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Why do they grow up so fast 🐈 #fosterkittens #fostermom #adoptdontshop
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After doing this for a little while now i understand the certain sense of relief you get when a kitten or cat gets adopted, like i love every single one that comes into my house but after a while you just need some space to breathe, my cat especially doesnt really get along with other cats and having socks and panther in my room 24/7 was taking a toll on me and my kitty. so as much as i love my boys i am so relieved to have them adopted now, my kitty is happy with getting her bed back and i have some time to relax before this new litter gets running and escapes the foster room.

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💕 joe 💕 after a few hours, we’re back home! we had some fecals and tests done, and the vet said despite the constant diarrhea she’s really impressed with the weight he’s gaining. we were given dewormer, cream for his raw bum, and antibiotics. we are going to continue with my favorite @petagpetproducts bene-bac plus probiotics along with pedialyte in his formula. joe is a serious fighter and he has a really strong will to survive. fingers crossed that his tummy gets better now!
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Sweet bubbles is the only one in the #powerpufflitter without a forever home lined up ðŸ˜ŋ she’s a little cuddle bug and she loves to be held. let me know if you’d like to meet her!💕
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ðŸĪŠ sweet bubbles is the only one in the #powerpufflitter without a forever home lined up ðŸ˜ŋ she’s a little cuddle bug and she loves to be held. let me know if you’d like to meet her!💕
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🙂 sweet bubbles is the only one in the #powerpufflitter without a forever home lined up ðŸ˜ŋ she’s a little cuddle bug and she loves to be held. let me know if you’d like to meet her!💕
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Urgent help – we are still short for nero – please dig deep and share
we are still short for poor little nero – our feline friend who came to us with terrible wounds. we’re asking everyone please to dig deep so we can raise the balance for nero and clear our vet bills.
nero is very timid as you can imagine. we believe he is not feral, just frightened. it will be several months of care before his wounds heal and then he needs to learn to socialize before he can be rehomed. this will further drain our bank balance but we can’t stop now. if you remember, nero came to us last week in a terrible condition. this is what we deal with on a daily basis.
we still need to raise $6,775 now. it would be amazing if we could do this tonight. if we could start the working week knowing that nero’s bills are paid for...
if just 1,355 of you just donated $5 each we would do this. we would clear our vet bills. can you help us tonight with a small gift? think of poor nero and how much he has battled…
let’s do this for nero. he deserves it.
copy the link (or click in bio) to donate here:
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We have kittens at petsmart! little alien, baby badger, pepa and an extremely sweet litter are all now available for adoption! please submit an application if you’re interested in adopting any of these purrfect kittens. you can also stop by petsmart in fairfield after 12pm on sunday to check them out! we also have adult cats available!💚ðŸū #pitterpatterrescue #kittensofinstagram #fosterkittens #adoptdontshop #rescue #petsmart
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This sweety looking for a home, help a kitty out!

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We're still in the thick of kitten season, and our supplies are running low! can you help us out?

you can find everything we need on our amazon wish list: https://smile.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1hkauzl3je4uf

our greatest needs are:
--snugglesafe microwaveable heating discs, which help keep tiny orphaned kittens warm
--purina one healthy kitten dry food
--pet ag nursing kits with bottles and replacement nipples

you can ship directly to our clinic from amazon or drop items off monday through thursday during business hours at 2860 buford highway, duluth, ga 30096. thank you! #rescue #animalrescue #adoptdontshop #kitten #kittens #kittensofinstagram #bottlebaby #bottlebabies #orphankitten #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #atlanta #atlantapets #nonprofit #spayandneuter #plannedpethood #donate
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Little tiny feline visitor!!
5 weeks old and loaded with kitty-cat sass!âĪïļ #kitten #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslifes #meow #babycat
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I know this isn't the content i normally post on here, but i just finished my first commission in a long while! this one's for the new animal shelter opening in the town next to mine :) the mama and babies featured are actually strays that came to us very recently.
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Late night physical therapy with our special guy! he's already starting to use his legs a little more. ðŸ˜ŧ he will be at tomorrow's adoption event along with all his adoptable kitty friends @missionbowlingclub from 1pm to 4pm. the address is 3176 17th st. san francisco, ca, 94110. hope to see everyone there! 😄âĪïļ
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Dorothy: what?! someone used our video without credit or permission?! me: surely, this must be a mistake.
dorothy: i hope they’ll fix it. also, don’t call be shirley, i’m dorothy.
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