to your favourite, thackers!
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