Earthbound Yoga
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_earthboundyoga_ "we want beer." you got it san marcos. dream. manifest. repeat. here's the pints and poses schedule through the summer. spots are limited to 30, so start reserving yours on our facebook events tab. these are all level classes designed to jump start your saturday: ) first one is in two weeks, and come by tomorrow for earthbound's inaugural hike! -rafi
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Heart Of A Hero
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heartofaheroinc There's nothing that a spider-man visit along with a wagon full of some pretty awesome toys can't help fix or heal for that matter. because let's face it when you are in the hospital, it's always nice to have something to do or play with to keep your mind off the medical stuff, and what's cooler than having everyone's favorite web hero bring it to you, right??!! the most important part of our visits with children is the happiness, fun, and friendship we bring them. we travel thousands and thousands of miles to visit children in need, just to see them smile, laugh, and forget about their pain and allow them a moment where they can have fun and focus on just being a kid. we have witnessed miracles for some of the children we have visited and we believe in the many more miracles that are yet to come. the happiness on the faces of these children and their families during their toughest times mean absolutely everything to us, and there's nothing more we rather do. the mission of spider-man and his crew is to inspire, empower, and motivate children in need; those battling life threatening, terminal illnesses, those with special needs, foster and homeless too. and by the looks of every smile from every parent and every child we see, it's safe to say our mission is accomplished! good morning heroes, we hope you have a fantastic friday! #heartofahero #heartofaheroinc #heroes #spiderman #spidey #webhero #happiness #hospitalvisit #wagon #toys #smiles #fun #miracles #laugh #joy #love #friendship #inspire #empower #motivate #wedoitforthekids #proud #humbled #inspired #missionaccomplished #itsaboutlettingkidsbekids #livetoinspire
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Hilal Silan♍️🌙🇹🇷🎗
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hilalsilanofficial Doldur kadehleri sebastian keyfim yerinde içeceğim bugün 😈😍🍷🍷
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Shenae Wilson
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shenae_97 You know after you've had a s**t week and you receive a snapchat from your best friend that not only makes you laugh, but also makes you cry a little. it's a true friendship to have. p.s, sorry if you hate me for this photo. @stephbush03 #bestfriend #differentstates #tas #melbourne #friendship #sortoflongdistance #acrossthewater #happy #love #2017 #comebackalready
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Priyank Talavat
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priyank_talavat Love is a combination of respect#friendship#understanding#communication#companionship and all about u and me❤️...happy bday love ❤️
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