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Need a dose of deliciousness starting right from this weekend? come over to your favourite, thackers!
1 68 February 2018


International banana bread day 🍌
my favourite snack on busy days, nutritious and absolutely delicious. you can find my fav recipe at ‘highlights’ on my instagram 🤙🏼😋
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1 54 February 2018


Day 5 of our free 10 day sleep & stress online event is live! follow the link in our bio to try the meditations and watch now. ⠀

😴 expert interview with laura silva⠀
☀️ morning meditation with @kundaliniyogastbarth
🌝 evening meditation with @meditationstudioapp
3 176 February 2018


Postul nu înseamnă tocăniță, pateu de soia, margarină, snitel de ciuperci. acesta ne poate dăuna mai mult decât să ne aducă beneficii.
încercați să:
✔consumati cât mai multe legume crude/fierte, leguminoase,
✔faceti pateuri vegetale în casă- se fac foarte usor(de ciuperci, naut, linte, fasole, semințe diverse);
✔faceti lapte vegetal in casă și consumați-l la micul dejun cu fulgi de ovăz și evitați:
❌produsele de tip pateu, crenvusti, snitel, paneuri (acestea conțin foarte mulți aditivi periculoși și nu au valoare nutrițională);
❌ mâncărurile cu făină, ceapă prăjită;
❌prăjelile în general ,cartofii prăjiți, etc. Și nu in ultimul rand:
✔cumpătare ✔gânduri bune si curate❤

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1 15 February 2018


Still thinking that fats will make you fat? rethink.
can you remember the little energy producing factories called mitochondria from your biology classes?
yes, the ones we have in most of our cells, that burn sugar, protein and f*t for fuel! now, turns out they have a whole lot to do with free radical production, and as such ageing in any form (brain degeneration, memory loss, muscle loss, aches joints, wrinkles, all the way to cancer). now research has shown that when they burn sugar and protein, they create quite a lot of ‘smoke’ (=free radicals). when burning good quality fats, it burns very clean! much like what type of fuel you put in your car- good quality to protect your engine, or the cheap, smoky one, that will cause your engine to break prematurely? 🍀 that’s why we @live.miani recommend a modified ketogenic diet for health, anti-ageing and disease reversal. plenty of good fats, with plenty of colorful vegetables, cruciferous vegetables and moderate amounts of protein. we advocate 1 portion of gluten-free starchy carbs with lunch, to boost serotonin and melatonin production, feed your thyroid, and your s*x hormones. 🍀
tag a friend who you think should read this. x
7 107 February 2018


White asparagus, cured yolk and pan rallado!

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5 136 February 2018


Thank you @lilysantosa for spending your afternoon with us, and shopping at @reims_store at the same time. #reimsculture
1 89 February 2018


Tonight's amazing pasta salad for dinner (to go along with some satay chicken kebabs). as excited as i am for autumn to come i will miss these summer salads. the perfect blend of homegrown vege, pasta, cheese and @matakanasuperfoods coconut balsamic dressing.
11 113 February 2018


#peacebeginsonyourplate 🤔🌱✌
➡🌱 www.veganexcursions.com 💚⬅
➡🌱 www.veganexcursions.com 💚⬅




☆▪free documentaries:
1. #earthlings 2. #foodmatters 3. #cowspiracy 4. #forksoverknives 5. #whatthehealth °

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1 91 February 2018


Feeling soooo much better than 1st thing this morning. its crazy what a little nutrient dense food and a workout can do for you.🤜🤛
no more migraine, full of energy and rockin' my day!
oh, and this was my post workout meal today. super yummy. mashed 1/2 sweet potato, egg and kale scramble with a side of berries.😍
1 33 February 2018


💗 b r o w n i e s 💗
i am just all about the food today!!😋
this refeed day is fun, but still keeping it on the healthy(ish) side.👌

also had to dig a little deep today and share my "coaching story" in this behind the scenes type group i am hosting tomorrow with a few of my coach bff's👭

just sharing from the ❤ why we became coaches and what a coach is. livin' the coach life is our theme. cute, right?!

you can still totally jump in and see what its all about. no commitments, sales, pressure or any of that bs... just an inside look into what it's all about and how it's changed our lives.😍

link in bio. just add yourself babe! see you there.😚✌

btw - brownie recipe on my fb page
2 29 February 2018


No...i am not pregnant!😜
no...you are not seeing things!
yes...this is a 🍔 my non-meat-eating self is thoroughly enjoying!!

re-feed day babes!! i know, i had no idea what that meant either. basically, after nearly 6 weeks of this program with working out hard, following timed nutrition and eating clean, we are also depleting glycogen stores...so it's time to give them a little replenishing. 🤗💃

it's all good though and i have complete trust in the process. macros are still in balance, i'm maintaining the right portions, following timed nutrition and keeping the other foods lean & healthy. just get to throw in some dirty carbs.😜
then back to regular scheduled programming tomorrow.✌
4 43 February 2018