Heather Conkin
8 hours ago
heather_conkin Going into 2018 like 💃💃👊👊 not because i’m smaller or i’ve found a tanning solution rated 2 by the ewg (clearly 😂😂) but because i finally feel free of my mind drama when it comes to body image.  i finally feel like i can create the body i always thought was inside, but i also feel free to stop at anytime and eat pizza. 😜 🍕🍕 i was one of those people who tried every diet, cleanse, shake, program you’ve ever heard of and thought that making progress looked like quick fixes and suffering.  anyone else relate? 🙋‍♀️ ladies, listen up.  i think women carry around so much shame in all of that.  let’s let it go!  what i finally realized is that i had to do the mental work first.  most people think they want a bikini body.  but what they really want is to feel better.  what they are really looking for is peace and freedom. and that could look like getting in the best shape of your life and that could look like not changing a thing about your body or diet and just taking some time to work on the deep stuff. 💖  if any of this resonates with you, i’d love to connect.  i’m working on a secret project that deals with this very thing.  if you want updates on that and/or the occasional inspiration, you can sign to be on my email list via the link in my profile if it feels right to you. 😘
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Mel & Todd Giffin
9 hours ago
bodsbymodd Finally made it out for a run! it’s been a week because of my crazy schedule, but i won’t let that happen again!!! . . had a great massage on friday too, so felt like i was running on new muscles today!!! . . and there was a beautiful snowfall! such a great run!
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Maya Mongstad
9 hours ago
mayamo82 Happy international mountain day! explore the mountains in any way you prefer🏔⛷🏕🏃‍♀️🚵🏻‍♀️🛷☃️ #liveterbestute #mountains #landscape
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13 hours ago
jan.ka [ try to run barefoot in the snow! the feeling is great! ] . . . #barefootlife#amazinglife#feetselfie#footprintsinthesnow#fwisfeed#fwis#mylegs#healthyalternative#humansofjoy#jj_faceless#thelifestylecollective#folksouls#grudzień#snieg#keeplifesimple#livefolks#fullofenergy#wimhof#otuzovanie#hartowanie#jj_naturelovers#freshairandfreedom#freeasabird#liveyourlifebefree#adventuremamas#nogi#nohy#winterlove#winterlover#staystrong💪
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14 hours ago
heardofgod Credits to respected owners
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