Audrey Lucia Walsh
1 minute ago
walshaudrey Life can be so cruel sometimes! i will cherish the photos, laughs, memories and our crazy friendship forever in my heart! heart is torn! you were always checking up on me, always texting to see was i okay and was i safe... you were a great person with a big caring heart! rest in peace patrick i'll see you again someday! 💔😢 thank you for everything you ever done for me! #greatfriend #loveyoualways #foreverinmyheart
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Girl✨14✨ depressiv✨
7 minutes ago
http.killing_myself_ Dein lachen ist schön. -ist nur bei ihm echt. deine augen funkeln. -ich denke 24/7 an ihn. deine art ist perfekt. -er hat mich zu dem gemacht was ich jetzt bin. du bist so schön. -habe ich von ihm. er muss toll sein. aber, von wem redest du überhaupt? -meinen daddy.❤️ @helmuteschner ❤️ danke daddy, dass ich deine tochter sein darf. #foreverinmyheart #daddysgirl #daddy #forevermine #heisperfekt #mydaddy #onlymine #iloveyou ❤️
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🍀🇲 🇦 🇯 🇦 🍀 Andrijasevic Drmac
42 minutes ago
majaandrijasevicdrmac Postoje ljudi koje viđaš svakodnevno. postoje i oni koje retko vidiš ali ste povezani srcem💓 @nelasan87 moj drug iz školske klupe,pravnik, pametnica,ponos i moj #partnerincrime 🥂👭💕 iv 7 #foreverinmyheart 🎯
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Ashley Stockton
43 minutes ago
ashley_nicole_stockton We never got to meet you, or even hear your heart beat. but you were loved so incredibly much and will always hold a special place in my heart❤️ #baby #iloveyou #misscarriageawareness #chemicalpregnancy #foreverinmyheart
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Alondra Hernandez
1 hour ago
alondrizzy Not a day goes by where i open the door and wish i could see your handsome face my baby boy! today you would’ve been 11 years old my viejito lindo hermoso! my goodness you were the handsomest fur baby ever 😭forever in my heart always! happy birthday my handsome boy 🐾🐾🐾🐾💜💜🐶🐶 #babyboy #foreverinmyheart #happybirthday #handsomeboy #december16th #resteasy #rottweilersofinstagram #rottweilers #puppiesofinstagram
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🌹Charlotte Rose 🌹
1 hour ago
charlotterose_healedbylove Day 6 of 7 of #blackandwhitechallenge to the time that pd & i shared a bed outside because we didn’t want to leave the party. i would like to tag @chicago_bulldogs to join in on the challenge.
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