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Mothers. fathers. aunties. uncles.
sound off: ur melvin in qt and someone shaking the stall to get at ur kid. what u gunna do run for help while he rapes her or handle?
fucking pigs. worthless a*s cops & laws. no justice. no peace.
#fuckthepolice #fuckmsco #fuckphoenixpd #fuckglendalepd #fuckmesapd #fuckbuckeyepd but not the other agencies they rock lol (: especially surprise pd
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Po po don't be doin s**t #fuckthepolice #lazy #cops #doyourjob
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Let's all get together put $ on his books. even a dollar counts. and protest. make it viral
this is bs arizona. this why ur r**e rates incredibly high. f*****g idiots man. so angry about this.
i'll put my $ where my mouth is. all my product for 2 weeks will 90percent go on his books. who in az wanna let me send them a $gram so they can put it on his books? don't jack me or i'll stab you tbh. so real az friends dm so i can get ur info for money gram, etc. i'll pay you 20for gas, etc.
we can all make a difference. even a dollar helps with comesarry.
#freemelvinharris protest and $ is what i came up with to help. do you guys have any ideas. doesn't have to be money. but what else should we do to get his case noticed? (: ideas. yall smart af so i hope for responses (:☆♡
#hellazona #shitazona #rapeazona #fuckthepolice i'm beyond heated. i'm so mad i'm crying. i hate this so much. i will not stop until he back with his lady and his bb daughter.
i will not quit.
az is my state and i am tired of it being a humanized s**t hole where the ppl are the actual turds.
time for change
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“if we consider a productive activity that does not seek productivity, the first thing that strikes us is a completely different relationship to time. the fact that time is no longer measured doesn't mean it no longer exists. however, when it is negated as the criterion for evaluating productive activity, time's inexorable flow ceases to be a constraint on production. the commodity-based society accepts or rejects the participation ofa producer by evaluating the time he spent producing his commodities. the resulting constraint on the producer is to constantly check that he produces at maximum ef­ ficiency. failure to observe this rule leads to his exclusion from the society of producers by excluding his commodities from the market. the negation of productivity replaces this quantitative time­ based appreciation of the legitimacy of a productive activity with a qualitative evaluation.we lack words to describe the relationship that humans will have with their production in a valueless society.
"appreciation" derives from price, "evaluation" from value. these are words of the commodity world, of quantity. neither is suitable to define the qualitative satisfaction that, in communism, is gener­ated (or not) by a productive activity, for those who produce or who use the product. one of the reasons is that the activity we are considering won’t only be productive”.
from “everything must go! the abolition of value” by bruno astarian and gilles dauvé
☭ “the desire to play has returned to destroy the hierarchical society which banished it” ~raoul vaneigem ☭
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